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  1. Pixelbark

    Nintendo Switch

  2. Pixelbark

    Nintendo Switch

    Right, it's a bit hit and miss on this front. You can, but under certain circumstances: You'll need a UBS3.0 to USB C converter Your controller can't draw too much power from the unit. So in otherwords, your mileage will vary. It's the main reason I'm aching for the Hori Hubstand to come out, as you can do tabletop with a power supply and have USB ports available.
  3. It's a game that's an absolute riot.
  4. I think they'll have an easier time getting the whole of India to convert to Jedi. The melee fiends ONLY want to play melee. Saying that though, this is already a lot more fun to watch than Smash 4 ever was, so it's fantastic they've gone this turbo route. Just need to get a few other things in place as standard (Best of 3, 3 stock fights) and maybe people will stop complaining about smash at evo being such a tempo destroyer. I think 3rd party characters will come as DLC again (it's probably a lot easier to do when it's being financially backed!), but I think there's some 1st/2nd party characters that could do with being added first. Xeno 2 has a nice big cast full of lovable characters for instance, and of course ribbon girl. But we know for certain there's at least one more character (Official literature states 66 characters, 65 shown so far)
  5. Those slowdown moments are brilliant.
  6. Pixelbark

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Decided to whack this on randomly last night after playing some fortnight for a bit... God damn, this is a much better game in almost every way. I completely forgot how much fun it was to play. Clam Blitz though, not a single clue what's going on there.
  7. A wall running vs melee game seems... unoriginal? What?
  8. Pixelbark

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Is that where that phrase originated? It used to be peppered throughout most of Future's publications back in the day.
  9. Pixelbark


    So started playing this when it came out on the switch. have had a 100% win rate on 50v50 but used it as an opportunity to get to know most of the basic weapons. Dived into solo, and thought I was doing pretty well as I've so far not gone under 20th... Then I watched someone killed me. What in the flying fuck is the skill ceiling to this game? It was like I was watching a completely different game with how far off the ground everyone ended up being. At one point it turned into bomberman as they locked their opponent in a box and chucked a grenade in. Pretty good game, I can see why its so popular.
  10. Pixelbark


    Which I can believe, it's a cross between TFC and LoL. At the time, the thirst for a new class team shooter was real. Blizz just had all those Titan assets lying about, so released a better looking product in a shorter timeframe.
  11. Pixelbark


  12. Pixelbark

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Hahaha, Ben feels like the guy who got an interview and said "I'll bring pot and we can play Tekken at lunch" and got hired on the spot.
  13. Aye, either through a convertor. Or there's a company releasing USB versions (Which will have switch buttons e.g. "capture") as well
  14. Pixelbark

    Nintendo Switch

    Pokemon, smash and portable fortnight? How do these analysts have jobs when they can't look at the big picture. There's mad money about to be made. If I had some disposable, I'd be investing right now.

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