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  1. Pixelbark

    Tekken 7

    Maaaan, this Last Chance Qualifier has been unreal. Just every beast in one of the most competitive tournaments I've ever seen. If you've got some time, go watch some of it tonight.
  2. Man, Matlock bath would be perfect for this. Loads of chippies for afterwards as well
  3. I picked up DBFighterz given it was cheap... I need to apologise to that game for sleeping on it until now. It's bloody fantastic and so much love has been put into that game. Fighting games!
  4. Sparkling means between 2-4 of its stats are "perfect" (You won't be able to know which ones until a bit into the post game, so don't worry too much about it), it might also have a rare move that you don't normally get via leveling. While going through the story, just pick the mons you like, honestly. You'll eventually stumble on some beasts you want to add onto your team, and it often doesn't take long to add them with all the QOL changes they made for SWSH. Try and cover as many types as possible really. You don't want to have an obvious weakness, head to a gym battle and just see your whole team wiped out by one Pokémon
  5. Hey, don’t knock it. Ditto is currently being theorycrafted as one of the top 10 mons. Doesn’t this give you all shinies, technically?
  6. While you're getting your own team ready, there's always the rental mons!
  7. That's a bit hyperbolic, don't you think? At this point, BfA is just legion wearing blue and red rather than green. Most of the issues have been ironed out at this point, unless you're a top 100 mythic raider. If you're one of those, then yeah, BfA is a pretty bad time. Raids are very good Mythic+ is still solid. Questing is still good. Mechagon/Nazjatar are excellent end game zones. Every time I log in, I currently have something to work towards. With the death of Titanforging in the next patch, this is going to be even more prevalent. Outside of a few outliers, the classes are currently playing well too. So seeing that Shadowlands is more going to be a refinement rather than a revolution is very promising to me. What exactly about BfA is "so godawful" now?
  8. Either play through the older content, or hop into the anniversary AV which is giving absurd amounts of exp at the moment.
  9. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is. You only get to name your own.
  10. Well, some were, Slaking with Hyper beam used to be an absolute beast and would sweep teams up for fun, but then they changed Hyper beam from physical to special at one point. As such, no where near as good.
  11. There's only been 3 types added since Red and Blue. But that chart is... mostly accurate. Except, well, most pokemon aren't just one type any more. They're flying/fire, bug/poison, Water/ground. Which means you have to mash both their weaknesses together. So Scisor, who is bug/steel, would take 4x Fire damage.
  12. Sorry to add to some of the negativity, but this is important:
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