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  1. So a new version of Risk's been announced--it is, after all, a day ending in a 'y'--but wait, Risk Legacy is something new! Taking a new approach both to Risk and to campaign gaming, Risk Legacy comes with irremovable stickers to be placed on the board, cards that should be torn up after they've been played, and sealed God-knows-whats--scenarios, possibly, or world-changing events--that help the Risk world evolve game by game. The events of each game determine how the next game starts, and the decisions you make matter not just to your existing game, but to the games you'll play for months to
  2. Well yeah, probably. Like I said, I'm what's wrong with the economy. As you said, the shopkeepers encourage these regular customers, which is hardly surprising as--and I took this quote directly from the guy who runs one of Plymouth's stores, who's been in the industry for decades--CCGs are where the money is. The clientele they foster reflects on the store. It's true of supermarkets so of course it's true of small shops like these. When he wasn't talking about his career the guy I spoke to was fairly pushy, trying to sell me seemingly random stuff from around the shop as well as trying to b
  3. Browsing through my mix folder I found some errant tracks from you lot, obviously misplaced from the RLLMUK folder. Napole0n's 'No Shit' came on; I must have missed this one, downloading it but not playing it. Proper fucking excellent techno, guaranteed to knock the cobwebs loose.
  4. Feels odd to be reporting LMDS news now I'm basically a tramp like the rest of youse, but the URL's mentioned in Rob Florence's new Cardboard Children column for Rock Paper Shotgun. It's almost like he was waiting for me to leave. Anyway, not really knowing how Wordpress bandwidth works I fully expect the site to be sunk in 85 nanoticks.
  5. I think a lot of it is down to the kind of person you are, and how seriously you take your hobbies. I keep thinking back to JoyrexJ9 talking about that kid who 'would do anything for Nurgle'. And it's the kind of thing you and I would joke about, sending pictures of the Quarriors box loaded with dice saying "130 of the fuckers! How could you not need it in your life?" And it's fine for us, pissing about, because we have all these external circles where we don't talk about the games we like, the music we listen to and whatever else defines our tastes in life. But maybe that kid doesn't have a w
  6. I don't know, it sounds pretty par for the course to me. I mean, they weren't being bad folk, and their approach evidently works for the clientèle they usually get in. The problem is, if anything, with people like us: gamers not quite hardcore enough to make the grade. Personally I don't think there's anything a physical shop could do to entice me in and spend money. From a shopkeeper's perspective I'm what's wrong with the economy: physical shops are shop windows, to be browsed over to see what's on the market before going home and ordering products at discount online. And who can blame us, w
  7. Those of you with a predilection for gimmicks might want to start saving your pennies: Fantasy Flight are republishing Nexus Ops, the acclaimed science fiction war game that comes with--ooh!--glow in the dark miniatures.
  8. Just a call back to him saying the same thing of The Cape, I think. Been trying to dig out a show that actually did last for six seasons and a movie and the closest I've come is Sex & the City--six seasons and two movies.
  9. I was going to say you must live near me when I realised that could be any charity shop ever. Fucking Atmosfear.
  10. Bohnanza, maybe? Cheap, trading, lots of interaction--no bits, though.
  11. I've heard Agricola described frequently as a single player game for multiple players--same as Dominion, in fact. So probably no. I'd recommend something co-operative like Pandemic, Forbidden Island or Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Gets everyone talking, trading ideas, discussing strategies and working toward a shared goal. LotR is a card game but it should have enough 'bits' to keep players happy, especially if you get a couple core sets so everyone has a threat counter. Alternatively, maybe a drafting game like Fairy Tale or Seven Wonders? You trade cards during the draft to screw over y
  12. Enough is enough. I've had it with this motherfucking man on this motherfucking ledge.
  13. Well, shit. I know D&D isn't supposed to be a game you win; all the same I think Gmass has just won it.
  14. A musician on Youtube has murdered the theme--in the best possible way.
  15. If Hummerhorns pops out of the encounter pack, don't engage it unless you have a way of attacking it while it's still in the staging area. That card is an absolute bastard. And pray to the gaming gods that you don't have to take on Ungoliant's Spawn twice in a single game. It's rare, but it could happen.
  16. And so we come to the last Tales from the Fireside for the Little Metal Dog Show, a column about cardboard, dice, and the people who transform them into something more. Thank you for reading. Tales from the Fireside - Roll a Six
  17. Quinns is this week's Board Game Geek Geek of the Week. What does that mean? Haven't the foggiest, but he and Paul recorded a special clip to celebrate which contains another face that should be familiar to those from around these parts. By which I mean RLLMUK. Not my private parts. At which I'm currently pointing. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/700267/geek-of-the-week-314-quinns-from-shutupsitdown
  18. I've already posted this on Google+ so if you've already seen it pretend it's a repeat, like something on E4--or E4+1. After the publication of the next Tales from the Fireside column I will be leaving the Little Metal Dog Show team. My leaving isn't going to change much in the long run; other than one fewer article a week everything at LMDS will remain the same. I doubt anyone will notice I've gone but yeah, one more column and that's it. Many thanks to Michael and Chris for putting up with me for as long they have, and to anyone who's read and enjoyed anything I've written for the site. I th
  19. Yeah, Assault's a priority because of the extra races, although the new card type Legends introduces is insane. The new and the last cycle of battle packs are appealing: the Capital cycle because of the focus on a different race per pack and the way it ties into the core set, and the Morrslieb cycle because I love developments and anything that does screwy things with them is fine by me.
  20. You should give Jonny a call when you're going out so he can come around and play with your missus. I meant BOARD GAMES.
  21. That's the same problem I had. First few turns it was all "I'm attacking you and there's nothing you can do about it!" Then she had so many resource tokens she could plop down every card in her hand, turn my attacks back on me, and still had enough left over to pelt me with as I was suffering defeat. That power mechanic is fantastic. Balancing offensive capability, card draw and resources to pay for cards, all from the same cards. I should have my paws on it again soon! Hopefully with a few extra cards into the bargain.
  22. I demand a play report! I found a weird old TSR thing in a Dame Hannah Rogers shop a while back but the box was so busted it wasn't worth picking up. These places don't half sell some tat--saw a PS2 demo disc with Jak 3 on it being sold in the same shop this week.
  23. Be wary of anyone who claims to 'know something' about board games. The Little Metal Dog Show only started a little over a year ago; before then nobody in the UK had played a board game other than Cluedo, FACT. You should have picked up the Collector's Edition to properly overwhelm her. It arrives in the kind of packaging more associated with nuclear devices.
  24. Welcome to the only good part of the forum, whoo! Until yesterday I thought SimonC was you. Whoops.
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