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  1. Checkout Godless on Netflix. It was fucking ace from beginning to end. The premise is that there is a Western mining town where disaster strikes, killing nearly all the men. Cowlady action ensues. Great characters, proper cowboy shit, shootings, grimness. I give it at least 4 San Francisco cock suckers out of 5. EDIT: the fucking bastards have only gone and made a new series of it coming out later this year. The fuckers.
  2. From the neutral perspective of an England fan, I can safely say: a) both of these teams are better than England And b) I hope they start digging trenches and shit housing each other to death, finished off by a 22 man brawl.
  3. "He's worried! You cut him! You hurt him! You see? You see? He's not a machine, he's a man!"
  4. Also, the Swiss are more German than French right?
  5. It's gone to penalties. Or as I call them, "The Old English Fuck Off".
  6. England Vs. Germany. At Wembley. Win, loose or draw Germany are going to win.
  7. He's such a sleazy maniac. And a general disgrace. Time to Liverpool fans rushing in to defend this piece of work in 3...2...
  8. The dullness comes from their approach to possession. Ball movement, pinball buffer players. The passing, stroking it around. Very little on the ball movement. Conservation of energy. It was effective in the same way slowly removing oxygen from a room is effective at killing people; you'll be asleep before it matters. Their winning run in the 2010 World Cup was lamentable: In the group stages they lost to Switzerland, beat the mighty Honduras 2-0 and ten man Chile by one goal. After that it was a drab procession of four wins with just four goals scored. Dominant possession, very little dribbling, yawn football. It's my least favourite World Cup winning team of all time. They were more lively in the 2012 Euros but still sterile. Italy got a thumping in the final but one swallow doesn't make a summer. The Dutch smashing them 5-1 in 2014 was a catharsis for world football. A death to the tyranny of dull. I was so pleased to see them get beat like that; and so die all traitors! And so forth.
  9. They were dull when they were brilliant, but they are even worse now.
  10. The final result for Group F will all depend on which team is the most Hungary.
  11. Reacher always read to me like Marv from Sin City.
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