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  1. That's brilliant. Thanks for posting it. I love Harmon at the best of times but he really is a bloody interesting guy to listen to. His views on comfort television are spot on.
  2. What are you doing here, Pete? Don't you know what this place is? Run, while you still have your legs!
  3. It was weird watching it, bookended as it was by CBBC hijinks. I mean, I know it's a kid's show on a kid's channel, but did they really have to have on of the channel hosts dressing up as Sarah Jane Smith for a skit? I mean, Elisabeth Sladen died only recently, I would have thought they'd show a little more decorum than that. It was also strange because the episode spoofed iPads and Steve Jobs. Weirdly uncomfortable viewing.
  4. I've heard tell of people using nail clippers . . .
  5. The Community creative process: http://twitpic.com/70szy5
  6. Well, they probably did, but then they died and the person who ended up clearing out his games just offloaded them to the nearest Scope, or whatever. It's cursed, is what I'm saying. Or haunted. For your sake Pele, I'll hope it's haunted.
  7. Attention the BBC: I would very much like to see a Doctor Who/Dad's Army crossover.
  8. Do Games Workshop sell stuff licensed from their lines? Just has a look at their site and couldn't find Warhammer: Invasion cards or any of the novels based on Warhammer/40K.
  9. I love American Dad, actually. Steve, Stan and especially Roger are all great characters, and it has a real character-based warmth lacking in the two other shows.
  10. We should have one of those 'Track Your Year's Expenses' threads in here in 2012. I mean, who even knows what's going to be released next year for us to lust after? Eighteen new D&D board games, probably, with Fury of the Black Pudding being scheduled for the December/January '13 window.
  11. The shop from the first episode of Shut Up & Sit Down was in London, wasn't it? That looked mental huge AND it was lit by daylight.
  12. Before I went to London yesterday I asked some folks on Google+ how I should kill time, and was told to visit the Orc's Nest. After meeting the estimable JoyrexJ9, I met up with my sister and strong-armed her into taking me there. She hadn't been before and was a little afraid of all the Warmachine figurines--we both were--but after finding the card nook at the back and blithering over all the Lord of the Rings and Warhammer: Invasion cards she picked up the Hills of Emyn Muil to buy for me as an early birthday present. As soon as she had I spotted all the other card games right next to them,
  13. This one? http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/99097/food-fight
  14. Free online map-maker, anybody? http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online
  15. I like that about it, although both the London of the Future and the space ship bit at the start of the Space Alert went on for a little too long. I'd prefer to have skits that add a little colour to the show than, well, something like Tom Vasel's daughter punching him all the way through his JAB: Real-time Boxing review. That was just rubbish.
  16. The new episode is a science fiction special that was released 85 trillion nano-teks ago. Of all the Internet board gaming shows that feature footage from Fireball XL5, this is the most . . . human. http://www.shutupshow.com/post/11191227784/episode-5-the-sci-fi-special Should be a Halloween episode next!
  17. It's deliberately reflective of the crew behind the show, right? They're putting together a great show that has miserable viewing figures and gets ignored by award committees, but they're rightly convinced it's one of the best shows on TV, and are self-deprecatingly bitter that the inferior comedies they're snarky about continue to be more popular. I mean, they put up congratulatory banners when they didn't receive a single Emmy nomination, and it'd be totally in keeping with the meta referencing the show's infamous for.
  18. Biglime, Quinns and Paul are pretty good ambassadors for tabletop gaming. They make funny, engaging, enthusiastic videos, are self-deprecating without being maudlin, don't take gaming overly seriously and are generally presentable--at least they don't look like Fun Land from Sandman.
  19. I try not to be a hater about things like this--live and let live, right? And fuck knows I've looked worse than him. But I know exactly how you feel. Most businesses at least try to put forth a positive image but when it comes to tabletop games, it's like they can't be assed. The official introductory videos for Magic: The Gathering are shocking, presented by two lads visibly cringing as if they're waiting for the viewer to step through the screen and beat them up for their lunch money. I know it's a shitty attitude to have but for anyone intimidated by the nerd factor of playing Dominion or
  20. Scoring's kind of like a high score table on an arcade cab. If you keep track of the score (the lower the score, the better) each time you play a scenario you can gauge how effective your decks are and how well you've played. After a few times playing the same scenario (and the second and third scenarios that come in the core set are fairly solid, so expect to play that first a lot!) if you're just playing to beat it and not for a better score, it might get a little dull. I haven't played with any of the smaller expansions but from looking at the cards in them, they seem pretty great. Fantasy
  21. Hardly a bargain, but knowing it's a cult classic and hoping it was worth something I greedily picked up Loopin' Louie at a charity shop yesterday for four quid. Aside from the instructions and a box that's a little worse for wear it's in good nick--and it came with a couple working batteries too. Still, four quid for a second-hand kids game.
  22. There are some daft money gougers' copies on eBay.com. $300 suit you?
  23. All you Memoir '44 fans should put some pennies aside, as . . .
  24. I'm guessing Cthulhu Dice is lighter than Elder Sign.
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