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  1. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

  2. Was a link to Trading folder for the Everdrive. Sold now so nvm.
  3. NEG

    Your views on collecting

    Dreamcast, Neo Geo, and possibly 400 of the 600 Mega Drive games disagrees with you.
  4. NEG

    Your views on collecting

    Succumb to your needs of plastic that drives you sleepless at night. You haven't lived unless you have a room so filled with video games, you can't even walk inside it. Because the floor, too, is video games. And make sure they're all minty fresh. SEALED if possible. In the event someone else actually enters where you live (police or social services) they'll be no doubt impressed and browse for hours!
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUPERB-Land-Of-Illusion-Mickey-Mouse-Sega-Master-System-Boxed-Complete-PAL/323785586594?hash=item4b631ff7a2:g:mrcAAOSw-L5bp2nw Land of Illusion, only 50 bucks! SUPERB
  6. With Koshiro making the menu music, there'd basically be bloody murder if Revenge isn't on this. But yes, the other titles are not looking quite as likely now. I played Championship Edition with a 3 button for like 10 years/until Street Fighter 4. It's fine when you don't know any better. It had a US release on the SEGA Channel modem service thing, so a US version exists.
  7. Just came to post that. About time we had another character/s piece. He always picks the wrong song to single with imo, at least in the last 10 years of albums. At the Indie Disco is so plain compared to the other delights in that album. Having said that, Queuejumper isn't at all bad.
  8. NEG

    The Random WoW Thread

  9. NEG

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    Of course Alex Kidd required more time and attention than Castlevania guys.
  10. It does. Removed as early as the GameCube version alas, but Dreamcast version of Crazy Taxi had all the liscensing. Less sure what was in Crazy Taxi 2 and 3 however. Edit: Have to correct myself, gave the GC version a go yesterday and it still has Pizza Hut, KFC, etc.
  11. NEG

    'Dumpster diving' at the tip?

    Stay away from my bins.
  12. Life is better on Dreamcast.
  13. NEG

    Retrobit R-Type collection

    Buy it anyway! It does look rather lovely.

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