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  1. I've enjoyed Nextlander's Game of the Year discussions. Their retrospectives on previous years was interesting. I wonder how Jeff feels about them drawing so directly from Bombcasts past (which I do care about, because I like Jeff). I still like the Bombcast if only for Jeff and Jan and Danny. But I've only ever listened to the podcast.
  2. Lol. Sorry. Brainfart. I meant to say Chan. It was a long week.
  3. ...well. It didn't earn the weight or portent it sought to convey at the end. At times it felt like an episode of the Umbrella Academy, which isn't a charitable thing to say. The leads are hit and miss, the performances in isolation are fine, but they don't gel collectively. Coleman is probably at her best when she's with Jon Snnnnerrr. The main problem is that despite having thousands of years of back story, and what feels like thousands of hours of run time, the characters don't really have enough time to make you care about them. And they all love each other. I also fell asleep and had to rewind it.
  4. It was fucking terrible watching him eat. It made me feel nauseous. Only marginally more nauseous than being force fed the self satisfaction of Nolan's own sweaty balls. Midway through it I felt it was like sitting through a VIth former's defence of why The Doors is "real art" or why their video for their drama A-Level is working on an entirely new level. It was the the *most* self satisfied movie I've seen in the last decade. Smug beyond belief and utterly disrespectful of the audience's time. Wankery. Total and utter wankery.
  5. I think this is a stone cold classic. Blunt totally sells it in exactly the way you describe.
  6. This looks really good...character driven as well. Can't wait.
  7. The sounds they make are ace. But I appear to have unlocked a simple one shot insta death kill for them.
  8. We kicked the year off with the new Home Alone, so it's uphill from there. This may be the first year we watch Gremlins as a family. It could be either terrible great or terrible terrible.
  9. Was it me or was everyone unsympathetic? Having us believe that the kid had stolen something and getting his just deserts for most of the movie only to switch this totally punctured this for me. No one was good. No one was bad. Beige collided with predictably dull results.
  10. The lyrics and execution of the musical in the first episode was wryly done. Very funny.
  11. Bucky


    I have such a confusing errection right now.
  12. He can actually fuuuuuuuck right off.
  13. I think snooty critics have been too snooty about it in their snootiness. Mckenna Grace is especially good. Anyway, I thought it both cleaned the slate and nodded to the past. My kids - who let's face it are the most important audience - came away happy and scared in equal measure. Also...
  14. Sometimes the pay wall is there for our own protection.
  15. Bucky


    The dialogue in Red Notice is way snappier than it deserves to be.
  16. It's amazing. Apart from the QTE sections in the boss fights. Which are cunts.
  17. I love the idea of a German baking science robot joylessly smashing the more emotive competition who bake from the heart. We're absolutely rooting for Herman or as we've now dubbed him "Üter the baking computer".
  18. The trailer looked amazing on the big cinema screen. Looking forward to seeing this.
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