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  1. Your entire profile, in fact (i.e., all unlocked ships, layouts etc), judging by what happened when I ragequit.
  2. I loved AvP. But playing it with rllmuk guys, sitting in the lobby trying to matchmake for half a fucking hour... it got tedious quickly.
  3. The ones for Chocolate (the martial arts film) are like that. You think it's going to be funny and then it's just sequence after sequence of horrible mistakes.
  4. Also I haven't played this for ages. I'm going to get back into it tonight.
  5. I don't think a teleporter is necessary at all to a good run - I've never used it, really. Instead if I want to do nonlethal hits, I either use three ion weapons or one fast-firing ion weapon and one normal weapon to knock out shields + O2. Cloaking is a must, though, although I only really use it for the flagship - only because I forget in normal fights.
  6. I enjoyed Source Code, don't get me wrong, but it's not a step below Moon - it's about ten flights of stairs below.
  7. Start as one of the counts in Ireland and take things slowly.
  8. Ah, so Shenmue Dojo is large is it. Let's see how many users it has on its forum! 6,800. Smaller than rllmuk. And I can't check how active the forum actually is, because whatever you do on their site you get this: With such a huge, professional site behind you how can you fail!
  9. Humans fucking LOVE creating ingroups and outgroups.
  10. Right now I have a shit laptop (it can just run Kerbal Space Program, if 20FPS is your idea of running a game) and a desktop so ancient two of its drives are IDE, so I would pretty much buy a Steambox the second it came out if I could play my existing library on it.
  11. I suspect everyone does, but having just bought this and played it, it really deserves extra sales.
  12. Just beat the flagship. Get THAT up ye, you rebel fucks. I found that a combination of a SHITLOAD of laser weapons (I won with two Burst Laser Mk1s and a Heavy Laser Mk2) manually controlled so that they all fire simultaneously - this will usually overwhelm all shields and do damage to the system you're concentrating fire on - and a cloaking system to avoid the special attacks meant that I took virtually no damage.
  13. Took out the first stage of the mothership without even losing shields; hit with a one-two of the laser to get its shields down a bit, then the glaive to carve up its shield system (semi-)permanently. Did that a few times, fired up a defence drone to stem most of the missiles, bob's your uncle. Attempted to continue this strategy (specifically focusing on negating its shields rather than its drone control) in the second stage. Got bumrushed by drones. Panicked. Didn't change strategy. Got bumrushed again having done practically superficial damage to the mothership, dropped to low health, then attempted to avoid death by quitting the game like a bitch even though I know FTL has a particularly nasty surprise for you if you do that. Namely, I started it back up, the continue button was greyed out, but I prodded my laptop trackpad hard enough pressing it that I made my laptop short-circuit itself, restart and lose two hours progress of transcoding an MKV. I think I lost that game as thoroughly as it's possible to do.
  14. Alright. It's the penultimate sector and I just bought a weapon pre-igniter. I'm chilling in the Zoltan Cruiser, equipped with four levels of shielding plus the special Zoltan touch, a fully-upgraded cloaking device, some loyalist settlement gave me a Glaive Beam, I have six crew members including two just to kill boarders, 48% evasion and a choice of HULL SMASHER MKII or Ion Blast Mk II as my secondary weapon depending on the circumstances. This should be easy. I will probably die.
  15. This is like Ninja Gaiden, you don't realise how much better you've got at the game. My fight with the Taurus Demon first time around could mainly be summarised as FUCKFUCKFUCKphewstabFUCKstabrunFUCKFUCK and repeat. This time... Backstep. Soul Arrow. Backstep. Soul Arrow. Roll, backstep. Soul Arrow. Absolutely trivial.
  16. Started a new sorcerer character. Quite enjoying nuking everything with soul arrow.
  17. And if anyone else is feeling generous, I would love a Steam code. But you probably shouldn't give me one, because if you don't I'll buy it and thus give the devs some much-deserved money.
  18. Half of that video took place in places I didn't even know existed after my 26 hours of playtime.
  19. I've just checked and I only have to go through half of fucking Blighttown to get back to Firelink. Still a load of balls, I hate Blighttown.
  20. So after killing Quelaag I have to trek all the fucking way back up through Blighttown and the Depths to get back to Firelink? WHAT.
  21. It's £13 on Amazon, which seems decent.
  22. Turns out you can't flatten those pyromancer dickheads. Still, he went down in two hits. So do his pissant skeleton fuckheads. This game makes me swear a teensy bit.
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