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  1. Do kinda wish Paradox could get the hang of releasing a game that's properly worthwhile from the beginning, rather than around v1.4.
  2. So I should buy this then? May as well complete my collection of Paradox games...
  3. So... it looks like this is the reference image that's suggested as being the ideal archetype:
  4. Two million sales with the kind of pedigree Sim City has (I know I was tempted to buy the new one sight unseen thanks to my memories of Sim City 2000 and 4) can't be compared to an upstart with hardly any mindshare though - 500k sales is pretty awesome.
  5. I guess I'd better buy this then. Is there anything Paradox is involved in that I won't immediately buy?
  6. BUILD SHIPS Fuck off, Gearbox. Quick cuts, AWOLNATION, and that stupid text... at least the game looks alright, though I'm not convinced by the explosions.
  7. Just finished watching this. I'd agree that it's needlessly gratuitous - I've never been a particularly big fan of bone-snapping while the camera lingers to detail some poor fuck's every limb get snapped, and I thought the amount of close-up shots of people getting bloodily torn apart were way over the top. I really enjoyed the film though - I was half in shock at the end of the hammer girl fight as
  8. I certainly am surprised - makes me want to buy a massive TV and an Xbox.
  9. Tried that, they didn't have any diplomatic influence. They eventually (suicidally, again) declared war against the Soviets, or got a call to arms. Just as I was pulling back my troops from various newly 'willing' allies in preparation for an invasion of Germany, Japan declared war. I'd avoided adding the USA to the Allies so I could just pretend the Far East didn't exist. So I put my forces in Italy on AI command and took a stack of troops on a trip to Asia. It turns out the AI is way better at big strategic stuff than me - in about two months it had retaken all of the rest of Italy. Then I put it on Attacking stance, gave it some objectives in Southern France which it roundly ignored in favour of attacking into Germany, scraped together another half a million men for a synchronised invasion into Northern France... and things just sort of snowballed from there. A couple of months after that screenshot I completed the conquest of Germany - split between me and the Soviets, but the border between me and the Soviets is just west of Berlin rather than way west as historically.
  10. I didn't bother helping the Italians at all until that point, I assumed they could at least hold out for six months or a year. Wrong, apparently. I loaded a save from a few months back to give it another shot, and took up defensive positions along a river in the north of Italy, anchored at Genoa on the west coast. It's been a complete success so far, though there's one province in my lines that's not got a river crossing. It's almost entirely the Hungarians set up against me - they seem to be doing everything, including suicidally attacking across the Danish strait, attacking Italy, and taking the Balkans. German aircraft everywhere though. I wish Germany would call them to arms against the Soviets - Hungary has almost no troops at home and a long border with the resurgent Soviets. Amphibious landings are absolutely amazing - especially for countries like Romania with very close victory points with easy access from the sea. If your North Africa and Syria are anything like mine, France will have absolutely nothing in Syria and British/French North Africa will probably be similar to Italian North Africa in my game - i.e., absolutely no troops placed there, easy to speedily capture with motorised divisions and amphibious landings. Italy landed a load of divisions halfway through my attack (my Mediterranean Fleet was stuck on 'Intercept (Returning) so didn't even bother trying to catch them...) but I was able to surround them, push them against the zero-infrastructure territory to the South, and wipe them.
  11. So my HOI3 game has progressed, I have no idea how to inconvenience Germany so I decided on balkanising the Balkans - most of the countries around there have victory points with convenient access from the sea, and I'm really enjoying projecting my armies around the globe. So briefly there were many Allied nations in the Balkans... ...but now it looks like this, having tied up lots of mainly Hungarian divisions for quite a long time: You can see from the second picture that 'we' are definitely going to win - by which I mean the Soviets are going to win, having already torn through Romania, created Poland and started to make inroads into Germany. You can also see a load of British forces in Italy, which are in great danger of getting totally wiped. I just haven't got a handle on the fact that armour is worse than useless in hills and mountains. I'm used to Paradox games where there is one best army composition and you just do that, so I'm stuck in the mindset that armour is more useful than infantry - but in mountains, a single division of infantry will happily defeat armour. I think I have five divisions each of armour, infantry, mountain troops and marines in Italy, and the armour has been a total liability - the rest of them have had their organisation gradually destroyed by constant battles and air attack, and I don't have many troops not already tied up elsewhere. I'm not sure whether putting more troops into the Italian meat-grinder is even a good idea.
  12. Was that before some of the expansions? The Paradox forums (hive of scum and villainy that they are) suggest that the AI got a LOT better with all the expansions, making those strait-fighting tactics almost impossible.
  13. I find HOI3 totally unmanageable because of its level of detail, but I wouldn't want Paradox to slim that down - it makes for a fantastic sense of verisimilitude to have an army structured from divisons to Theatres with exploitation troops working with breakthrough troops and all that stuff. The scripted stuff I don't mind - I think it's done pretty well in HOI3. I did break everything by parking a fleet in the Sound between Jutland and the Danish islands - the Germans couldn't deal with not being able to conquer Denmark and fifty German divisions went round in circles in Northern Germany for six months. I relented eventually and took the fleet away. Not scripted, but definitely weird AI.
  14. I'm not convinced by HOI4. I'm not convinced by HOI3 either though, I don't know whether I enjoy it or not even though desperate naval invasions of Italian victory points just kept me up until one AM.
  15. I have a maxed-out level 10 radar in Dover, and another in Malta (totally useless now the Italians are out of the game). They were built up (since it has to be built up level by level excruciatingly slowly...) from the start of the game. I also spent a lot of IC on my navy, and then destroyed most of the German navy in the first few months of war followed by the Italian navy in the next eighteen months. So now I have a vast navy that's mostly useless, and not much army to deal with the fact that all of Southeast Asia is owned by Japan...
  16. Puppeted Italy. I'm so proud! My first real success in HOI3. Besides taking Italian North Africa, my other major land campaign in this game has been trying to save Greece against Italy; three months after 'saving' Greece, I was desperately cramming my troops back onto the ships as the Germans came down in force. Quite historical actually.
  17. Suck on that, Germany! I just puppeted Italy, for the non HOI3 players. Playing as the UK is like a cross between puppetmaster and constantly playing catchup.
  18. You should get Way of Life, Gabe - it's got some nice stuff in it. I'm playing my very first Ironman game of CK2 at the moment - Ironman is a great improvement over normal and at the same time incredibly frustrating. I started as a count (of Demetrias) in the Byzantine Empire. The same character got blinded (in a failed independence war against my ducal liege) and castrated (after being abducted by a countess halfway across the Byzantine Empire with absolutely no reason to hate my character). That's the kind of stuff I'd normally restart for, but with Ironman I was forced to deal with it. I took a policy of getting claims on territories through strategic marriages, then pushing these claims - this, combined with electoral monarchy, would net me (so I thought) a pretty decent bit of land. Since my vassals literally never agreed with my choice of heir, I never (absolutely never) inherited anything through electoral monarchy. Two hundred years of warfare and marriage got my dynasty on the thrones of almost all of the Empire west of the Bosphorus, but did my name get bigger on the map? Did it fuck. And without that, what's the point. So I switched to Seniority. Ninety or so years later after having inherited literally nothing through Seniority (every duke-level dynasty member dies young, it seems...) I gave up on the idea of strategy and just fabricated claims and murdered whoever I had to. That strategy has been much more effective - various vassals seem to have inherited various other vassals to the point where I now control about a third of the empire, slightly unexpectedly. Here's my territory helpfully highlighted: All that stuff in the east of the Empire? I have no idea why I own it now - suddenly the Duke of Cicilia was my vassal and equally suddenly the Duke of Charsianon is now my vassal - some investigation reveals he used to be a baron under the Duke of Cicilia, and having inherited Charsianon became independent of Cicilia but not independent of Greece.
  19. Just concluded my first war with Poland-Lithuania. At first I cried at my betrayal of my stalwart ally, then I looked at how much less trade power they have in Baltic Sea now and laughed maniacally. Then I went to core Danzig. It's worth it for the trade power... it's worth it for the trade power... it's worth it for the trade power...
  20. And in my game, Muscovy has just begun to westernise - I'm going to wait a little while until they're really embroiled in revolts and then pulverise them again. But the main problem I'm dealing with at the moment is a moral one. The only things standing in the way of the Baltic Sea being a mare nostrum for Sweden is Lubeck (because they're allied to my friend, ally and all-round best buddy Poland-Lithuania) and... my friend, ally and all-round best buddy Poland-Lithuania. They've been my ally since the very start, supporting my independence from Denmark and destroying Muscovy for me, all the way through to more than a century later, fighting alongside my more contemporary ally France against Austria and various irritating North German states. But they own a ton of the Baltic Sea coast, and if I'm ever going to get the achievement 'Sweden Is Not Overpowered' (which will garner me absolutely nothing whatsoever) I need to totally betray them and take their coast. They're the most militarily powerful nation in the game right now (thanks largely to our partnership and me giving them provinces in various wars) by number of troops, but there's not really any chance they can hold out against me. Poor Commonwealth. It'll be the thing that human players always complain about long-term AI allies doing in EU4 - abruptly going hostile, breaking the alliance and declaring war instantly. Here's my Europe: Sorry deerokus - Muscovy ain't doing so well.
  21. Oh man. That kinda sucks! This list suggests you have more options than you think though: http://www.ckiiwiki.com/Moral_authority I don't know if the Zunbil can raid (are they a Charlemagne start?) but if they can, it looks like you can raid some infidels' temples and get that sweet, sweet 50%. Edit: Just checked - they can't raid :|
  22. Winter is absurdly powerful, I swear it's more powerful now than it used to be. If your enemies spend a couple of winters in parts of your country that get hit by Severe Winter, they'll take 5% attrition per month minimum (Severe Winter might actually be 10% per month, can't remember) which is going to tank their manpower. If you're a Russia big enough to be tangling with steppe tribes, there's no real way for anyone to beat you without burning through all their manpower. Just fall back lots and strike only when you'll win cleanly and without excessive casualties. That said, if anybody can destroy Russia, it's the Ottomans...
  23. Conversely, I'm playing as Sweden and everything I'm building up for is going to be centred around dealing with Muscovy! But I mainly came in to post a screenshot of just how determined Swedish nobility is - I'm going to have a succession war with myself:
  24. So... Second Foundation really is quite a bad book, isn't it? I say this as an avid Asimov fanboy.
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