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  1. I saw this after people from a US forum saying it was good....but i was greatly disappointed....it was like gross out style comedy...i guess i'm used to stuff that's a little more witty and funny...
  2. Goddamnit..sorry it took so long, had to download VLC and then my wireless internet was fucking about so i couldn't upload it for ages..... ¬_¬
  3. what do you guys use to take a still from a DVD??
  4. Nobody Knows? ( I'm pretty sure it is but it did take a while of searching to remind me of the name, i kept thinking something alone )
  5. because Samurai Pizza Cats had such a limited release noone else knows about it I even had one of the model kits from Hong Kong when i was a kid!
  6. Dealers earn fuck all considering the unsociable hours...and it's worse in the UK cos tips are illegal as well though...but I wonder how many will try it now after that film
  7. I just watched up til here flicking on sky movies !
  8. I wanted to walk out of A Tale Of Two Sisters because I was scared shitless ;_; but my friend forced me to stick it out and I was better for it
  9. I saw this a few weeks back and thought it was pretty good, the family stuff was nice and there were good funny moments in it! Was in no way a horror though, it should have been advertised as a scifi drama !
  10. why wait? just "collect the winnings" and then send the photo of the changed file back to him
  11. The baby one: 'Buy a PS3 and you're condemning your firstborn to hell' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFkH8bdKi4g&eurl= : 'PS3 is more clever than you so just buy what we tell you to and quit complaining'
  12. I have C&C, RA, TS and RA2 twice cos of The First Decade pack...
  13. Anyone else think it's wierd that they use red to show the PS3 stats and green for the xbox 360 stats? isn't red usually bad and green good?
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