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  1. Don't forget Cordell and Cordell. Got a wife you want to get rid of? She thinks that looking after the kids and sacrificing her career while you were making millions in the banking industry entitles her to even a penny! Cordell and Cordell will make sure she doesn't get an ounce, so you can focus on upgrading to a newer model.
  2. Can anyone actually describe the political view of M. Nawaz? Unless it’s about extremist factions, his political compass is going to bore through the earth if it swings any faster.
  3. Just watched the first couple of eps, and my initial opinions were also "This is just Kaiji".
  4. He has thankfully, the pandemic in general made him sway from one extreme to the other for some reason. Towards the beginning he was afraid to even consider stepping outside his home and was bleaching everything to the point of paranoia. There's being vigilant, but it did feel he was taking it too far. The toll was having a massive effect on the quality of his show as well. But as we're currently in prime "What the hell are the people running this country doing without being challenged" season, it's great listening again.
  5. Nick Abbot (Friday-Sunday 10pm to 1am) is one of my favorite radio shows to listen to. To hear a fairly sensible person deal with the kind of person who rings up a talk radio station in the twilight hours is constantly entertaining. The whole show is like a panto at this point.
  6. To be fair, it was accompanied by a ... 6 and a half hour "Live letter" going through all the changes. And some how, town teleportation maps got far more time than SCH news.
  7. My parents used to own a pub, and with it, a fruit machine. That thing infatuated me, and over the course of watching it while working, I came to a lot of realisations that are being stated in this tread. On the front of the machine, in very readable writing, it states that the machine WILL take 30% of whatever is put into it. I quickly came to see that you were playing against the person who had played before you if you were looking to make any money. I will admit, when I closed the pub, and had saw someone pump a fair bit of money in before close, I did stick a few quid in and often came out for the better. But I started to see when it was setting me up for a fix. There was a higher or lower game on it with numbers between 1 and 12. I first noticed that 3 and 10 would appear more than any other numbers on the board. And fairly often a 3 would lead to a 1, and 10 to 12. I also started to notice the amount of time the machine would take to land on 3 or 10 would vary greatly. To make it look like it had naturally rolled on to one of these numbers, it was over compensating by doing 1 or 2 more full revolutions of the wheel before landing on those numbers. The fruity went so far out of its way to make it look natural and unlucky, that I started to see the con from a mile away. Thanks to those in this thread, for confirming my suspicions. It's why I never touched a "high payout" machine. To get to the jackpot in question would take the losses of so many people before it could even think of paying it out, it was never worth putting a single pound on it.
  8. As long as no one has retooled this reboot to be some weird celebrity vehicle (Bloody looking at you, catchphrase) for the usual F-List British celebs, I'm in for this.
  9. Will be interested to hear your opinions on the character "Lyse" when they're introduced.
  10. Agreed, and I think with Endwalker coming, we might have enough people here to make an 8-man team for some Savage/Ultimate if anyone fancies dipping their toes in?
  11. Well, this game as got its claws deep into me now. It's really weird, but after finishing the 3.0 MSQ, I'm coming more and more to the realisation that I don't think I've been happy with WoW since WoD. EVERYTHING I'm doing in this game I'm having an absolute blast with. Be it leveling, dungeons, raids, tanking, healing, ranged, triple triad, mahjong, the daily gamble, just chatting in Limsa, PotD, fishing, and of course the real endgame... gpose. Both me and the missus have sunk hundreds of hours into it, done every side quest line we've seen, had fun opening up the beast tribes. Doing the beast tribes is somehow fun, as I feel they're actually a tribe with their own ways and the beast tribe quests feels like a TNG Star Trek episode. I even went and got married in game, which turned out to be more fleshed out than I would have ever expected it to be. Guys... I don't think I could return to WoW anymore. Some random pics of me and the missus:
  12. "Paaaaaaaaaaws, tiiiiiny paaaaaaaaaaaaw, tiiiiiiiiny paaaaaaaaaaaaaaw"
  13. By day one, I mean Q2 2022, apparently.
  14. I was looking at getting a "gaming" laptop recently. Something to go alongside the PC I already have, something to play MMOs on with the missus, but also be able to take on holiday as a media player for nights in. This is BEYOND perfect for my needs, and a good grand cheaper as well. I'm so in for day one!
  15. Ah mate, that's such a terrible fucking take. This crypto scam isn't something that Twitch need to look into, this is a job for the law.
  16. Me and the missus have recently started playing properly, and after some initial grievances and the slow nature of how it opens up... We bloody love it. Finished 2.0, and we're currently getting some other jobs in place at 50 as well, as it was looking like we'd be way too over levelled for Heavensward walking into it. So may as well use this chance to have a few jobs on the go at the same time. Then if somehow we're under levelled... nothing watching 30 mins of cutscenes in the story roulette won't fix So, it looks like we're all on the same data centre? We should get a CWLS going!
  17. Saw this in the game pass, thought I'd give it a shot... My current GOTY in 2021. Loved every second of it. Expected it to just be a 2D hotline Miami, and the initial story made it seem that way. But man this went places.
  18. Sports game, or golf game? As coming off the back of GB/GBC/N64, I detested the GC version. I had too much control in putting the ball exactly where I wanted it to go. Thankfully, Everybody's golf on the PSP was just around the corner, and between that and the PS3 version, I sunk HUNDREDS of hours into that game.
  19. Emotionally manipulative tripe. His main complaints in the video are things that were introduced over a decade ago, yet only making a video about it now to dogpile while it's the "in thing to do". The game he wants to play doesn't exist any more, and it can't exist. WoW classic was a perfect example of how modern gaming trends of "meta" playing just aren't compatible with the original design of WoW. Just look at the amount of Warriors and Mages there were in Classic. While I do have issues with current WoW design, these aren't them. The current party finder system is excellent, you can find groups for any content you want to do, but leaves the social interactions to you. It doesn't teleport you, you need to communicate with your team to do any sort of high level content, and works almost perfectly. I just wish I could filter the groups by key level for dungeons.
  20. Well, 9.1 comes out in just a couple of weeks, and the announcement... killed my guild. We made it to 7/10 mythic in April and decided to go in hiatus until 9.1 on classic. Queue the whole officer team and a few core members have now decided that they're now a TBC guild, much to my dismay. So I'm now homeless with some terrible logs to back me up because we had most of mythic on casual farm (plus were raid lock extending), so I didn't try because "Well, it's not like I need any logs at the moment" ;_;
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