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  1. Making my alliance toons on the RP server since I can't have both sides on the rp-pvp server... and you'd think it would be less lively, nearly a week, 10pm at night...nope, 10 drawfs newly created around me, not a wolf around to kill. Amazing times indeed.
  2. In lighter albeit bittersweet news of sorts that I too wanted to inform as many people of: Sonic The Comic Online recently celebrated 25 years as a whole of STC with a story by Kitching as a 'this is the final story' sort of story, if that makes sense. The comic is of course continuing, but it's a nice bookend for the fans. Definitely worth the read. http://www.stconline.co.uk/comics/exitsonic/
  3. I guess that's one name you can take off your list now, Broker?
  4. @Fallows Add-me-doo! https://www.twitch.tv/thirnova Mostly retro, sometimes speed runs, sometimes modern. Currently it's been non-stop Classic WoW.
  5. But probably not great playing. I really don't understand fandom sometimes, what joy is there in being one of the endless thousands of minions fora top streamer that won't ever give you a seconds notice. The 'chance' of him liking you? Sheesh.
  6. If the recent ProJared dealings has taught me anything, it is to not consume anyone's word as absolute fact.
  7. Never do that to yourself again, an incredibly horrible way to play.
  8. Zandalar Tribe now marked as a full server, hey let's log in early to beat the rush.. Oh, 90min queue again, it's only 4pm.
  9. As someone who prefers the original art style I've been loving it. It also has a english translation alongside english voices, which is a rarity/most weren't aware that SEGA/Compile bothered making a English version of the first Puyo back in the day. Oh, and has the best music, of course. (But not the most balanced ruleset, you can't juggle grey blocks back and forth like from 2 onwards, this is very much Mean Bean Machine territory of difficulty)
  10. Toy Story remaster would be nice.
  11. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

    Despite being on Zandalar Tribe that hasn't stopped me bumping into a 80min queue (19mins left at the moment) and that really does suck considering the server is shown as Medium pop. First 2 hours last night was very bumpy/barely playable, but it smoothed over in the later hours. Working perfectly this morning. If a guild is happening, do let me know. Happy to group. Main is Robotnik, Warrior.
  12. Currently in a 80min queue. Here's my first 2 sessions from last night and earlier today: I'm glad to see people in the thread agreeing with me, some of whom never did in years of arguments over in the Random WoW Thread in the Online folder. Long live Classic!
  13. Honestly? No. I didn't know people keep their grudges forever. Kind of sad.
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