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  1. Oh, I've just noticed they've opened up a new server on each of the EU data centres. Meaning I can transfer over from my current server to "Spriggan" on the Chaos data centre where moogle is located. Which I think I'll be doing tonight and get some Gold Choc feathers in the process. Especially with the new world visit system, meaning I can go to the other servers as I like (if there aren't many people around). https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/option_service/world_transfer_service/population_balancing/ Do we have a cross server linkshell?
  2. This girl is about to lose her job in two weeks, all because people prefer "real bunny ears". SMH
  3. I'm loving this. Casually log in, do some hunting log stuff, do some triple triad (for an hour...), progress the MSQ if I'm in the mood to see some story. It's great!
  4. I'm going to echo this, but not for the intention of the OP. Nioh is a fantastic game for people who think "Dark Souls isn't actually hard, it's just resistive and respects the player fairly" Nioh in comparison is hard... Very hard. There's a lot more to consider in every battle as you're essentially walking around with 4 weapons equipped, each one with a unique moveset, and constantly switching between them depending on the situation. Nioh is not for everyone, but for those who though O&S were too easy, it's worth a look.
  5. I just want you all to know that I did think about joining you guys on that LS... But why did you have to pick the unofficial official French server?
  6. Buff meta is a private server strat. No one did it back in the day
  7. Just use a guide. Prowler your way to HR and beyond.
  8. Better than nothing! I'll grab it on pay day
  9. Picked this up yesterday with it being dirt cheap on the eshop. Man, this is a bit good, isn't it? Lost a few hours to it before bed without realising.
  10. Yeah, the arms race for what was a "flavour of the month" game seems a bit bizzare. But, it's nice to know that Valve can still make games once and a while...
  11. You might wanna save off on blue mage. It's not a "real" job, but more a set of sidequests for fun. It may eventually turn into a "proper job", but at this time it's limited to level 50
  12. Has Rhythm boxing ever gone on sale?
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