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  1. I thought this was pretty bland, the origin stuff was more interesting than the modern day stuff but overall just meh
  2. Haha I was half watching the trailer first time and saw the volume 3 date come up and was confused thinking maybe the second volume had already come out
  3. I hate the US date format for making me think that this was coming out earlier than it actually is...
  4. I didn't even watch the trailer before but knowing Scott Manley consulted on it is a massive selling point for me!
  5. Oh I didn't watch the trailer through and to be honest it's been so long since I read the comics (I might have to get back into them!)
  6. It's just a cartoon, why wouldn't it be a pretty much direct adaption?
  7. All of this just makes me think of that Katie Hopkins photo with the target she's stuck on her forehead
  8. There was anti vaxxer stuff as well wasn't there? She was given so many chances
  9. ...I'm sure it would just inevitably lead to recommending cool projects to each other...
  10. I backed that too after telling myself repeatedly that I have to stop backing kickstarter campaigns...
  11. Tracking says there was a delivery attempt today but my dad was in all day and I was around at the time of the status update... Scheduled for tomorrow now
  12. Mine hasn't been updated since Wednesday either...no email here though.
  13. I thought the idea looked good but given the technical issues I had with my friends when we tried a game having different info might not be ideal! We ended up using google meeting and me sharing my screen to us all
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