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  1. This was one of my absolute favourite threads back in the day, truly fantastic work. And HOW is his website SO AWFUL, his link to his one 'new game' Bobby Bearing 2 goes to a completely different website that is very clearly not about Bobby Bearing 2.
  2. Ooh, this is apparently me. I mean, not literally me, but a friend gave me this TV (a 720p 26in LCD from 2007) back in 2015 and I'm still using it. I'll probably go straight from that to some mindblowing 4K OLED next year and see if it changes my life.
  3. I thought it was pretty terrible, but you can't blame Ryan Reynolds for draining every drop of relevance from the one character he plays. When you look at his roles on IMDb, he's been acting in unknown stuff for years and years before he made it big - if millions of people will pay to see Ryan Quippy, who's he to argue.
  4. Yeah I remember you from the previous Souls threads - I used to read them to enjoy what other people were getting up to, even though I wasn't interested in getting repeatedly squelched by bosses myself! You are a very helpful chap who might like Souls games too much. I appreciate the offer of co-op and I'll probably get back into the game at some point in a couple of months when I've moved house. You'll still be playing it by then, right?
  5. Ha, is this supposed to reassure the semi-casual crowd? Of which I am one, and I'm indeed stopping playing after about 45 hours. I don't regard it as a bad thing necessarily - I wasn't expecting to ever finish it, and I've just spent too much time on it and got "fatigued" as people are describing it. 45 hours is still a serious amount of time for me to put into a game. I think it's a little inevitable that the casual crowd will be more likely to enjoy the new areas, new bizarre enemies, new vistas etc rather than learning to bludgeon the game harder than it bludgeons you. I made it to the Capital but the balance of being murdered vs seeing cool new stuff had gradually shifted. Doesn't make it a bad game in my estimation by any means.
  6. I ended up there at about level 40 or something. Just looking out at the vista I knew I didn't have long to live.
  7. So I'm thinking of respeccing, having just killed Rennala and currently a clumpy STR-focused melee type. It's decent, but I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fun as I repeatedly jump-attack people with a claymore. I'm a complete newbie to the genre, so you can't really use the word 'build' to describe my current state, since I put points in DEX originally that I now never use. Question is, who has more fun? A DEXy dual-wielding katana type, a magic-focused spellsword (which would mean I could still use my +13 claymore, maybe), something else? FROM seem to have put tons of effort into the magic side of things, I'm constantly picking up spells and incantations that I can't use - so I'm leaning towards respeccing as a magic user. Any views on the magic user side of things?
  8. Ah ha! Yes, I just picked up another. Thanks.
  9. Is there any reason why my Ashes of War now give me the option of more affinities? For example, Endure - which would normally be Standard/Heavy - can now be Standard/Heavy/Magic/Cold... I'm not complaining, mind.
  10. Just a tiny part of the game, but the animation on the Tree Sentinel is incredible. The fluidity of movement as it attacks... it's just gorgeous.
  11. As an almost-total newbie to Soulslikes (I played a couple of hours of the first Dark Souls years ago) I'm enjoying this. I've just got to Margit and I can see why someone described them as a 'tutorial boss' - the moves are clearly delineated and the dodge timing is relatively easy to achieve. Not that I've come close to defeating them obvs. So far my least favourite enemy is probably the humble pack of dogs. Wankers. Castle Morne entrance absolutely sucked until I realised I could sic giant helmet guy on everybody.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation on this, it was incredible. I was sat there slightly shaking during the tension of the last episode! Like everyone else has said, the show fleshes out its characters more tightly than anything else, no wasted space at all. Feel like the police force could do with a bit more funding, mind.
  13. I'm just on your itch page looking at it! https://carletonhandley.itch.io/millie-and-molly
  14. Yeah the S setup was very smooth, though I did laugh at having to update the controller as well as the console. Great to have quick resume and all the games I apparently bought back in the day - I own Perfect Dark Zero? Definitely forgot I bought that - just appear. If I was picking holes in the UI, it is weird that even with my ~200mb internet if I go into the Gamepass app it'll load up the top few icons, then take a good few seconds to let me access any of the other sections further down.
  15. That's roughly their revenue every quarter, not year.
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