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  1. But it was interesting. It's probably been close to 10 years since I last picked up one of the books. This and Goldeneye are the only films in a very long time that actually told us a bit more about what made Bond.
  2. I actually liked how the Skyfall mention in the trailer was deliberately misleading. Did anyone actually 'get' the Shanghai bit?
  3. I do wonder if they're still sticking to the prequel idea. When you throw in the haunting opening sequence you have something really special. To me, it feels like they've taken all the great elements of the old Bond themes, but done one thing that no other Bond did. They made him a person. He's not just a suave, promiscuous spy any more, and I don't see how that can be a bad thing. Connery et al had their day, but I don't feel they stood the test of time all that well. Every Bond has been tailored to the time, I don't believe for a second that if you released a Moore Bond film tomorrow that it would do well at all. Speaking of the opening sequence, what was the last one that even came close to it? Goldeneye is a solid contender, but this just did everything better. I tip-toe around the issue of it being the best, along with the film, purely because of how zealous people are over their 'favourite' Bond, but I really do think people need to re-evaluate what a Bond film is to them, and where they think this falls short. It even had a grenade pen joke for crying out loud.
  4. The beauty of Bardem's character is that he nails something that even Tom Hardy's Bane didn't quite have. Dude it completely unhinged.
  5. Ben's Canteen, also. I've noticed that place recently and wondered how it's surviving. Might have to pop in and see what it's all about.
  6. I really need to go back the the Codrington, I didn't rate the double stack at all. It's a bit ridiculous how many burger places are opening these days. Well, maybe not ridiculous, but surprising. I certainly didn't see it coming. Not gonna complain!
  7. Awesome. I was actually looking for something like this recently. Butchery skills are, surprisingly, not that in demand and actually learning without being in a family business seems rather difficult.
  8. I found tobacco to be less addictive than whatever it is I've spent years struggling with, be it the sugar or the caffeine. Or both. Water or bust.
  9. The game was designed with the AH in mind, any attempt to play it without is just ridiculous. Arguing that you don't want to or that you dislike it and shouldn't have to is like complaining that you can't complete it without training skills or equipping items. Just because it isn't billed as an AH sim (or a skill training one, for that matter) doesn't mean that doesn't form an integral part of the game.
  10. RJames is almost on the money, but not quite. Health beyond ~30k would be better spent elsewhere. Since nobody has reliable % based heals you need to just stack resist, pre-nerf my monk had about 60k HP, now I'm sitting happy at 30k with a tonne of defensive stats, but champions on act 4 can still 1 shot me, which is... interesting. Mind you, all that counts for shit when my 50 DH is already sitting at 6k DPS.
  11. Bidding on things with low time left is pretty effective, especially at anti-social hours. My 33 DH is rocking 1500 DPS and a ridiculous amount of +exp because of the legendary bow and all the dex/xp gear I managed to snipe for a low price. The AH is truly a piece of shit, especially considering they've had 7 years to get the hang of it, but it can be used far more effectively than people realise.
  12. Sure, hell was tricky at times, when I was at the appropriate level. When I have 60k health and almost full inferno gear it shouldn't be, no. Nobody was ever invincible, monks especially. They all required specific builds and gearing and a reasonable degree of skill, there was still a lot of timings involved. I've changed a few things around and I can still handle most things in act 1, but far more kiting and graveyard rushing is required than before, which isn't really fun. Anyway, my twinked DH is proving to be amazing fun so I'm not too fussed. Here's all the weapons I have for sale, looking for 60-70% of market value for them, whatever that might be. Low ball me offers, fuck knows what they're worth really.
  13. Todays patch was awesome, my inferno geared monk now struggles with act IV hell. Please don't play a monk. Nope! It doesn't work like WoW, a DW character alternates swings between their weapons, so two 45 DPS weapons vs 1 45 DPS 2H would be roughly the same. There are other things in play so the rule of thumb is a 2H is only worth using if it has roughly 15% DPS more than the average DPS of your 1Hs.
  14. Any interest in some gear sales? I can crosspost the list from SA if so. I need to empty my stash so I have a load of reasonably rolled hell rares and a decent bunch of inferno items and 400-600 DPS weapons with various stats. Prices vary from 50-500k.
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