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  1. This is done in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic.
  2. Bucky

    Your favourite weapons

    I was always fond of the pistol in the original Halo. The shot gun was also suitably meaty when hitting an Elite full on in the chest.
  3. Bucky

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    This was a staggering pilenof bullshit wasn't it? I mean, I love Chris Pratt, and I could watch him a day. But 90% of his job was running right? And nothing made sense. And I stopped caring. And how did Blue recover and shit? Piffle.
  4. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone else notice Into the Breach is out on Switch? Stop it, my SD card is already dead.
  5. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    An unreserved recommendation for Dead Cells, which is perfect on Switch. I can't think of a system more suited to it. Oh man...I'm going down a rabbit hole here...
  6. Bucky

    A Lumines Thread

    Oooh. No. I'll take a another look tonight. Cheers.
  7. Bucky

    A Lumines Thread

    Is 526,203 any good for the basic challenge mode? In think it's OK but I was dropping blocks like an idiot when Inwas playing and on the old PSP version it looped when I finished.
  8. Bucky

    Marvel's Black Widow solo movie

    You mean widow dressing presumably? Because the alternative makes you sound like judgemental ass who hasn't watched or understood some brilliant bits of character work in those movies.
  9. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France look tough. Their recent pedigree looks excellent.
  10. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I've just heard a description of Sweden on the Guardian football podcast as "the walking manifestation of 'it's just not going to be your day'". Which tickled me and simultaneously filled me with dread. Exciting times/framed with horror.
  11. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Too Kroos for comfort.
  12. Bucky

    Creed 2

    That trailer is amazing. The first was a total gem. Fucking hell. They are going to pull this off. The family, the danger and risk. The risk of it all.
  13. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    He wasn't fit and his appointment stank of shortsightedness and fear in the FA.
  14. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Well said. I'm watching really for the first time with my lads (8 & 6) and it strikes me that the team, how they play, what they talk about and how they conduct themselves is much more important than the result. It's really hard to justify to a kid why "giving bad fouls" is OK. The terms "gamesmanship" or "game management" sound empty to kids, and rightly so. Harry Kane does wonders for the team, in the same way a young Lineker did. Mexico 86 was when I fell in love with England and I hope my boys do too (we didn't win it then either). For all the individual talent of the golden generation, their biggest failure was that they didn't play that well as a team. The perennial Lampard/Gerrard discussion was emblematic of that, as were Rooney and Beckham's moments of petulance. Sven didn't ignite the powder keg of potential, he just aimed to manage it, stop the egos blowing it up and hope for the best. Southgate seems intent on pushing it in a certain direction, using what firepower we have, building a system and acting as a stuard of the team and nation, maybe for the king to one day emerge. This time we're going to get out of the group and if we get to the quarters, by that time, then it's just a flip of a coin decided on small moments, managing substitutions, discipline and most of all playing for each other. Fucking hell...we're going to have a good tournament. Just let that sink in for a bit.
  15. Bucky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    The only time my train information board has been a) accurate and b) capable of illiciting joy.

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