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  1. I can't be the one irrationally hate the countdown to kick-off? It's as artificial as the plastic flags at Chelsea.
  2. Wales are gonna drag England down into the abyss, like Balrog pulling Gandalf into the depths.
  3. I thought this was a neat interpretation of Mon Mothma.
  4. This looks dull as fuuuuuck. I think I saw on Reddit that it has to be like the 4th highest grossing film on record to break even.
  5. Prior to the release of this, I'd say that this was pro forma. But this show has kinda turned the rule book upside down.
  6. That's class. Grealish will get shit for that when we're 5 up, so thanks for posting that.
  7. I think the problem with all opening fixtures is that they aren't Argentina Vs. Cameroon in Italia 1990.
  8. Alternative review. Blackpathbore. Went on forever.
  9. That wasn't very good was it. That standoff at the end on the boat was laughable. They really need an overarching narrative to make people care, there was nothing like that in here.
  10. We're nearly at the end of the season before I have to say, reluctantly, something Star Wars-ish, but that space ship battle with its dials, robot assistant, cannon noises and space weapons were all fucking pew-pew amazing. Hopefully normal service will resume soon and Mon Mothma's existential crisis will deepen further or something.
  11. Well, that was a magnificent 6 parts of amazing. As commentary on the foundations of American society, it's hard not to see it as blisteringly damming as one violent grotesque follows the other on screen. Bleaker and more violent than most Westerns I've seen, but with pathos and tenderness in and between both leads. A classic.
  12. First episode is a peach. Excellent performances throughout. Spencer and Blunt are going to be amazing in this. Soundtrack is excellent too.
  13. The final episode of M*A*S*H is a masterpiece. Hawkeye's trauma, Frank's tragedy, Clinger's unexpected decision. When Hawkeye and Hunnicutt salute Colonel Potter, it's so out of character it inverts but then affirms everything you know about them. It's beautiful. Alan Alder looking out of the chopper as the music plays showing this shot.
  14. I have similar view of Rogue One. The first three times I watched it I actually fell asleep in it. It's not without its moments, but the TV show is much better. I thought Episode 9 was more of a ratcheting than Episode 8's total tonal shift. But it's still great and the set-up for next time is really exciting.
  15. Shamelessly stolen from Reddit.
  16. Agree! So basically, it's the Space Marine thesis.
  17. Black Adam 2/5 There's a lot of it. And not a lot of it is good. Some wry smiles to be had (mostly because of the Broz), the unfurling origin story was neatly done. These DC movies have fuck all charm. It's highly unoriginal to say this, but there was a natural and satisfying end in there and fuck knows why they didn't stop when they did. Because when they didn't, boy did it turn shit.
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