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  1. Oooh! Nice to see some recognition that colour-blind people exist, way after most games have worked this out. Pretty sure I'm mostly protanopia, though deuteranopia looks pretty similar for me too.
  2. I think they mean guns in general, rather than lasers - and it's a fair question, since in the film there seems to be a gun that fires a dart that slows when it hits a shield so it can still get through. You'd think the opposing armies would invest in a few thousand of those rather than mess about with swords.
  3. I hadn't even thought about the fact that the book casually talks about weather satellites... how the hell would that be possible without autonomous computers?
  4. Read the Frank Herbert novels from the start until they get too completely insane for you, which for me was Heretics of Dune (the fifth one). Anything with Brian Herbert on the cover, don't bother. Or, as a compromise between listening and not listening to 'the purists', buy one and experience the GCSE-level creative writing for yourself.
  5. If Villeneuve is ignoring the abysmal works of Brian and Kevin, that's alright by me.
  6. If you think they have Spanish roots because of the bullfighting references, that's taken from the book. (I don't think they're Greek or Spanish - I didn't think the Houses really have forebears in that way)
  7. It's not possible to get it the first time (according to a speedrun posted here before). Second tunnel is the earliest.
  8. TBF I may be a book groupie but the soundtrack in this was great. Dunno what the bagpipes were all about when you could just bang a stringed instrument in there and call it a baliset, but it certainly woke me up when they started wailing.
  9. As a fellow extreme book lover - probably my favourite book - I agree with all of this, but at the same time I think it was visually stunning and hit some of the right notes. Book-related nitpicking below: I think the take on lasguns (with the minor change mentioned in the spoiler) was pretty amazing - one of the few examples where it translated a concept from the book into the film better than in the source material, I'd say. If I hadn't read the book or been interested in the lore, I think it'd be a fascinating film in terms of atmosphere but almost nothing there in terms of character. The bleak hard-edged approach works well for architecture but bleeds a lot of the nuance from the characterisation.
  10. Speak for yourself, you skilful git! I generally get to T&A, get battered depending on how extreme their measures are (maximum Extreme Measures was amazingly unfair) then replenish all my defiances at the Charon's Wells in Styx, then get wiped out a couple of times by Redacted. That's just reminded me of how much I hate Satyrs. God, I hate satyrs.
  11. Yeah, I use charm as a call a fair amount (equal to Poseidon's excellent call) - but I don't use the lower versions, I just use the Greater Call during boss battles - which, for example, will more or less instantly kill the final phase of the Hydra. I don't think I have the reaction speeds to use it to interrupt attacks.
  12. Thanatos is sometimes back at the ranch - he's not much more chatty then either, but you can give him nectar. But then doesn't that amount to 'you get a good heal when you're doing something you've already managed'? You already get healed in the fountain after bosses (can't remember if that was an upgrade or not!).
  13. Chthonic Vitality. I've never found its alternative (Dark Regeneration) to be any good, especially as it requires you to pick Darkness rewards which you won't bother with later on.
  14. If I were you, assuming you have some death defiances, I would get rid of Skelly's tooth and use Old Spiked Collar instead. The tooth isn't doing anything for you until you've burnt through all your death defiances, and the Old Spiked Collar (especially once upgraded to +50 health) will reduce your chance of dying. (Edit: realised this assumes you have the Contractor upgrade allowing you to change keepsakes after each boss. If you don't - you gotta get it!) I assume you have the upgrade giving you +3 health each room, and if you're working on the last upgrades on the Mirror you should have three defiances already. If you mostly get wasted in the boss battles rather than regular enemies, you could use Evergreen Acorn which once upgraded makes a real difference (especially to the later bosses). As for me, though I really enjoy the game the approach to story-telling is pretty slow! I'm well into the game (50 attempts, 9 or 10 successes) and I still don't have any of the late-game stuff - despite being post-credits! Still trying to convince (both sets of) fated lovers to stop fucking about and get back together, too. It's asking quite a lot from its players to keep going through again and again as the only mechanism to advance the plot, and it only gets away with it because it's amazing.
  15. What deerokus said. Lots of waiting around, weird design decisions. Very pretty though.
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