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  1. Topics Ive seen on this game seem to be rife with "fans" moaning about the numerous cut features.
  2. Deeply involved in Tales of Xillia 2. It has been a while playing a JRPG and feels quite refreshing.
  3. Been playing the Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition demo which is pretty sweet. Keep a look out for it.
  4. Let's hope they secure another thumpin soundtrack.
  5. As already mentioned the MP was actually quite accomplished. I think the poor single player generated a lot of hate due to the immense hype leading up to release.
  6. It's the VR side mission where you're able to bathe the dog in acid whilst on acid for some bloody hilarious fluff reducing results.
  7. I was wondering why they did not have a system where if you hacked someone who say has some terminal disease you'd get some sort of repercussion as opposed to hacking someone who has done a dodgy and embezzled funds. maybe had a load of operatives come and hunt you down, or better yet, hack all your funds from you. Seems like a missed opportunity to play on the morality system.
  8. The cloth detail is unsurpassed and there is even cloth movement and reactions to wind. The NPCs also have moving hair!
  9. The Fire Hydrant and car is terrible for any game. Unless you are driving one of those kiddie peddle cars.
  10. Some good honest impressions here thanks for posting guys.
  11. 60 minutes opening gameplay of Wasteland 2 (not narrated) if anyone is interested. I have had a lot of fun with the limited time I've played this game, but then again I really enjoyed XCOM as well.
  12. Opening 25 minutes using an i5 3570K 8Gb Ram Vfx HD 7970 - Running game using Ultra settings at 1080p. The game was very unstable at first but after a few tweaks seems much better now. The game is very nice looking and has some great shooting moments thus far although I get the concerns over the AI. That said, I'm probably too happy blasting enemies in the face or sneaking from behind to give it too much thought at the moment. It certainly has an old school shooter vibe that's kind of refreshing due to its simplicity.
  13. Anyone running this on PC ultra. How is it for you? After a few tweaks I've managed to get it to run at a fairly consistent frame rate vsync 60 fps. But it does dip a lot.
  14. I put well over 200 hours into this game. Phew!
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