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  1. Bloody school filters stop games.yahoo.com (but not loads of other games sites) and even using the one remaining bloody proxy server that's not blocked doesn't help. Arg.
  2. Well, I'm currently playing a guy from Azerbaijan that wants to teach me chess. And I've got repeatedly slaughtered. God, I love chess. Edit: Any ideas about the meaning of this? ceyhun442000: do not place ur pieces in place that u do not use them afterwards
  3. I'm on the Yahoo Games thing...kscheibl is my tremendously inventive nick.
  4. I'm trying to use the shockwave one, it just brings up a window where it loads...then does nothing save for the endless continuation of chess pieces in the circular bit above the "chess" of "email chess." Gah.
  5. Just read Frank Herbert's Dune again. Still the best book I've ever read. Also recently reread Against a Dark Background by Iain M. Banks. Not my favourite of his, but he's such a bloody good writer, even though I don't like the subject matter the world draws me in.
  6. From the Gamespot article on this. Sorry, it just made me laugh hysterically. The man's stupidity! With anyone else's track record we'd assume he was being ironic, but.... I'll cease bringing attention to a Jack Thompson thread now.
  7. Finished reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell recently; it is literally the worst book I have ever had to read. Since I've had to read it for A-level, that's not just a general not-my-kind-of-book, but also based on its credentials as a 'feminist' book. Yeah bloody right. Made up for it by having to compare it with Nice Work by David Lodge, which is actually quite good.
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