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  1. Can I add an addendum to this, please. If there is a car park, does there happen to be a bus directly to town next to it? Me and the missus are off to leeds for our anniversary this year. So if I can park up, head into town for a few hours and do a bit of geek shopping (And enjoy some of that absolutely amazing Pizza and Coffee at Simpatico), come back and hit the arcade for a few hours before heading to the hotel. Then that sounds like the perfect day out for us.
  2. Occasionally, but nowhere near as bad. And even then, you can just turn back time a couple of turns to compensate.
  3. Something weird is going on, I'm still loving SF5 after picking it back up last week. Returned to Sakura, and currently in the dizzying heights of Super/Ultra Bronze. I'm starting to get calmer while playing, but I'm still very sloppy on reactions and punishes. It's coming though. No idea why it's clicking now when it didn't in the past. I think the loading times are A LOT better than they were, which may help.
  4. Sounds like a good server for gold making then. Alch and herbing and watch the gold roll in
  5. Had a weird moment last night. Thought I'd try out some SF5 again after watching evo and try out the season 3 chars I never got to. When it's not compressed on a video stream, you forget just how ugly the art direction is in this game. G is ugly with a capital G. But I just wasn't getting on with any of them. But, I had some fight money, so I decided to pick up the new girl for a lark. Hopped into training, faffed around for a bit... Then hopped into ranked, and lost 4 hours somehow. Woke up thinking of playing, so decided to pop in another couple of matches after I'd got ready and waiting for my coffee to cool down a little. I genuinely had a lot of fun playing SFV. Something I've not felt since playing Nash in the alpha. Now, this is going to sound odd, but she's like a mixture of SF3 Ken, SF4 Sakura with a bit of Sean thrown in. I love playing as her, and I think I'm going to be playing a lot more SFV in the near future.
  6. One was more than enough, please see the current corpse that is Ravenholdt.
  7. You're asking to change the nature of pubescent children.
  8. Still? The only reason this is even a "story", is because she dared to beat a top smash player. All this is doing is proving the point that if you're female, don't bother trying to be competitive at video games. Because unless you're an inoffensively looking virginal saint, everything you do will be under a microscope. If you fuck up, someone will be waiting. Waiting to "cancel" you. Remember what your peers were like in year 9/10? This is what kids do, what they've always done. Edgy crap because it makes their friends laugh. This is just puberty in a nutshell. Can we just fucking leave her?
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