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  1. good to see positive comments about Jaws im gonna pick it up in a few weeks i find universal 4k to be very hit and miss (cornetto trilogy) but casino was great and ive got dawn of the dead and flash gordon on pre order
  2. manual switcher (have to press button) if so thats more than likely the issue try get a decent switch and some cables off retro gaming cables
  3. are you using a scart switcher?
  4. mine came yesterday not had chance to sit and read it yet
  5. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 on N64
  6. ive got a 24" trini and a 14" but i want a little pvm for my desk
  7. i would love a pvm or even a little bvm but never have much look
  8. does anyone know if you can get un breakable tools
  9. Parasite 5/5 totally blew me away wasnt what i expected
  10. well the local cinema is showing it after all so will be hopefully seeing it on saturday
  11. yeah the light is my local cinema went down today to watch The Lighthouse
  12. hmm i canned my choice sub but dont really wanna renew for street fighter 5
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