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  1. Nice, sounds good. Might buy Borderlands again so I can play it in VR.
  2. Loads of good suggestions folks, much appreciated! I played MGS: Phantom Pain on the PC and it basically consumed my life so I definitely shouldn't play that again. Witcher 3 I should probably give another go (again I tried it on PC) as I don't think I gave it enough love. If I play Uncharted from no 1 I will never end up playing them all, so might start from 4 - is that a decision I'm likely to regret?
  3. Hey folks - was tempted to start a thread, but might as well start here. I've just bought a PS4 Pro and PSVR, having not played a single PS4 game before. And I had an Xbox 360 before this, so probably no Sony stuff at all. What are your recommendations for stone-cold classics that I've missed that I should play? I've bought Doom (surprisingly amazing, though it's overstaying its welcome); Statik (extremely cool), Overcooked (love it), Superhot (fucking frustrating after a while) and No Man's Sky (possibly too much of an "atmospheric" grindfest to be my thing). I'm not t
  4. Any of you experts got any tips for a newbie? Currently I'm slightly grumpy about how much of a pain in the arse interstellar travel is, what with the ridiculously involved process of creating Warp Cells.
  5. Somebody tell me that you eventually get a multitool that makes mining iron a speedy process please!
  6. To fix the first one was 60k, the second is 130k... I hope it doesn't double each time or I'll be spending more money than there is in the universe after about ten slots!
  7. You throw money at them.
  8. Is it normal for the first crashed ship I find to be worth 43 million units and have 22 extra slots...?
  9. He's not a bot, he's this chap: https://twitter.com/demon244 ...which might be a bot, apparently he's liked 49,000 tweets! I think it was a human at some point though.
  10. I started again on Normal. My ship is at my starting position, rather than ten minutes walk away; the air isn't trying to kill me; I get twice as many resources, the scanner recharges more often, and I don't have to run in screaming terror from any aggressive animal. Also it's beautiful. All is forgiven and I'll read difficulty descriptions in future.
  11. Yeah I think in all my complaining about trekking everywhere I missed the 'limited resources' bit of my chosen difficulty level... Bugger.
  12. At least six bad draws! FIrst two were toxic, next three were freezing, final one was toxic but I managed to at least escape that one... briefly. Starting on a world where the atmosphere doesn't hate you would make a lot of difference. Maybe it was something to do with Permadeath, providing some challenge.
  13. Yeah, I'll change to Survival - I thought Permadeath might add a bit of meaning to my actions, but the difficulty level is a bit high!
  14. Hey guys, I bought this yesterday because I reckoned it would be absolutely up my street. Is it just me, or is the beginning just absolutely bloody awful? Are there any non-toxic, non-freezing worlds in this fucking galaxy? I started on Permadeath, so I won't complain about dying repeatedly - but I was kinda expecting the start to not be a complete bastard, and incredibly long-winded to boot. Trek for fucking ages in toxic rain that means you have to take shelter/use very rare recharges repeatedly to pick up some Heridium; then trek for fucking ages to get back to your
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