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  1. played a bit of blue stinger last night and i cant help but think it would of benefited by a improved port or a remaster as beneath the jankyness is a fun game
  2. started another play through of soul reaver should keep me going till mid december when i break out blue stinger on dreamcast
  3. Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Man Scramble on Saturn in-between Sessions of Nights Into Dreams with the missus (trying to beat scores)
  4. got my subscriber copy yesterday (was a bit worried as the website hadnt updated with it being sent etc) loving the cover even more so with it being the sub one had a quick skim through looking forward to getting stuck in
  5. it really is shame it never got a port to the vita or even a new version on switch
  6. still use my white psp to play WTF:Work Time Fun
  7. i use mine more than my official pad so much more fun playing WWF no mercy and WCW/NWO revenge
  8. i saw it earlier wasnt as good as rambo 4 but that last third of the movie was top notch
  9. i had enough reward points from ms rewards for a 3 month live sub so i used them to extend my live from october when it was due to expire to january and then took advantage of the 2 months of ultimate for 2 quid which extended to march next year
  10. loved the tiger woods series on ps2 and xbox esp 2004 but pc wise i remember putting a ton of hours in on links 99
  11. i expected a film focused on zilla and the other monsters beating the shit out of each other and thats what i got
  12. i think they are past little ad snippets all put together cool stuff though done by the guy who did the sprites for the scott pilgrim game
  13. Pacific Rim And Aquaman are must haves
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