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  1. NEG

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yes yes and yes. The new difficulty modes are coming out this week to coincide with the PS4 release so it's the perfect time, really.
  2. NEG

    Neo Geo Mini

    Is this the first christmas themed console ever? I do love the look of it.
  3. Very good point on games journalists insulting the very consumers they should protect. Constantly. At very opportunity. Sterling being his usual lovely self (when he's not giving Yooka a terrible troll score, sob). Main thing I've already said in the thread: Fuck corporations. 'Devs need to eat' isn't the philosophy with making mobile rubbish for these corporations.
  4. I'd definitely prefer the Lost Footage style (random skits but gaming) over this gameshowy thing, but I also realize that constant Mr T-like segments might go down even worse to all whom aren't me.
  5. The episode even has a pug!
  6. You might be thinking of this Biffo:
  7. NEG


  8. NEG

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Yeah even on eBay I'm only seeing US and Japan copies, nice clean copy like the above would be niiiice.
  9. No, always the same EXP for all characters. However! You can make certain items account bound using kenai's cube (look at it's recipe list). It's not quick but long term you'll get all the level 1 legendaries you need. I recommend starting with Leoric's Helm. Get a good % one (30% being max), lower it to Level 1, slot a max red gem inside, boom, 30% extra exp at level 1. Blacksmith etc should be available by default in any characters adventure mode, otherwise Story mode treats them as if it's from scratch.
  10. The fact it's a mobile game when the majority of fans play primarily on PC and have no interest in mobile gaming? The fact the bar for mobile gaming in 2018 is so low it's depressing? It's not just China. Yes, due to story and themes I'd imagine. Far more certain if it were ever updated to today's graphics.
  11. NEG

    Dave Perry is back...

    Nicked Youtube footage and didn't acknowledge whom he got it from, as well.
  12. Your right, Happy Reaper would go down better. No micro-transactions and made in-house.

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