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  1. It's frivalous to an individual sitting in his underpants on a weekday morning trying to download a game sure, but if it's a company's main product for the year, it's genuinely perplexing that this stuff happens the way it does.
  2. Only the other week when Deadly Premonition went up at the wrong price, it wasn't fixed until the next set of GoD releases a week later.
  3. Sometimes I wonder whether they have to wire in a massive circuit board into the XBL spaghetti heap in order to actually activate new stuff, XBL releases NEVER seem to go smoothly. If they make a mistake they generally wait an entire week to fix it.
  4. Yes PC version is development.
  5. I wrote for some sites around 2005-7 when there were hundreds of awful little single platform ones about that were able to get review copies. Once I reviewed a game that I thought was very poor value at full price. The site editor published it with one of those editor notes along the lines of [but you got it free lol! - Ed].
  6. Reusing locations makes sense but the reusing of storylines in the context of the film/tv stuff seems a bit odd, like a weird reboot or something. But then GSC have never exactly been very clear with their pre-release info even without amateur translation.
  7. You can almost smell the interlaced 50hz!
  8. I profusely apologise for not treating the hallowed Achievements™ with the awe that they inspire and deserve.
  9. Finished it and liked it overall but I don't think I'll be going on their next 'trip' unless they take things up several notches. The absolute low level shooting gameplay + the music and to a lesser extent general vibe carried the whole experience for me. Pretty much everything else has major draw backs to be honest and I have to say that the ending fell very flat. It was pretty much just "oh by the way we would like to make sequels" and practically nothing in the way of pay off. Things are a few things that are truely shit: -A few bits early on where you can't backtrack when you should be able to. (see my previous post) -A few instances where after some particularly cheap deaths: a loading screen, a door or two to open, a couple of brief unskippable cutscenes and some chaff to kill before EVERY ATTEMPT. -The 2D bits are horrendous. Enemies coming in right on top of you, not to mention the whole feel of them being shoddy. This is totally elementary stuff in a very straightforward game, makes you wonder about the 'talent' designing and overseeing it all. Having said all that, if you like the look of it, it is worth playing. EDIT: Those bastards! There's a cheevo for completing on easy that you don't get from normal... what is this 2005?
  10. Considering that this fits into the category of games in which you need to respond to an onscreen button prompt in order to hop off a small ledge which is otherwise blocked by an invisible wall, this is quite good fun. The general gameplay and feel is a lot better than comes across in videos. There's one really fucking stupid thing in this game that really winds me up. I don't play many linear things like this any more so maybe this won't stand out as much for other people, but I really get pissed off when I'm arbitrarily prevented from backtracking and can't check for stuff that I missed. This is made even worse when you're given multiple paths, since if you take the path that progresses rather than the one to the extra item, you can't go back. At one point I was in an area with a path leading off into the distance, and a ladder going up to a ledge. I picked the ladder, which turned out to lead to the next area and did not allow me to climb back down. Another point later on I spotted a blue gem (a major weapon upgrade) on the other side of a barrier composed of some foot high pieces of wood and a convenient invisible wall, it was in the previous now arbitrarily inaccessible area. Video game level builders really must live on another planet.
  11. It's midday and Trenched still isn't up.
  12. I still massively resent Popcap after buying the PSP version of Bejewelled 2, which features game-breaking input lag/awful frame rate.
  13. Raff

    Deus Ex 2

    Are PCs fast enough to run it perfectly yet? They still weren't a couple of years ago.
  14. Even the Nomad Soul has you shagging the wife of the man whose body you have just somehow posessed.
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