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  1. I gave you the appropriate response to your question. Let's leave it there. 27th Jan edit: And indeed, it seems we'll be leaving it here forever, as the mods appear to be just fine and dandy with George's post* , and without any indication of wanting to clear up anything privately to me either for several weeks now, means if I continue to post here I'd be on a forum that supports posters like Broker whom seemingly adore cancel culture to the point that they don't care if it kills people, whilst also giving posters like George a free pass for lying and basically not gving a toss how
  2. How's the folk allowed to post in the EU and Election threads doing? They okay?
  3. You are incorrect, but thanks for the delightfully worded input.
  4. Seems I was banned for 3 months for saying this. The ban notes by @APM which the forum cannot see stated that I attacked/blamed the dev poster, which we'll just have to agree to disagree. It was not meant to come off as an attack, and in fact they were not even spoken to directly. I was telling off the guy who told the dev to basically not feel anything. That, to me, is wrong. This is the kind of thing that affects us all as gamers and devs of the hobby alike, it is normal to feel guilt and shitty about a situation, no matter your stance on it or level of involvement. It is worse to tell
  5. First off thank you to @JPR for allowing me to join in the festivities despite unfortunately not being able to view/post on the forum at the time. Santa's bag has been big and diverse this year: Puyo Champions - As barebones as this release is, Puyo is one of those franchises I feel like I have a special relationship with, so I'm always happy to own more Puyo. Valiant Hearts - Following last years gift of Ubisoft's take on Paper Mario, it'll be neat to see what they've come up with here. Reign of Giants DLC for Don't Starve - I loved Don't Starve originally bu
  6. NEG

    Megadrive Mini

    Pressing START switches between punches and kicks.
  7. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    A slightly more forgiving review:
  8. Whilst I still have some releases to play of this year, if I even get around to playing them, I very much doubt this will be topped as my current GOTY. When was the last time you could say you stayed at the title screen in a modern title just to admire and enjoy it? Not in BotW that's for sure. It does nearly everything right. The Atari levels stick out like a sour thumb, they're nice for what they are and of course fit the song they go along with, but if the game overall is going to have slower sections, it needed more than this to fit in with everything else, they fee
  9. NEG

    Megadrive Mini

    Why? Do they have a SEGA section?
  10. NEG

    Megadrive Mini

    They would be if I was the editor of all these newspapers.
  11. NEG

    Megadrive Mini

    Agreed, even the more normally knowledgable ones have been very lacking in telling us exactly what is being provided on the PAL MD. At the very most one observed that the Virtua Fighter rom still had the Genesis subtitle on the start screen: so it's the Genesis rom, but what about every other game? I've simply assumed that M2 have been lazy and are using US/JP roms for everything. M2 have a habit of ignoring PAL/50hz even in their SEGA AGES releases (would it be so hard to add a toggle/give us the PAL rom too?) so it's no surprise it's a similar thing here.
  12. I have to say I'm disappointed at the vote tallies being closed off at the end of the year. Part of the charm of having the vote last a while into the new year is getting a chance to play through some of the years titles you may have either not finished yet or not have enough thoughts on yet to consider as a contender. This is especially true of the winter season generally being the time people get to play more games over the holidays. I'll keep my complaints to a minimum however and move on. I'll fill in the gaps when it isn't 2am. Game of the Year A1. Sayonara Wi
  13. NEG

    Megadrive Mini

    Same question for all the controllers: 3 button, 6 button, and this wireless one: Please test the sonic thumb roll. You know what I mean. A couple of Amazon reviews last month complained about exactly that (it not being very good), and I want to know if it's a specific model, all of them or what. Else just stick to 8bitdo's model. It's not perfect (smaller) but the d-pad is fine. Knowing exactly which kind of 3 button we've ended up with would also be nice (and if we can buy any separately). SEGA kept changing the insides throughout the Mega Drive's life, with the Made in Malaysia
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