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  1. The most important part of the rule book is the sequence of events per turn at the back. It's one of those games where once you get into the swing of things it's quite straightforward. It's also highly cooperative; it would be best if you worked with Donk to get your decks working in tandem. Also, you'll have to switch decks depending on which quests you're taking on. Unless you look through quests ahead of time (and part of the fun is running headlong into surprise objectives/card effects without warning) expect to get smashed first time through and refine your decks from there. As I said on
  2. I'd echo that one except games are so much cheaper over here that I'm price-struck. Maybe only buy games if they're heavily discounted? I'm hoping to see some of Amazon.com's crazy pre-Christmas reductions return in the form of new year sales. Also I have to buy Lord of the Rings: Khazad Dum when it's released, but I have a bit of Christmas money, so it's okay. So my resolution is to not buy anything I don't have the money for unless it's ridiculously cheap. What a weak resolution. How about: I resolve to play each of the games I already own at least once.
  3. Warhammer Invasion and Lord of the Rings (and probably the other Fantasy Flight LCGs) come with pre-assembled decks or half-decks that can be played right out of the box. A bone of contention in past LCG discussions on here is whether they count as 'proper' decks they're not finely tuned in the same way a tournament TCG deck would be--they don't come with three instances of each card, evening the chances of drawing a decent card as opposed to a duff one. This isn't an issue unless you're keen on building tuned decks or entering tournaments. The game works the same way any card game would when
  4. After being a misery hiding away while my wife's family first played Apples to Apples and then had a raucous Motown party, today I actually got to play one of the games I'd received for Christmas. My wife volunteered to learn and explain the rules to her family as I was too much of a coward, and after a little confusion we got stuck into The Resistance. The first two games played out pretty damned well, although I look so terribly guilty even when in the resistance everyone spent each game sure I was a spy. On the first game I was convinced my wife's uncle was a spy from the very first round
  5. Mayfair must have had blockbuster sales this Christmas. Not only was Settlers pushed everywhere selling games I visited in the Christmas build-up, there were at least three different Settlers sets (Settlers, Seafarers and the Seafarers 5-6 player expansion) given as gifts in this house alone. I got blank looks when mentioning Rivals of Catan and none of these people are board game geeks so it's all word of mouth and advertising. At this rate Monopoly might actually be toppled as market leader.
  6. Strider has it exactly. The idea of a tabletop version of Gauntlet sounds amazing, but I'm not messing around with modeling putty to play it. I was upset enough that my Legend of Drizzt came with a slightly squished dragon
  7. Gaming goodness, all picked out by my good wife: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game expansions: The Search for Gollum and Conflict at the Carrock Warcraft Invasion expansions: Assault on Ulthuan and March of the Damned Mansions of Madness The Resistance and Quarriors.
  8. Monopoly Deeeeeal! You're in for a very merry Christmas. You and me both, brother.
  9. The Christmas episode is up. Quarriors, print 'n' play/solo games, Cosmic Encounter and bromance by the bucketload. http://www.shutupshow.com/post/14610891282/episode-7-the-christmas-special
  10. I have a feeling Christmas this year will be one big gaming haul. Yesterday my wife and mum-in-law were at a loss for what to get me and my wife pretty much said "Fuck it, he likes games, let's just get games." Pretty sure I'm getting another Lord of the Rings Adventure Pack from my sister-in-law, too. Even if I'm wrong I know I'm getting one more LotR expansion because I, er, ordered it for myself. Journey to Rhosgobel for $4.49. At that price I couldn't say no.
  11. The pilot's ace for beginner games as it seems so powerful. It's only when you get the hang of the game and start playing without it that you start seeing how great the other roles are, too
  12. The Quarriors base game is currently $19.99 on Amazon.com. I have been banned from buying any more games before Christmas.
  13. The big Khazad Dum expansion should be out in time to spend some Christmas money on. Maybe pick that up plus one or two packs from the cycle that follows it?
  14. WHAT THE HELL? Fantasy Flight presents RockBand Manager
  15. I've got you covered, bro. http://reversecharades.com/ Just conventional enough for norms, just obscure enough for nerds.
  16. I know I'm getting Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum because I badgered my missus to order it when it was nice and cheap on Amazon recently. I've been advised not to order any other game stuff just in case, but I ordered The Legend of Drizzt to celebrate my first published article. What I'd really like is time to play the games I already have and people to play them with, but that seems unlikely.
  17. Neverwinter Nights's toolset with the immediacy and ease of use of Minecraft's would have been immense. If all those forums running Minecraft servers had been running NWN persistant worlds, man, that would have been something.
  18. DestinyQuest is pretty fantastic. A huge adventure that turns that marries a traditional game book structure with MMORPG-styled gameplay. Pick quests/locations from a map, kill monsters, collect loot. The decisions you make and the loot you have affects the paths and outcome of other quests. There are also grand boss encounters, and optional monsters to fight for better loot, and loads of combat effects to keep you on your toes. I raved about the first book on the Little Metal Dog website a while back (and in this thread, I'm sure); since then the series has been picked up for widespread publi
  19. Just had a great, stupid idea for one of these and felt the necessity to post it on this thread. It's half-six in the morning and I've been up since four. Give me a break. So this is really simple: the traitor mechanic. A few co-op games have it (Battlestar Galactica, Shadows Over Camelot) and traitorous behaviour appears in a few other games (A Game of Thrones, Citadels) as well. So why not video games? Why not a special traitor mode in, say, Left 4 Dead where at the start of the level the game randomly determines whether all four of you need to make it to the end in order to win, or whether
  20. Hey all. Haven't really been able to keep up with this place because--and some of you will already know this--I've moved to the United States. I do try, though. I've actually been able to keep better track of the goings on in Gaming Unplugged than fit any gaming in since I've been over here. This weekend I've visited one of my wife's old RPG buddies, who's still very much in touch with her geek side and who gave me a Magic half-deck starter she was given at PAX East, which I can't see me ever using, but which was nice of her. She's coming down to Jersey (where we live) for Christmas and my wif
  21. This is brilliant, a cable show that plays out like mainstream TV for adults. If you caught it mid-scene when flicking through channels you might think it's a typical US drama, but the subject matter's so dark in places, it feels like watching a movie uncut for the first time when all you've seen are edited-for-TV versions.
  22. Seeing as you're working around the number seven, what about using the seven virtues as a loose theme? Chastity - Handsome/beautiful white knight with long flowing locks Temperance - Judge/sheriff character with a set of scales Charity - Um. Something holding bow-wrapped gifts? Diligence - Busy-looking Cyborg with loads of robot arms sticking out everywhere, holding different weapons/devices Patience - Grungy anti-war campaigner with a placard. Or something to do with a clock. Or a monk. A clockwork one. Kindness - Giant robot with a little furry pet sat on his shoulder. Humility - Some kind
  23. Drama! In what is potentially the biggest tabletop news story since a rogue Hungry Hippo claimed five lives, Stronghold Games have announced a reprint of Richard Hamblen's Merchant of Venus . . . . . . and so have Fantasy Flight. Stronghold have responded with this: Who owns the rights to the game? Who can tell? Stay tuned for more exciting developments as they happen!
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