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  1. watching the revenant tonight this is a damn nice disc
  2. Spinning Bad Boys for life tonight quite a nice looking disc so far nice and vibrant
  3. it used to show the details on the older version of the app on xbox one but now i have to check my tv picture info to see if its UHD/HDR
  4. watched the pitch black 4k last night fantastic disc didnt feel over burdened with the HDR it just looked natural im hoping Chronicles of riddick is next
  5. second sight have pushed the dawn of the dead UHD set to november 16th
  6. got a few more 4ks on the way from amazon nabbed scarface,pitch black,close encounters of the third kind and bad boys for life
  7. pre ordered the nice fancy set of total recall with the soundtrack etc really loving the releases studio canal are putting out
  8. im on season 4 of my current rewatch of the sopranos (nowtv) been really enjoying it been a good few years since i last saw it also on season 15 of law and order svu (been watching it with the missus)
  9. well pacific rim is normally my go to disc to show off i might give the revenant a spin later
  10. yeah matrix set impressed me looking forward to seeing how good this revenant disc is and also the dark knight
  11. this should of just been on VOD
  12. picked up a few more 4ks this week Man Of Steel Overlord The Revenant and ive got the Nolan Batman trilogy and bill and ted on the way from amazon and also batman vs superman ultimate edition
  13. ive heard lots of great things about the revenant disc but is the film its self any good
  14. Watched the blue underground release of zombie last night absolute stunner of a transfer
  15. Lionsgate usually put the bonus features on the UHD as well. There's rumours of Manga UK releasing Ghost in The Shell here in the near future, but it sure as hell won't be sub £15 and yeah manga would ramp the price way up
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