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  1. Finally got round to seeing this today. Overall a solid effort, though felt a bit stale. Love RDJ though and really can't imagine anyone else playing him, hope he returns for Avengers 2. Loved all the Iron Man suits, hope the DVD has an extra looking at the different suits and there purposes. It got my inner geek going.
  2. Finally had a good sit down with this today. Played a good 3 hours of campaign. Awesome stuff, much better than Reach/3. But the story is shocking. Its like they picked parts of story out of a hat. Needs to give Spec Ops a punt soon.
  3. Table Top racing is ace.... Except it keeps reseting events. I've done the first three cups and now its saying I've only done half of the first event and I've lost vehicles and upgrades. Most disappointing. Won't play it till its sorted out.
  4. Just finished this (festive zombies!). Awesome from start to finish. More like this please
  5. So after seeing this thread and the DLC being released, I finally got round to finishing this off. Only had the last mission to do. Wow. That ending....what can I say. Overall felt the game was pretty average, the story was non existant, action is a bit bland and repetitive. Felt it had a lot of potential, but fell short. This seems to go against everyone else in the thread.
  6. Just finished episode 4. Might leave it a while before playing episode 5. Need to stock up on tissues. Also. Kenny what a dick.
  7. Had a quick play yesterday as a dessert after The Walking Dead. Seems ok, if a little limited. Its basically doodle jump but with Zombies....and guns. OK, a little like doodle jump.....
  8. Just got this for iPad. Only played about 20 minutes on the tube this morning but it felt good to cave a zombies head in with a hammer. Much to the disgust of the lady sat next to me.
  9. Anyone else playing Writer Rumble? Got a iPad Mini yesterday, got this along with Walking Dead (loving it) and Lost Winds 2. Finding it impossible to play, can't make any words at all. Then just end up panicking. Good idea though.
  10. Its £1.99 now. God I'm a tightarse.
  11. Ah thats a shame. Looks lovely. Hopefully it'll be inspiration for some other developers to create deeper adventure games.
  12. Whats wrong with it? Just about to get a Mini and was going to download Lili straight away.
  13. Have to agree with you El Generico. It was good, just not brilliant. Q&A was good, McDonagh comes across as a nice chap. I didn't know anything about his past, so no idea he was a mainly a playwright. Interesting to hear that this was written at the same time as In Bruges and he just sat on this for 4 years. Most of the actors were his first choice for the roles. Most interesting bit was his idea to do a film with Walken and Rockwell as father and son. Though he had no idea what the story would be about and he isn't planning to do another film for at least 3 years.
  14. Off to see this later with a Q&A from the director after. Looks awesome.
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