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  1. Well, well. Moved to digital controls on the joycon and beat my best time twice... On the first two goes with that method :/ 3.12.62 now. Think I'll stick with it.
  2. @Tomdominer - Yeah, on both USB stick counts. Knew the issues were down to the power restrictions on the USB port. Just gutted that the one off the compatibility list didn't work at all. I took the plunge though and made the power mod to mine over the weekend ... and I'm stoked that I did as it's well worth it. And the new USB stick purchase wasn't a complete waste! Everything is running spot on now, all the time. Cheers for the heads up on the wireless adapter ... will definitely be picking one up at some point soon.
  3. Dunno what to make of this so far ... this is dead easy to set up, and when it's running it's great, but what a faff keeping things running. I've got one USB stick that works ... up to a point. Every now and then, it corrupts and I have to repair it. Put too many games on it and it refuses to boot. Bought another stick off the autobleem compatibility list ... and it doesn't work. At all. And then when stuff is working, the second controller port isn't (easily) available. And there's no analogue sticks. But then when it works, it's fookin great. Plays most of the other PSX games that I've tried very well, as you'd expect. Had some superb games on ISS Pro Evo last night (single player, naturally :/). Had it running a couple of DC games and a few PSP games really well too. And some classic old arcade games that the pi tends to struggle with. There's a decent bit of grunt in it for sure. And the potential for it to be great. Right now though, I think I'm going back to my Pi for the bulk of my undert the telly emu needs and for my PSX fix will probably just load the classic up with a decent range of personal faves in the style of Ninja Doctor.
  4. Yeah, just been trying again with arcade steering ... only got joycons though and it just feels less responsive to me. Can't make it work effectively. Put it back to normal and smashed a 3.13.2x, which is my best time yet. Happy days.
  5. Vanquish. Guaranteed winner every time I need a little gaming pick me up!
  6. What's everyone's preferred sterring method? I'm using normal as it just feels better than arcade, to me at least, but I can't work out whether there's an obvious advantage to one over the other. I'm into the 3.13's (Big Forest) using normal. Can't really get near that with arcade.
  7. Yeah, I was wondering the same ... always seems to pull hard right (or left) when I'm trying to straighten up and twitching down the straight. Always seems to happen when I'm having a good run too!
  8. Found the first Wii U game I've ever seen in a chazza earlier. Granted, it was only Sports Connection but hopefully a sign of things to come.
  9. The care and love M2 put into these conversions is mind blowing. Absolutely love what they did with Outrun on the 3DS, great to see it with some minor extensions on the Switch and cannot wait to sample what they've done with Virtua Racing. Gonna have to go and get the 3DS on charge now, see if I can still one credit the E ending!
  10. Cheers for the heads up, looks great. Good luck with it.
  11. Wow, that Okami set looks beautiful.
  12. Finally picked one of these today and first impressions are very positive. Loving the whole Resident Evil experience ... think I've only got to the first save point in about an hour's worth of play cos I can't stop looking at the scenery and leaning in and out of rooms! Very, very impressed.
  13. I always felt a little disappointed with the original; so much potential just poorly executed in too many places for me. I know they've patched it now and it feels a lot better but it should have never dropped when it did as it clearly wasn't ready. That's kind of tainted the whole thing for me. Having said that, I did play this in full VR with a quality wheel/pedals combo recently and I gotta say, it's one hell of an experience. And I'm sure indicative of what the Devs originally intended. Here hoping they get it right next time...
  14. I can empathise with your situation fella, having had to do something similar a few years ago. Had to clear a massive collection so I could make my longish distance move a little easier. In the end I gave about 75% of it away ... on here. My inbox was overflowing with people after stuff! Now I'm slowly building the collection back. I'm seriously interested in the UK 'Cast lot you've got. I'll drop you a PM shortly...
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