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  1. That looks great, I'll hold off for the sequel though, in hopes that someone can actually do a sequel to Starfox 64... BECAUSE NINTENDO BLOODY CAN'T.
  2. Yeah, I initially thought the very same thing, but then had a different thought, how about exclusively using Don Bluth as an inspiration?
  3. Pixelbark

    Tekken 7

    Pssst, you can get the free version, and just get the character you like playing as
  4. How has no one made a "spiritual successor" to VF? It's just begging for it. VF's biggest flaw was always its character design, fix that, and you'd have another massive fighter on your hand. ::Edit:: Before even tries to SUGGEST such a notion, DOA aint it.
  5. Is he seriously just going to ignore the ruling and plough on ahead with another Queen's Speech? ::EDIT:: Aaaah, fuck. I had two tabs open and posted in the wrong tab. What a devilish cross-up I've caught myself with. (God, what a twunt) Not going to delete it though...
  6. I'm going to echo most of this post. I've purchased a vast majority of tales of games that have come out in the west. My first one was Eternia on the psp, then my then gf, now missus got me to play symphonia in two player from start to finish within the first couple of months of dating. After that, tales of became a franchise that we're always giddy for the next release. Vesperia is one of the best jrpg stories of all time, and it's not because of the plot itself, but because of how strong it's cast of characters are. I haven't been excited for a final fantasy in well over a decade.
  7. Yeeaaaaaaaa, come on boys, time for weekly chuchu match.... Oh.... oh.... Never mind.
  8. (Just as a prologue, I switched to warrior, and the experience has been slightly better as I have some tools to deal with aggro. Still much prefer "retail" WoW though) Now, this may just be my server, but... Is it me, or are there a lot of Gammons playing this game? Like full on pineapple ring dressed gammons. I thought it was just the usual /1 trash talking, but it's spilling over into party chat and even the guild I'm in. I've seen grown men, start talking about Brexit (muh will of the people), then in the same breath talk about how women are only good for cooking. It's not even been a one off event either, or localised to one or two people. It's bloody everywhere. Has anyone noticed the same thing on their servers, or have I just mistakenly logged into a village Conservative club on open mic night?
  9. Right, I just want to say prior to everything else. I tried. Before classic came out, I had no real lust to return to vanilla, but thought the idea was worth entertaining. Seeing people like Preach enjoying it in the beta sounded like I could definitely get something out of it. I mean, I love WoW, and this is more WoW, right? I don't get it at all. I don't get why everyone has been so swept up into such a frenzy. Playing a Paladin, although only to about level 15, has been one of the most miserable experiences I've ever had in WoW. The class feels like complete trash, and at this level I've already got the damaging abilities I'd have at end game. Hit up seal, occasionally judge, and hope you picked a green mob or that it doesn't parry. There's no decision making at all. The missus comes along, hits a mob with her wand twice and that's it. No aggro for me, no way to pull it back off her. Hated it. Also tried a mage... Stand still, press frostbolt, that's it. That's literally all there is to it. I wanted to like it, but the more time I spend with it, the more I dislike it. Having always played with my other half, i personally have never had an issue with the whole community aspect that people often cite as their issue with modern WoW. But, I just don't see this golden garden of a harmonious community in classic. It's a load of people fighting to tag the same mobs and doing their best to hit a chest before the other. The few times I have grouped up, it's either kill the mob then they leave, or they just stand over the corpse until it respawns creating a weird Mexican stand off. But most of all, I just can't get into my class, the thing that I interact with the content with, just playing like absolute utter garbage. I'm happy for you all that you got what you want, and you're enjoying it. But it feels like the warcheifs new clothes to me. I don't get it. ::Edit:: as to raggy being killed by level 50s in greens. It's not a shock to me at all, and the general forums reaction has been bizarre. vanilla was never hard, that was the whole point of it. We just sucked massively.
  10. Same day as the switch version
  12. This looks like it might very well be a thing.
  13. Nah, she stole the boyo's name for her priest. She's been calling me a slackerdin for the past decade whenever I've been lazy. So decided I may as well use the name for once.
  14. Boom! Managed to get both the names me and my missus wanted on Netherguard keep. So, that's our new home. Pixel and Slackerdin
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