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  1. Any S users here who regret the choice? Or think it's the greatest thing ever? Just trying to decide if I should hold out for an X - wasn't as quick as @thesnwmn on the Currys website this morning! TBH I think the S makes sense for me - I have a 1080p TV, and I haven't bought a game on disc since I owned a 360. The 500GB capacity with a storage upgrade that costs the same as the console is not the dream though.
  2. Thanks both - fair comment about lack of detail. Playing trios and usually drop somewhere very quiet so we can mosey about collecting. But that probably means we end up facing people much later on who are better at collecting stuff than us. We're just playing it as a free game so a lot of the more fun characters are locked to us (probably not helping the survival rate, either). I think dropping with another team in close proximity so we can battle it out will help improve skill levels and at least mean each round isn't twenty minutes of wandering around before getting shot.
  3. So Apex is a game that me and a couple of mates tried playing for a laugh and we are unimaginably awful at it every single time. It's not that we're particularly bad at FPSes (or particularly amazing), but we lose in our first engagement with another team pretty much 100% of the time. We once came second by hiding most of the time and then getting nuked by the winning team. Yet there's plenty of chat in the thread about how at lower tiers it can be ridiculously easy and me and my mates have all the advantages - knowing everyone in the trio, voice chat, all that good stuff. What's the big trick that we're missing? All the 'beginner tips' lists are really not that helpful.
  4. Nice, sounds good. Might buy Borderlands again so I can play it in VR.
  5. Loads of good suggestions folks, much appreciated! I played MGS: Phantom Pain on the PC and it basically consumed my life so I definitely shouldn't play that again. Witcher 3 I should probably give another go (again I tried it on PC) as I don't think I gave it enough love. If I play Uncharted from no 1 I will never end up playing them all, so might start from 4 - is that a decision I'm likely to regret?
  6. Hey folks - was tempted to start a thread, but might as well start here. I've just bought a PS4 Pro and PSVR, having not played a single PS4 game before. And I had an Xbox 360 before this, so probably no Sony stuff at all. What are your recommendations for stone-cold classics that I've missed that I should play? I've bought Doom (surprisingly amazing, though it's overstaying its welcome); Statik (extremely cool), Overcooked (love it), Superhot (fucking frustrating after a while) and No Man's Sky (possibly too much of an "atmospheric" grindfest to be my thing). I'm not that bothered about racing games, though I'm tempted by Wipeout. I would love to have a couple of recommendations for local co-op games, some good shooters, some open world games and maybe an RPG. Well into sci-fi stuff, so I'm already planning on getting Horizon: Zero Dawn. (Can't be bothered with owning loads of game boxes so things that are on sale on PSN right now would be even more amazing)
  7. Any of you experts got any tips for a newbie? Currently I'm slightly grumpy about how much of a pain in the arse interstellar travel is, what with the ridiculously involved process of creating Warp Cells.
  8. Somebody tell me that you eventually get a multitool that makes mining iron a speedy process please!
  9. To fix the first one was 60k, the second is 130k... I hope it doesn't double each time or I'll be spending more money than there is in the universe after about ten slots!
  10. Is it normal for the first crashed ship I find to be worth 43 million units and have 22 extra slots...?
  11. He's not a bot, he's this chap: https://twitter.com/demon244 ...which might be a bot, apparently he's liked 49,000 tweets! I think it was a human at some point though.
  12. I started again on Normal. My ship is at my starting position, rather than ten minutes walk away; the air isn't trying to kill me; I get twice as many resources, the scanner recharges more often, and I don't have to run in screaming terror from any aggressive animal. Also it's beautiful. All is forgiven and I'll read difficulty descriptions in future.
  13. Yeah I think in all my complaining about trekking everywhere I missed the 'limited resources' bit of my chosen difficulty level... Bugger.
  14. At least six bad draws! FIrst two were toxic, next three were freezing, final one was toxic but I managed to at least escape that one... briefly. Starting on a world where the atmosphere doesn't hate you would make a lot of difference. Maybe it was something to do with Permadeath, providing some challenge.
  15. Yeah, I'll change to Survival - I thought Permadeath might add a bit of meaning to my actions, but the difficulty level is a bit high!
  16. Hey guys, I bought this yesterday because I reckoned it would be absolutely up my street. Is it just me, or is the beginning just absolutely bloody awful? Are there any non-toxic, non-freezing worlds in this fucking galaxy? I started on Permadeath, so I won't complain about dying repeatedly - but I was kinda expecting the start to not be a complete bastard, and incredibly long-winded to boot. Trek for fucking ages in toxic rain that means you have to take shelter/use very rare recharges repeatedly to pick up some Heridium; then trek for fucking ages to get back to your spaceship; then fuck around trying to get more plutonium to actually be able to take off. Managing to do all that took me about three hours and six deaths. Then I took off, flew into space, and got immediately killed by space pirates. Not best pleased by this! Once I've reduced my annoyance levels I might try again on Survival.
  17. Bought Hearts of Iron IV. Poland and France held off Germany resulting in a two-front war for two years until Germany collapsed, France turned Communist and turned everybody else Communist in the resulting peace deal. Poland extends all the way from the Soviet Union to France. The Socialist Republic of Germany still exists as a few scraps of land. Two seconds after Germany capitulated, the Soviet Union declared on Poland for the states of Eastern Poland, wiped the floor with them and made peace. A month after that, the Socialist Republic of Germany finished the focus that gives them Western Poland... so now Poland is Germany and the completely destroyed Germany gets given half of Poland for free for no reason. None of this makes any goddamn sense.
  18. Feels like if the AI can't prosecute a war, that's a fundamental flaw in a WW2 simulator. I'd definitely get the base game (£17 on CDKeys!) but I object to having to shell out for the DLCs - God knows how much I've spent on EUIV buying DLCs by now... I do love all the alt-history Hitler-getting-assassinated etc possibilities though, too tempting. Edit: I have spent £125.15 on EUIV. What the everliving fuck!
  19. Which I really want to buy, but don't feel like I can justify spending at least £40 on the game and the DLC - especially as it has mixed reviews.
  20. Schnibbles

    PS4 Pro

    Question: I've not played any current-gen consoles, and considering either buying a PS4 off my mate for cheap or buying a new PS4 Pro - is the upgrade worth it?
  21. Ten years of rebuilding my empire and transitioning to a war economy later, I destroy their dimensional portal and save the galaxy. My only reward is an opinion bonus of +40 that decays in less than a decade. FFS
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