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  1. I missed the water sections when playing MHP3rd HD, nothing as badass as an underwater superpound, or timing a long-range lance charge to poke a turning Lagi in the face. All I want to hear about for Monster Hunter 4 is a proper online mode (ideally one which isn't gimped to 4 players in a lobby this time).
  2. I watched this last night and would rank my entire evening as "pleasant," so there was no Corden seen on my telly.
  3. Monster Hunter is mental for the amount of grinding due to low-percentage material drops, so much so that the end game becomes about perfecting your gear and techniques to kill monsters quicker for another spin of the wheel, which is fun in itself, but once you've got everything the gameplay is fun in an I-can-do-this-in-my-sleep-now kinda way (hello, Ridge Racer Type 4), but the compulsion is gone. If there's any element of pay-to-play, it's just gambling really, innit? Good uses of randomness (or seeming randomness) can do wonders for replayability though - this article on Gamasutra has some good examples, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands being my favourites: http://www.gamasutra...20_.php?print=1
  4. I think people are imagining controlling their own, actual head with an analogue stick, like they do when freaks who use inverted controls for FPS try to rationalise their madness with talk of poles attached to the back of someone's head and whatnot. To look forward, they have to grab a big pole and lift it waaay up - how tiring!
  5. ___


    Veep is fucking amazing.
  6. ___

    Lego Batman 2

    When you're far apart during a level, the screen splits diagonally depending on where you are in relation to each other - I found the old system where you're trapped in the same camera view annoying at times, but my 5 year-old finds the split screen a bit confusing, needing lots of "this way, no the other way" type help because she doesn't know the levels . When you're in the free-roaming map, it's a fixed vertical line down the middle of the screen, which gives you a really limited field of view - she loves adventuring in Go Vacation, so I have to drop out in this to let her see where she's going. Lots of good puzzles so far with plenty of turn-about use of the new suits - I'd advise you to be Robin if you're playing the opening level with littluns
  7. Didn't you get the memo, Scott? Fun is dead, enjoyment is directly proportional to resolution.
  8. Ye gods, it's amazing. ♫ I've got everything that I neeeeeed, right in front of me ♫
  9. Aww yeah, it's good to be back. Is there any way to export full-sized snaps?
  10. E3? There were at least three new kinds of stabbing on display, and a frickin'-laser-powered face-smash which was so amazing that even Hideo Kojima was blown away that anyone was able to do something that ambitious without taking control away from the player. Healthy!
  11. This should come with a warning for would-be new players about needing a fast internet connection, so many GB of patches! I haven't played a Gran Turismo for any length of time since GT2, so this is already amazing for the framerate alone
  12. ___

    Dead Island

    If the atmosphere and exploration on its own doesn't grab you, it'll probably be hard to overlook the shonky bits. The missions are mostly fetch quests, but the zombies level up alongside you, so they never really get "safe," although you do get some more kickass weapons as you go along.
  13. ___

    Dead Island

    Ye gods this is fucking good. Popped on for a quick go at 12, took me a full hour to get used to the tension again (doesn't help that I started out walking around the perimeter of the quarantined area - holy fuck! Prediction: the game is going to make me go in there at some stage ) and now it's full light outside and I'm still yet to do a single main mission in the city. Used the putting up posters mission as a way to explore the city more and found more bands of survivors and whatnot. I love that the weapons have a roguelikey quality in their naming and stats - in addition to my go-to combination of shock blades and maces for knocking back, I now have a truly kickarse purple military machete which just hacks off limbs left right and centre. Just before finishing tonight, I got my first 2-handed axe (first > 1,000 damage weapon too) and my first shotgun. Bring it on, zedheads. If THE Zombie Game ever gets made, I'll clearly be to chicken to play it. Imagine this with hundreds, thousands of zombies instead and you're the one trying to set up the barricades you encounter in this to keep them out, then having to sneak out to scavenge for supplies. Bricks will be shat.
  14. ___

    Dead Island

    There's just something about this. I can see that the combat is repetitive smack-and-backpedal stuff, the jump kicking for crowd control is comical and there's not really much to do outside of the basic missions, but dat setting - the tension just never seems to go away. It still feels like I'm going on a mission every time I leave a safe base, even if it's just for a recce, trying to preserve my weapons as best I can. I try to save up unexplored sections of the map to keep them fresh the first time a mission sends me there. It's class how you draw mobs of zombies to you every time you use guns in the open. The first time I shot at the gun-toting hoods who've barricaded up the alleyways around themselves near the north of the city, I was greeted with the sounds of a pack of infected screaming around the corner behind me. Bricks were shat, but it would be amazing if there were proper persistent packs instead of the small, respawning mobs you get. It feels like the city would be much more fun with more than one person, but I've not seen one other player in the whole time I've been playing.
  15. Woah, woah woah - I had to step out to de-cringe during the Just Dance 4 bit - was a Wii Music sequel confirmed?
  17. Ahahaha, Pikmin whistle. Already wins.
  18. I hope it's at least decent to improve my watched-conference quality average after sitting up to watch Sony's last night.
  19. My body, browsers and multiple monitors are ready.
  20. Apart from all the cover! There are plenty of scenarios where it's the only viable option and popping out of cover with bullet time active is one of the most effective tactics in the game.
  21. To be fair, it was during God of Snore, which actually improved the demo.
  22. Really weird to have an audience whooping at it
  23. WTF is a "dedicated motion gaming enthusiast" - which planet is Jack from?
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