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  1. I loved this film, and never felt bored. I could tell some of the emotional stuff would seem mawkish to somebody who's less of an emotional wreck than me, but it worked for me.
  2. Bought this on the basis of all the love in the thread even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't run on my PC - glad I did, it's great and runs well on medium setting. Really enjoying it - never mind killing orcs, it's all about the photo mode! Also I should not have let this guy get to level 20:
  3. I'm a bit leery of rllmuk showing up in their referral data on that wiki, lest we get more anime-avatared people desperate to tell us why Gamergate is so wholesome.
  4. My romp across the the Balkans, apart from being an entertaining way of securing my southern border, seems to have thrown the game off course. Most countries in the game have a huge threat value for me (I'm the most threatening country for the UK over Germany, for example) which has thrown all the minor countries into a frenzy of joining one alliance or the other - most have gone Allies but some went Axis. Brazil went Allies whilst Argentina went Axis, which didn't go very well for Argentina. The USA and Mexico are both members of the Allies, and have been since 1940 (about two months after I destroyed Romania, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria in one go). Despite all the extra countries, the UK is losing horribly. Japan went through South East Asia like a buzzsaw, and then started on Burma and headed West from there. They now control all of India bar the very southern tip and a piece of the north-west - the UK is close to surrendering despite the Home Isles being untouched. Germany, however, is apparently terrified of me. No declaration of war was forthcoming in 1941. Since it was pretty evident that if I left them to it, the Axis would win until the USA actually did something, I declared war in August 1942, after my technology was so advanced everything was researching ahead of time. The only problem with being the one to declare war is that it's not a limited war - I have to fight Japan, Germany, Italy and the rest of them simultaneously. To that end I had to place about twenty more divisions in the Far East and tell the AI to defend in that theatre while I paid attention to the Western Front. Well, Germany were right to be scared of me, it seems, since they haven't really put up a fight. A month after my declaration of war, the map looks like this: Poland was auto-liberated, so they're the weird splodge next to my borders. Looks like the Soviet Union is going to end the war ahead of schedule.
  5. On an unrelated note: Meet my puppets Yaomdiid, Ulgdyaid and Chugosldvid! And something possibly pronounced Tuyakestch. Stupid faux-Cyrillic.
  6. Regarding playing on a Surface Pro: http://steamcommunity.com/app/203770/discussions/0/522728268836921479/ http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?670395-Crusader-Kings-2-Playing-on-a-Windows-8-Tablet-(Alternate-Ways-to-Zoom) Seems to work, though your display scaling problems will crop up again.
  7. It runs fine on Windows 8.1 for me (would be a bit poor if it didn't) so it must be something else. Your post in the Surface thread mentioned DirectX and the .NET framework, so maybe it's to do with that. At what point in loading does it crash? The solution to about 99% of all problems with all Paradox games crashing while loading is to delete the map cache, but that might not be applicable here.
  8. That post is hard to read. It takes very personally the negative articles about gamers, and then has this to say about the death threats issued to various women: Downplaying death threats as the responsibility of the victim to shut up and keep quiet about is not very cool. I don't know how appropriate it is to talk about it though.
  9. I don't think I should have started playing Hearts of Iron. It's really stressful and I'm in love with it.
  10. It's okay, the Finns don't exist anymore and a handy armoured corps was around to cut off the base of the German assault. Hearts of Iron is the most stressful game I've ever played, I think. I'm feeling a real sense of inadequacy and feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the German assault, and it's been a month of war so far... Really good fun.
  11. Update: fuck. Germany declared war on the 1st of July. Romania and Finland on about the ninth, Hungary a few days after. The retreats from Romanian and Hungarian territory are because there was no point taking Romanian and Hungarian territory and then being flanked by the Germans, so I've retreated to the other side of the river. The 'retreat' (more like rout) from Germany is because Germany has fucked me RIGHT up. That bulge near the bottom of Germany's grey? It's a motorised German breakthrough and I have no troops capable of stopping it. There's about twenty divisions stuck in the pocket below it, and an ungodly amount of divisions (near fifty?) crammed into a few provinces above it, because I have been shouldered out of the way. Don't actually know how to stop them - I guess just hope and pray I can snip them off by attacking behind the spearhead with all my incredibly disorganised troops. At least Finland (at very top) is a success story. Hopefully taking their two southern cities will make them surrender and I will have another twenty five divisions to throw at the Germans. I think I've already lost though - although the Soviets got encircled horribly historically, I don't really have the backup troops to deal with that...
  12. Playing my first proper game of HoI3 on a computer that can actually handle it. Approaching the magic moment when Germany rips me apart. It's already quite stressful and I haven't even fought anyone yet, beyond a desultory Winter War with Finland.
  13. It'll be a code for LIMBO, Amnesia, Swords and Sorcery and Psychonauts all together, so you'll be honour-bound to play Amnesia.
  14. After some discussion on IRC, this lack might be to do with the fact I've only bought old bundles. These might be unredeemed though, I can't tell: LIMBO, Amnesia, Sword and Sworcery, Psychonauts bundle Bastion Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, Braid bundle Let me know if you want to take a chance on a probably unredeemed Steam key!
  15. Where does it show which keys are unredeemed? Pretty sure I have a few I'd be happy to give away (like hell am I ever going to play Amnesia) but can't see which are unredeemed.
  16. 7/11, so basically not much different than just flipping a coin. Couldn't really tell, so at least I know not to give a damn. (I have defective eyes)
  17. No one is explaining this, so - men in games (especially protagonists) are frequently represented as a powerful, multitalented arse kicker with a sideline in witty repartee. They're assured, in control, they're usually a pretty close representation of rugged Western handsomeness. Sexualised.
  18. Just need to get you talking about iOS vs Android to see the likeness to Angel
  19. Playing EU4 now with Conquest of Paradise as Portugal and... it's a bit weird. I control all of South America - except, of course, I don't, my pets Guyana, Brazil, Colombia, Rio de Prata, etc do - and it's a bit less exciting than the same situation would have been pre Conquest of Paradise. I conquered five provinces off of Inca, three of which were gold provinces, and of course the moment I do the game goes CONGRATULATIONS NEW COLONIAL NATION PORTUGUESE PERU I'LL BE TAKING THAT GOLD NOW so now I get a percentage of their tax income as tariffs, which really is not that useful. I'm still powerful, mind; I'm a bit of a paper tiger in that my relentless focus on colonising and trading means Britain could probably destroy me with one hand behind its back, but if I prepared my empire for war I could take on a mid-range power. But, something is lacking - maybe I just don't know how to use colonial nations yet, I'm keeping liberty desire at 45% or so since Caraibas (my Caribbean colonial nation, it controls virtually all of the Caribbean) and Brazil are stonkingly powerful and I don't want them to try their luck at independence.
  20. Anyone who wants Surgeon Simulator 2013, PM me with your steam ID and I'll gift you mine.
  21. An update on my Brandenburg-->Prussia(-->HRE?) game. This is the extent of wartime Prussia (Lithuania was inherited, not conquered): As you can see, I am at war with a pretty reasonable percentage of Europe, but it's essentially pointless for anyone to fight me because... My general is 6-4-4-4, which I didn't even realise was possible (thought siege was capped at two!) until I created him. On which note my army tradition is permanently 100, as is my prestige, leading to the situation where France, a pretty land-focused power, is utterly unable to compete. Even when the army sizes look like this: ...there's essentially nothing anyone can do: This battle lasted, I think, four days before the (originally full-morale, untouched, French forces) were morale-wiped: I got into the whole 'running the HRE' thing pretty late and no-one had done any reforms, so I'm faced with the prospect of trying to form it in 100 years. I have, I think, four reforms to go, but I have very little way to build Imperial Authority - it's been long enough that the cores of small nations have expired, so I can't force-release member states; I've already force-converted most small members and can't convert the large ones; and this war was an Imperial Ban war but it turns out you don't get any damn Authority for grabbing the provinces. I think I'll probably make it, but it'll be close.
  22. Post your grand victories and/or crushing defeats in the Paradox Megathread if you want to keep this stuff prominent!
  23. I've played it for 190 hours and have finished one complete game. Just to make you feel better about that.
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