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  1. Banterbury

    Smoothie recipes

    Was recently given a NutriBullet from my mam and I've already used it a few times for like apple and banana smoothies, but I wouldn't mind trying different things. Just wondering if anyone has or know any weird and wonderful smoothie recipes, be it fruit or veg or both combined. Cheers.
  2. Banterbury

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Played it and personally, to just have it as 30-minute, one shot demo is dickheadish of Capcom, but either way, I enjoyed it. A couple of moments I got shitted up and other times, I laughed a few times when a zombie fell over a bannister on the 1st floor at the top of the stairs leading from the dark room and a bit later when a zombie lunged to grab me, but tripped over a zombie I'd killed just before.
  3. Banterbury

    Do you cheat on games?

    You're not alone
  4. Banterbury

    Do you cheat on games?

    I usually break out the Game Genie or other equivalent if I just want to really chill out and play. I have also been playing Dark Souls (in Offline mode) with a No Damage mod because I wanted to replay it, but in a more relaxed state.
  5. Banterbury

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    Are there any other extras or just the original translation as it were?
  6. Banterbury

    Games designed around addiction, not gameplay

    I've never one credited an arcade game, but I managed to complete Silent Hill Arcade on £1.50 when it was 50p play. Probably couldn't do it again though.
  7. Banterbury

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    If Generations is still up for grabs...
  8. Banterbury

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    Does anyone know what time the store updates? Sat here with my Orta disc like a goon.
  9. Banterbury

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Spent a bit of time playing Trove, but it's getting quite grindy, cause with it being "free" means it's a P2W game. I saw Portal Knights being advertised on TV and it interests me. I doubt it'll be P2W with it's £15.99 price tag, but wondering if it is worth it and if it's a good as it looks.
  10. I might have missed it, I sae the emulator list on the first page, but what other consoles can it handle? Can it handle PS1?
  11. How have people outside the US watched this? It's not out here until 21st April. I've been dying to see this since before Christmas. I know the ratings are low, but still
  12. Banterbury

    Nintendo Switch

    Really? Wow, I totally missed that fact. How are the physical games physical? SD card sort of thing or just cards with a code in a box?
  13. Banterbury

    Nintendo Switch

    It will definitely have backwards compatibility like the last two consoles. The missus pre-ordered this from Smyth's this morning, we haven't been excited about a Nintendo product for a while now. I had a Wii U, but lost my attention due to the lack of games on it or at least games I was interested in, but this one has a few I really want (Zelda, 1-2-Switch, I am Setsuna, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Ultra Street Fighter 2, Bomberman and a few more). But I am hoping this brings them back into the "Console War" and their paid online service I actually see as a good thing as they can then rival PS+ and Xbox Gold.
  14. Banterbury

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm more hyped for Puyo Puyo Tetris. Both are obviously the same as the last how many games they've had as those two games can't really be innovated, but mashing them both together into one game IS rather interesting and makes me want to play it.
  15. Banterbury

    GAME reaches new low

    Not sure if this happens in any other GAME, but the one where I live, the employees think they're working at fucking Currys or something when they come up to you with the "Hi, do you need any help?" line. I honestly thought a game shop would be the last place that would happen as 99% of the time, the people who go in there know exactly what they're going in for.

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