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  1. I really dislike his disingenuous reviewing style for games he doesn't like. For Octopath, he went out of his way to remove items and skills in an attempt to show the battles as being long and drawn out with where you just keep pressing "a". For the direct video, it seems weird that one of the main characters in a 2nd party nintendo game that has been a huge hit for them, is some how a bad decision to include in the Nintendo fighter. The video screams that sort of fanboy entitlement that pollutes the live chat of the directs. And that's as in depth as I'll go, because it's not that I hate him,
  2. Well, that's me bowing out for the beta. Christ, the amount of difference a solid netcode and short loadtimes make. I can get in 3 fights in this, that play flawlessly, in the space it takes me to get to the end of 1 tar filled match in Tekken 7. Sorry for not joining you all, I've been pretty much sat in the tower learning the joys of Unga Bunga May. It took a while to click, but the moment I managed to get used to her strengths of just constantly pushing people into corners, I went full gorilla and ended up at rank 9. I want all fighters to be like this, I want it to be this snappy. In
  3. Right... Just so we're all on the same page...
  4. Aye, Touhou is probably the perfect example of this. Made by one drunkard, distributed at cons, and went on to inspire a whole load of other people in the process. Thank you, Zun.
  5. Having mulled on this for a few hours... is it? Is it a "far better" expansion? Corruptions (in their final iteration) are more interesting than leggos and conduits combined. But I believe the whole point of this expansion was to give us all the systems up front, so is this it for the expansion in terms of mechanics? Ion even went and walked back on the "Tier sets" recently, saying that they would be cosmetic only. So, is it "far better"? The removal of the constant grind is great, but outside of that, meh.
  6. Unironically I did exactly the same thing until the Missus saw it on MMO-champ. I still believe they played Torghast far too safe.
  7. I never said that, my main issue is the state of M+ and the general WoW community. I mean, there's another rant I could have about Anima, but I feel if I go down that rabbit hole, I may end up getting rewarded 35 anima. In short, why does a system that has a separate weekly gating system (Redeemed souls) give such a pitiful amount? (And don't just say "lore")
  8. I think the silence speaks volumes. Let's just start by answering the question, is it bad? No. Things however, feel a bit weird at the moment. We got a lot of the issues that most people had with WoW reverted: -The endless power treadmill was removed, you can now get your best in slot set for your character if you put the time in. -Titanforging was completely removed, you now get the best loot in the game from doing the hardest content. There are no longer any tales of people in LFR getting mythic level loot for a lot less "work". -PvP had its scaling removed, and has a gear pro
  9. Fucking hell, 30 years ago, really? I distinctly remember the first time I saw it, in an arcade in a Butlins. I played as Ryu, and got my ass kicked by some "older kids". Next time was during the summer holidays, when I was shipped off to Ireland to the rest of the family for the summer holidays. It was on the top floor of "The plex" in the Dublin Suburbs, played as Sim, and annoyed the fuck out of my cousin with my long limbs. It was then the first game I got with my first console, and I played Vanilla SF so god damn much.
  10. I couldn't get on with the controls of Desp 3 on the XBox and uninstalled it after about an hour in favour of playing it on the PC at some point. Never thought to try a mouse
  11. I recently decided I was going to change mains, and I want to say, it was worth it for this moment alone: HE'S EBENEEZER GOODE
  12. Not draenor, whenever there’s a patch, it becomes an unplayable mess.
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