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  1. Nah, they'll forever be chasing that E.T.-era D&D gold. Can't say I blame 'em--we haven't had a big geek craze on par with Pokémon, Magic or '90s Games Workshop for a while. As shown by us lot, once those companies get their claws into us, they're good and stuck forever.
  2. It's standard Amazon price, not SRP. Free two day delivery through Amazon Prime and all. Ay ay ay, that sale was mental. I could have spent some serious cash instead of $55 or so on Lost Cities, The Legend of Drizzt and a Lord of the Rings Adventure Pack. Still kicking myself over not picking up Twilight Imperium and Chaos in the Old World at staggeringly low prices. They haven't had anything so interesting since. It's just as well, I suppose.
  3. I suppose I should do one of these this year, huh? January: Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box - £15.66
  4. It's difficult to tell the impact of D&D on anything but video games as it's representative of fantasy as a generic whole. Without it there wouldn't be as much public awareness of various staples of fantasy as a genre but it's hard to tell where its influence begins and Lord of the Rings' ends, especially as there's so much crossover (well, one-way traffic) between the two. Aside from all the video games influenced by it D&D's lasting legacy would probably be its classes, alignments, funny shaped dice and red dragons. And, as you said, fat neckbeards nerding it up around a table. It's
  5. After the D&D news I've bought my first pencil and paper RPG since my schooldays: the Pathfinder Beginner Box. Looks gorgeous, has a few freebies on the Paizo site (new class, new adventures) and should contain everything we need to have at least one geeky night in for the cost of a couple cinema tickets. In anticipation I looked at some of the full Pathfinder gubbins available. The Zeitgeist adventure path for PF and 4e looks interesting. You can only get it by subscribing to the EN World forum but the first GM/Player guides and starting adventure are all free to download: Zeitgeist
  6. Not at all. They'll call it the iDungeon and people will flock to buy incremental updates every six days.
  7. If this is the thread where we go to complain about our appearances on the show I'd like to ask why I droned on in interminable monologue for three months toward the end of the show. You could have done something! You were there; you could have stopped me!
  8. A wall of text is a wall of text is a wall of text.
  9. Another wife story (are we really all so friendless?). Even though she's not particularly fond of my latest obsession she's declared that Wednesday night is and always will be game night--I think she sees it as a family activity preferably to living in thrall of the Xbox or television, a state in which my sister-in-law and her kids (whom we're currently living with) find themselves 97% of the time. Working in reverse, our second game of the night was Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, at which she soundly thrashed me. She doesn't like deck-builders at all--she downright hates Dominion and
  10. The biggest problem with D&D--with all RPGs, in fact--is it's not something you can sell without potential players experiencing it for themselves. The only games I ever played were as a teenaged kid, and even then the idea of what we were supposed to be doing was so nebulous every GM had an entirely different idea of how games were run. Although D&D has incredible brand awareness I'm sure most people regard it in the same way Pelekophoros mentions: it's geeks pretending to be barbarians hitting make believe goblins with weird dice--and from the perspective of the people who jumped ship
  11. This whole thing has just made me want to buy the Pathfinder beginner box. Paizo must be laughing at the amount of publicity they've had from Wizards' release.
  12. Courtesy of our own JoyrexJ9: Ah well. Announcements always end in disappointment. At least we wrangled some anticipatory fun from it in the build-up.
  13. The NYT broke the embargo--apparently doing a load of other stuff in their article Wizards asked them not to. The ENWorld guy is NOT happy.
  14. For anyone else following this there's a countdown clock on the ENWorld forums. That's got to mean something, right? The news hits at three in the afternoon UK time. http://www.enworld.org/
  15. Drizzt is a wonderfully 'clean' game that's very easy to learn, has most of the rules on the table so you'll seldom have to sift through the rule book, is very gamey (I don't know how much semblance it bears to 4e; combat is decided through a single die roll per attack) and fast-paced. I haven't played the first two games (has anyone except me played the third here?) but from what I've read this is the ultimate evolution of the D&D Adventures game system, righting errors from previous games to streamline the whole process. You don't need any prior knowledge of the books though you'll proba
  16. Yeah, aside from someone at Wizards saying something about 'role-playing' being redefined as the role you play in encounters (as opposed to a more theatrical role) there's been precious little revealed. They've been building up to something big but there were also some huge lay-offs over Christmas, with people who'd been working as far back as 2e being made redundant. The three sources I know to have whatever news this is are CNN, The New York Times and the guy in charge of the ENworld forums, who's signed an NDA that expires tomorrow. The Twitter accounts to watch are @morrus and @Topheratl.
  17. There's supposed to be some big D&D news coming tomorrow. Could be 5e, could be business-related--nobody's sure, but whatever it is, rumour has it it's big enough to make the New York Times. Very interesting. Edit: CNN's geek culture guy has confirmed it'll be on both NYT and CNN tomorrow. Could Wizards have sold the D&D franchise? A new movie? Re-release of the old editions? Actual dragon genetically engineered by rabid DM? Who knows?
  18. I imagine 'real life' in this instance being akin to Indiana Jones not being able to grade papers as he was running away from a fuck off massive boulder. "I couldn't review Dungeon Run because I was bitten by an orc."
  19. After baying for Khazad-Dum for so long it only seems to have two to three new cards per sphere, with two new heroes, a new neutral card and the rest of the set comprising of three quests and nine encounter decks for the next cycle of adventure packs. On one hand it's disappointing on the deck building front, on the other, it frees up new adventure packs for new sphere cards. I'll still pick it up eventually but it's a little less essential than I'd previously thought.
  20. I know D&D 4e has come in for a lot of flack for being too combat oriented, but does it actually come with little cards and tokens in the same way the Ravenloft/Ashardalon/Drizzt games do? Because I actually thought that was a stroke of genius, having your spells and powers and loot and whatnot in front of you in physical form, each with everything you need to know about it written down. No flicking through books, memorisation, or copying stuff in squished handwriting so it'll fit on the character sheet required. I know other RPGs have fiddly bits now instead of just being a book encouragi
  21. Played the first solo adventure in The Legend of Drizzt. Was doing terribly well right up until I pulled a feral troll from the monster deck, who smacked me so hard I flew two tiles straight back. With the lumbering idiot struggling to catch up I limped off in the opposite direction--I only needed to pull a couple tiles before I could lay down the underwater river and escape to the surface, and at the rate the troll was moving it wouldn't catch me up. After a couple easy monsters that chipped away a hit point each I pulled the river and the exit tile beyond that. The two monsters--one for each
  22. Have you tried two-deck solo yet, Si? It bends the rules a little (in co-op you're not supposed to know what's in the other player's hand) but it's absolutely belting and gives good insight into how it plays co-operatively.
  23. The current hotness is Eclipse, a massive Twilight Imperium style space opera sim that plays out in a fraction of the time. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I haven't seen a bad review of it yet. It might be tricky to find--especially in the UK--but imminent restocking/reprinting should help out with that.
  24. I've played most of mine by myself. How tragic. Played Quarriors tonight and got smacked the fuck down 2-20. Next unplayed game on the table will probably be Drizzt--at least that comes with a solo quest right at the start of the campaign.
  25. It says right at the beginning. I thought I was getting confused with the preview videos which mentioned it quite prominently but no, it's on page four. The turn sequence chart at the back has all the action windows highlighted--it's on page thirty. And yep, that's a legal move. Playing Allies and Attachments takes place in a set phase toward the start of the turn; after that you're pretty much free to play Events and Actions whenever, so long as it doesn't interrupt one of the sub-phases. Like Warhammer: Invasion it's very liberal with when actions can be played. Did you look at either of th
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