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  1. I think the second one is especially strong. The realisation of Nightcrawler's abilities during the attack on the White House is one of my favourite super hero moments ever.
  2. Missing Link is amazing. I can't stop looking at Link's fur. Book of Life was a huge hit with our kids and remains a firm family favourite.
  3. That new Hellboy film. Fuuuuuuuuck offffff. Joyless, unnecessary, boring. Lacking any of the charm of the previous movies. The CGI was dreadful in places but at least it distracted from the script which was unnecessarily brutish. Not even Swedgin San Francisco cock sucker can save this car crash. 0/5.
  4. The Snowman (2017). What the fuck? A film that spends 3/4 of its run time explaining 1/5 of its plot. Only to rush to the end with zero satisfaction. 2/5.
  5. Two pages in and no Happy Gilmore recommendation? Maybe it missed it. But it's fucking ace. Grosse Pointe Blank and On the Edge of Seventeen are also worth checking out. I'm not sure they leap out as out and out comedies. Another vote for Book Smart. What a fucking soundtrack as well.
  6. Goldeneye. 25 years ago was obviously a lot longer ago than I realised; the computers look hilarious, some music choices (especially in the opening car chase section) are laughable, the format feels strained and aged, in more enlightened times the sexual politics aren't that fun to be confronted with, especially watching with two young lads. Famke Janssen's repeated sexy assassination attempts on 007 disturbed my youngest, I'm glad when Bond was going to derail the train he was focusing on other things because that wasn't daytime viewing at all. Fucking ace still. 4/5.
  7. It took him about three minutes into the first episode to hit this predicable low note. I don't see what everyone was getting excited about in the first episode. If it trails off after that, I'm already out.
  8. It's the crashing Nazis. And the tomb is dull as shite.
  9. I think I posted the text of that in worst a "worst Christmas ever" thread and got a less convivial reaction. Ho, ho, ho.
  10. Anyone that ranks any prequel or standalone or modern trilogy film above RotJ needs to take a good long look at themselves. There are times when, whisper it, that it edges out TESB just on its final third alone.
  11. I've been waiting for mid90s to turn up on either Prime or Netflix. It's on Netflix now and it's really good. Absolutely launched with no fanfare (I only found it by mistake despite having one eye open for it). Recommended.
  12. Ha! Don't forget that the only good sexuality is biiiiiiisexuality. Whhhooooo. Spooooky. Seriously, almost everything he writes has to pay a 15% royalty to Timothy Claypol.
  13. My eldest (he's 10 soon) is asking more and more questions about her. One was "how does she look like that?" to which I could only give him a hug in response. It's like that time he tried to walk past the TV when Katie Perry was on and he slowed down then slowly craned his neck to prevent his body moving forward in the most exaggerated double take I've ever seen in my life.
  14. I'm taking the kids out of school on Friday to see it. I'm calling it Operation Blue Harvest and I'm blatently telling school they are going to dentist. It's the last day of term and I'm a one man Dad Rebel Alliance.
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