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  1. ...and comes into its own with an accelerator card installed
  2. Cadaver...Bitmap Bros at their peak IMO You should definitely try and get hold of OIDS as well, superb..nay...AMAZING game! Also...IF you are going to sell them on, give me a shout, always after the odd game to bolster the collection.
  3. Yeah, minty mint, but not worth 200 moola of anyones money
  4. Yeah it doesnt have the cellophane on it, looks well dodgy, and as for the other games in his store, I think he must have banged his head if he thinks he will get those prices!
  5. Does anyone have any PCMCIA card drivers that I might have? I have a card adapter and plenty of CF cards, but for love nor money can i find any drivers that allow me to recognise the cards, the amiga sees them but that is it Any help would be great
  6. I can see this legislation backfiring, instead of a console or computer going to standby after downloading it will just sit there powered to the max, and think of all the neergy that will be wasted when you sit back in the arm chair, grab the remote and realise you havent switched the damned TV on at the power!
  7. Give the sepccy version of Uridium a bash too, and if you are after some adventure games of a sort, try out Avalon and Dragontorc, amazing games
  8. Give StarQuake and Highway Encounter bash, very good games, infact there are literally dozens of ace titles that still play exceptionally well today
  9. Hmm...what I have just read more like a pick axe through the spinal column!
  10. Thanks a million....nice to see some forumites are helpful to noobs... Now to find a networking solution for my Mega STE
  11. Ah, me wants......do you have a link for anywhere that sells these? Ta muchly
  12. Only need MS to register "TAT" now and the circle is complete
  13. Na...from what i have experienced here so far, you guys are like rabid dogs when you get going....passion is a good thing
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