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  1. How does Mando look so good after the sequel films looked so bad??
  2. I got my email with dpd tracking number at 2:32 this morning!
  3. I'm tempted by this except for the fact that I can't meet up with friends to play any of these games right now......
  4. I'm sure this has probably been posted before but I just got around to finishing season 2 and decided to get the comic book bundle and it's on its last day in case anyone else is interested. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/boys-versus-project-superpowers-books
  5. https://www.insider.com/chadwick-boseman-black-panther-star-video-reactions-apparent-weight-loss-2020-4 I didn't see it at the time but this video has reemerged after all this...
  6. This is such tragic news, to think he was going through this for so long in secret and acting as the cultural icon he became to so many people. It really is heartbreaking news.
  7. I don't know anything about this other than it's being lorded as a South East Asian story, so that might be why I guess?
  8. Xavier freezes people a couple of times throughout the series
  9. Not for another origin story, they need to bring in the bat family to soften him a bit.
  10. Is anyone else getting prometheus vibes from this?
  11. Ahh all these things that just connected for me, I feel like there would be such a void watching this film without them...and considering BvS continues on with the intro during the final battle. I get why people don't like the Snyderverse but for me, it just works and I can't wait for VDZS's cut (Joss Whedon's JL might as well have been a standalone movie)!
  12. It is super heavy handed that he's wrestling with his powers and what to do with them in MoS, I've just got to the scene where he randomly talks to a priest to ask if he should turn himself in to ZOD!!!
  13. I kinda feel like it's got to be a slower story or that has to happen later on for the lesson to count as much story wise... He explicitly says to Lois that he didn't agree and it's all been to hide his abilities. It's a pretty strong theme throughout...
  14. And the fact that he's (Zod) an adult and trained. There's even a scene after the school bus scene with Pa Kent and Clark talking about the ramifications of his powers... Anyway rewatching MoS just reiterates Zynder's continuity through his films
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