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  1. I thought the subject matter for this was great but was anyone else really distracted by the post processing work? It just looked so unnatural and creepy I found it to be more of a distraction
  2. Jimmyzilla

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    I saw this tonight too. I enjoyed it but I do think that it's a bad film, it's kinda just a jukebox musical. It plays through the beats and isn't very good at telling the story but you already know and love Freddie Mercury and Queen enough that it's still enjoyable. Reading back that stuff above about the actual history and timeline leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth too.
  3. Jimmyzilla

    Amazon Prime Video

    It's easy to find stuff on my smart TV app, there's a 4k ultra HD section...
  4. Jimmyzilla

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I thought it was terrible, way too ridiculous
  5. Jimmyzilla

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    I thought it was okay overall but would have preferred just the second half too
  6. Jimmyzilla

    Daredevil - TV Series

    I just finished watching it
  7. Jimmyzilla

    Norsemen - Netflix show

    I watched the first season a while ago and thought it was great. Haven't got around to checking out the new episodes yet though
  8. Jimmyzilla


    One of the presenters on amazon wondered whether the issue with Lahyani might have discouraged a soft warning and I thought that was interesting. Doesn't make too much of a difference though, it's still the referee's discretion
  9. Jimmyzilla


    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/10/opinion/martina-navratilova-serena-williams-us-open.html I agree with Navratilova here.
  10. Jimmyzilla


    I think this is the problem, with the mixed messages it makes it seem like they're fighting for the equality for unsportsmanlike conduct. They should be talking about the coaching call if they want support. I just don't get how they can try to defend the third violation.
  11. Jimmyzilla


    Phew that was an exhausting game to watch! Think I'm going to have to go to bed now, it looks like this might go on for a while!
  12. Jimmyzilla


    Haha I was about to post that. She should have just dropped it after the racquet violation.
  13. Jimmyzilla


    Well done to Osaka there, she played great tennis and was amazing to stay level with everything going on in that. It's a shame it's all going to be overshadowed

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