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  1. Pixelbark

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - remade for the Switch

    Come on now, you can figure it out... Why would you bring up the recent resi 2 as a "proper remake", and that being a better thing? As good as the new Resi 2 is, imagine if it had the proper 2 scenario gameplay of the original. Where what you did in one scenario had an impact on your 2nd.
  2. is it 98 random people, or can we enter in as a group yet?
  3. That looks bloody brilliant.
  4. Pixelbark

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - remade for the Switch

    This, along with Rune Factory 4: Hyper Fighting, make me believe that 3DS games production is now officially dead and we're just waiting for the eulogy from the vicar.
  5. Pixelbark

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    Maker one was the one game that made me even slightly regret selling my WiiU for a PS4, the second being Tokyo Mirage Session. I can't wait to get my mits on this. Hopefully they'll address everyone's concerns about visibility for great levels to rise to the top.
  6. Perfect. I'm happy for them to try and get a bit of money out of skins and icons if they wanted to, but that'll do quite nicely.
  7. I downloaded it this morning, but didn't boot it up. It said it was "Free to start"... What's the monitisation on this? If it's cosmetic, that's fine. If it's credits, me and nintendo are going to have a falling out.
  8. Pixelbark

    Major new online game coming this year from Nintendo.

    That would be bloody brilliant. XenoChron 1&2 already play like MMOs, and the UI is already an obfuscated mess, so it'd be perfect.
  9. Just posted this in the dead pool thread, but may as well link it here. In short, the videogames industry NEEDS to unionise.
  10. Pixelbark

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    That's actually surprising to hear from ResetEra. Is this an American cultural difference in that anything that isn't rock hard capitalism being deemed as a complete socialist/communist state? Follow up to Jims video has been released:
  11. Pixelbark

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    This is straight up fucking disgusting. Re-Hire your CFO on a $15 Mil contract Announce your best year ever in terms of profits Sack 800 people because it wasn't better than the best This shit has to stop now. There NEEDS to be a gamedev Union. We've been seeing crap like this for so many years, but this is fucking horrific. UNIONISE NOW.
  12. Pixelbark

    OMG!!!!! Infinity Engine RPGs are coming to consoles..

    I'll always remember the short experience I had of Icewind dale. I borrowed it off a mate, installed it, and spent hours making up my team. I left the starting town, and within 2 minutes of leaving the gates, my whole team were dead. I turned it off, uninstalled, and gave it back. Wasn't having any of that.
  13. Pixelbark

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I got super lucky with my wizard, and managed to pick up an artefact "The furnace" , so whacked a gem of easing into it, and with that alone I've been able to get a Barb/Crus/Monk to level 70. Each one in the space of about 2 hours by hitting Torment 6 rifts on loop. My MAJOR gripe with this game, is that I wish I could just search open games and actually communicate with others.

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