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  1. The sleezy Argentinians sleezing it up. The Dutch aren't fucking around either.
  2. And the first minute of the 10 is a foul.
  3. 10 minutes of stoppage. Total shithousing.
  4. How are Argentina supposed to play next after spending the last 15 minutes pissing themselves?
  5. They were celebrating and hugging after the end of that first period of extra time. It was almost as if some form of footballing entitlement was propelling them forward against a resilient and indomitable opponent who refused to lie down and let the premature victory lap commence. Where have we seen that before?
  6. Every time the Samba boys go out, evey time everyone's "favourite second team" take a thumping, I give a dry cold laugh and remember how the boys from Brazil always play the beautiful game. Fuck. Those. Guys.
  7. Go home World Cup. You're drunk.
  8. Isn't this two world cups running he's also missed kicks (in regular play)?
  9. His record on spot kicks is shocking given the player he is.
  10. Rashford's step over dummy is the meta commentary we don't deserve but somehow got. What a lovely chap.
  11. I can't be the one irrationally hate the countdown to kick-off? It's as artificial as the plastic flags at Chelsea.
  12. Wales are gonna drag England down into the abyss, like Balrog pulling Gandalf into the depths.
  13. I thought this was a neat interpretation of Mon Mothma.
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