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  1. Any one of the billions of pork chop and condensed mushroom soup recipes makes a good, easy one pan meal. Season chops with salt, pepper and a little garlic salt, brown the chops, add a chopped onion and sliced mushrooms, brown those, pour over a can of condensed cream of mushroom sauce and simmer covered for twenty to thirty minutes until the chops are done. The more browning, the more flavour. It's not sophisticate, it's not a pretty dish, but it IS very good. You could also layer very thinly sliced potatoes over the top, season with salt and pepper, drizzle with oil or dot with butter, and
  2. Rebs, I just found somebody asking for the exact same recipe on the UKTV Food message board. Someone replied with this recipe from their grandmother: Butterscotch Tart One pastry case 6 oz Demerara Sugar 6 oz Stork margarine 1 ½ oz plain flour 3 ¾ oz full fat milk 1. Melt margarine in a saucepan and add milk. Bring to the boil. 2. Mix the sugar and the flour together, and then add to the margarine and milk when melted. 3. Stir well. Pour into the pastry case and cool.
  3. What a great idea. I have a request! My mum used to make lemon bars when I was a kid, but the recipe's since vanished. They weren't the usual kind of lemon bars, with a pastry base, a layer of lemony stuff and an icing sugar topping - they were a moist, medium-heavy, chewy lemon sponge with a sugary crust on top. There was probably an element of lemon drizzle/sugar suryp to them, too. Just about all the recipes I can find for lemon bars are for the top variety, which seems to be the traditional American style of lemon bar. If anyone has a recipe along the lines of the bottom one, I'd be gratef
  4. Simon Pegg's in it! That looks fantastic. Anything that can have me laughing like a drain in seven pages . . . and Preacher was one of the best things EVER. Stupid Walking Dead 5's been postponed until the end of the month. Grr.
  5. Together and The Remixes were (I think) the first single and album Sasha released under his own name, from or '93. They seem a bit cheesy compared with his more recent, instrumental work, but compared to most of the music from that period they were as underground as you could expect from one of the UK's highest profile DJs. A quick check on Discogs and it turns out Together was his second single after Someday, which I haven't heard. Apart from that I think all his singles are pretty special in their own little way. You could take the opportunity to grab Digweed's GU19. Trust me, it's memorabl
  6. BLASPHEMY. Together is still fantastic, and The Remixes had some classic tracks on there. Unfortunately my copies of both - Together on vinyl, The Remixes on tape - are both warped beyond listening quality. Given the prices Renaissance: The Mix Collection was going for before the recent reissue, that's probably fifty squillion quid the warping's lost me. His early Essential Mixes are great, too, although those are probably edging into middle-era Sasha rather than early Sasha. On a Sasha-related note, Digweed's new release arrived on my doormat this morning. I'm a bit unimpressed with it, thoug
  7. Burt's Chips are the best crisps ever. The Salt and Black Pepper and Smoked Streaky Bacon flavours are incredible. I haven't seen the Firecracker Lobster or Bullshot flavours for sale anywhere though, the swines.
  8. Or maybe, if anyone's had any good experiences online delicatessens/spice shops/whatever, they could post them here?
  9. Another vote for Planet Earth. The second season The Office was incredble. This year's Big Brother Australia is brilliant, a far cry from the mess the UK show's become, although my favourite housemate (Michael, the best housemate EVER, the housemate who was so good he got into an argument with their version of Davina, made her lose her temper and credibility, and THEN had her apologise to him, all on live television) has just been evicted, so it might take a tumble from here on in. Also: Justice League Unlimited, Huff, Arrested Development, Big Love, Lost, 24, and Battlestar Galactica, all in
  10. I only really had a few trade paperbacks before I read the original Watchtower thread. Thanks to you lot, I now have so many I've run out of space to store them. But instead of just moaning about it I thought I'd let anyone who didn't already know know that The Walking Dead 5 is out today.
  11. The Cheesy Soda Bread from Rachel's Favourite Food rocks my world. It's only good on the first day though, so you have to eat it up sharpish. We've just got a Kenwood Chef Kitchen Machine (would have preferred a Kitchen-Aid because they look cooler and they're always on television, but they're hideously overpriced over here, and looking at reviews the KM just has the edge over it) and it makes yeasty doughs stupidly simple. Purists probably consider it cheating, but I always find proper kneading (and rubbing in the fat in pastry-making) too much hassle to do it regularly. Love foccacia, so I'
  12. I have most of them and the only one I've had troubles with was the first Deep Dish GU, bought from Amazon. It would either glitch regularly, stop, or hang, depending on the player it was put on. We ordered a replacement and had the same problems in the same places. Looking it up online I found it mentioned on a long list of protected CDs that wouldn't work on most modern CD players, along with a few other GU discs including both Oakenfold mixes. I haven't had any problems with the Oakenfold mixes, but the page said that random batches were copyright protected, so it's possible that the Deep D
  13. Dave Seaman's mixes are utterly essential. The second disc of GU22 is probably my favourite mix ever. A word of warning, though: I receieved the first Deep Dish mix for Christmas and the copy protection made it unplayable on our main stereo, my personal stereo and the computer's CD-ROM drive. According to lists online there are a few Global Undergrounds with this protection on them, including both of Paul Oakenfold's efforts. It's not on the full batches, but there's a chance you might end up with a dodge disc, and nobody wants one of those.
  14. It's not quite a café, but it's definitely greasy: Cap'n Jasper's. Burgers, sausages and an assortment of toppings, fried onions with all the burnt bits you can stomach, tea, coffee, Bovril - you know you've found a treasure when you've found a place that serves hot Bovril. Cap'n Jasper's (or possibly Cap'n Jaspers) is a local treasure, beloved of fishermen, drunks, tramps, and just about everyone who's ever eaten there. They cook the food up in front of you and serve it out the window of a little wooden hut; you add your chosen sauce (red or brown), bite, and let the hot juices drool down you
  15. Hello! And hello to everyone else. Been lurking here for years, but for some reason it took the Food forum to get me to register and post. That annoys me too. I don't like that so many so-called bakeries seem dedicated to baking or re-warming frozen mixes made off-site and shipped to the shop. It's something that wouldn't have bothered me a few years ago, but now I'm into food it seems so pointless. You can find pre-baked bread on the supermarket shelves; you'd expect bakery bread to be freshly made on the premises, but no, it's often just another kind of pre-baked bread. And continuing on th
  16. Rather than saying something I don't like, I'd rather express my utter hatred for economy fish-fingers. They're some kind of grey mucosal imitation of food, sticks of anti-nutrition that seemingly has nothing to do with fish itself. They're so cheap - seventeen pence for ten - I'm not sure they can possibly be food. Possibly they're nothing more than soap shavings glommed together inside an orange crust made from the sweepings of a sandpaper factory floor. Awful, awful things.
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