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  1. Is anyone else getting prometheus vibes from this?
  2. Ahh all these things that just connected for me, I feel like there would be such a void watching this film without them...and considering BvS continues on with the intro during the final battle. I get why people don't like the Snyderverse but for me, it just works and I can't wait for VDZS's cut (Joss Whedon's JL might as well have been a standalone movie)!
  3. It is super heavy handed that he's wrestling with his powers and what to do with them in MoS, I've just got to the scene where he randomly talks to a priest to ask if he should turn himself in to ZOD!!!
  4. I kinda feel like it's got to be a slower story or that has to happen later on for the lesson to count as much story wise... He explicitly says to Lois that he didn't agree and it's all been to hide his abilities. It's a pretty strong theme throughout...
  5. And the fact that he's (Zod) an adult and trained. There's even a scene after the school bus scene with Pa Kent and Clark talking about the ramifications of his powers... Anyway rewatching MoS just reiterates Zynder's continuity through his films
  6. But there's a big whole thing about him learning to fly!! Honestly it's been ages since I've seen MoS and it feels kinda crazy that I'm going through all these motions to defend it after all these years! I just want to see the original version of Justice League!
  7. A big part of the film is him learning his powers though? It's not like he knows what he can do from the start (wouldn't that be more like that James Gunn film that I still haven't seen?) Film Pa Kent was desperate to hide his powers so he could live as a normal person.
  8. It was an origin story, that kinda stuff has to be earnt.
  9. Haha I'm like that with a lot of reboots but I dunno, I liked where Synder took things, especially in an MCU dominated world
  10. It's a reboot/reimagining/retcon. It's the idea of the character going in a different direction, like Elseworlds or What If.
  11. It's kinda like how Synder used Jimmy Olsen for the name of an undercover CIA agent as a photographer in Lois Lane's entourage, it's just a nod
  12. He's been told his whole life to hide and keep his powers secret. A lot of the film is him overcoming that and it even carries over to BvS with Costner's cameo.
  13. I dunno, I feel like MoS showed (not yet) Superman being overwhelmed. It gave more of a sense of peril than the Marvel films of the time. That's what made me enjoy Infinity War more than the other recent Marvel films, the fact that people were dying and there was a real cost to the victories that they had gained (which was just wiped out by Endgame)
  14. Grimdark? I guess there's always that requirement to harm Superman's character in order to make him relatable and stop him from being omnipotent. I think the thing that set MoS apart from the Marvel films of the time for me was that he was pushed to the breaking point rather than the Marvel response of Age of Ulton, where they're beating the big bad and making the point of saving everyone while doing it. He was a fledgling hero learning his powers (basically not superman yet) and could only focus on beating Zod. I guess you kind of have to see MoS like that to see B
  15. I dunno, I mostly enjoyed his reboot in Man of Steel and the rest just kinda builds from there (with the prerequisite retconning and reworking to fit with the new verse...) Like all comic reboots I guess??
  16. Haha yeah i guess, you kinda have to buy into the grimdark Snyderverse too
  17. I think it'll be good for DC comic book fans, kinda like BvS you need to subconsciously fill in the blanks.
  18. Just a few hours left on this...I ended up cancelling my pledge up it's still tempting...
  19. You still have a couple of months and plenty in your budget for an airbrush as an alternative
  20. I like how youtube recommendations work that it's still showing me all these videos from when it first came out and the Hamilton Mixtape was released!
  21. Oh yeah definitely, it's not a game that you can just quickly dip into! It would be nice to try it again some time but getting people together is a bit more difficult these days... I'm making do with playing games on BGA at the moment
  22. Haha I tried that in a board game cafe and it was too wordy, escape room games aren't that hard
  23. Check out this thread. The main franchises are Unlock and Exit. Unlock's a bit cheaper and can be resold because it's non-destructive (It's just a deck of cards with an app)
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