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  1. Is Ben now a weekly guest?
  2. I love the idea of a German baking science robot joylessly smashing the more emotive competition who bake from the heart. We're absolutely rooting for Herman or as we've now dubbed him "Üter the baking computer".
  3. Casino Royal? Never Say Never Again?
  4. The trailer looked amazing on the big cinema screen. Looking forward to seeing this.
  5. Also, Paloma was a great new character and outrageously saucy.
  6. Major spoilers above ^ First two thirds were atmospheric, funny, beautiful and full of tension and risk. The last third bewildering. Part Call of Duty, part 1970s volcano lair, part my buttocks have given up. Fabulous though. Fabulous. I felt sad that when Casino Royale kicked this thing off Blu-ray was the way I'd enjoy it all again. Today I was left pondering which digital video service is going to last longest.
  7. Yeah. That's rotten. Too too young. One only hopes that the life she lived was some form of recompense for her.
  8. Maybe it has been. It'll be great. The original isn't a classic you know.
  9. It was ace. When was the last time you got to take your kids to see a good - great - kung-fu movie? Errrrr. Anyway, it's really really good. A shave overlong. Maybe. My kid's review was: "The best bit was the fighting. It was almost all fighting. It could have had even more fighting. And it would have better." The cinematic run-up to Christmas is going to be ace: - Dune - Ghostbusters - Bond - Top Gun - Top Gun Maverick - Spider-Man Amazing scenes.
  10. It was all over the place wasn't it? That final Taika Waititi scene was like something out of The Greatest Showman, the beach assault like something from The Boys. It certainly had moments, but it was just so uneven. I can't put my finger on it but DC just haven't nailed costumes or "look" like the Marvel movies have. Were the costumes meant to look shit? Are they supposed to to have that home made, Watchmen aesthetic? Like Hooded Justice? And if so, why do so many frames of the movie just look plain ugly (is that the world building? It's the world building right?) I really liked: Props also to Viola Davis who was terrifying in moments as well. Her screaming and spitting into the radio was great stuff.
  11. Bucky


    We bought an OLED 60" recently so splashed out on the Netfix update and it's been worth it I'd say. I'm not a resolution queen/4K Nazi (I'm happy watching a compressed movie on ITV3) but I'd say the difference is notable.
  12. I thought the last episode was cracking. It was adult, gritty and claustrophobic in ways Star Wars isn't normally. Grown up stuff I think. Roll on Season 2.
  13. I think it's stylish as fuck. I love how it looks and moves. The voices (especially Carter's) seem a bit removed from the action but this is a tiny gripe.
  14. I really like the feel of the poster. Someone on Reddit knocked up a PC wallpaper of it for me. I don't know why I like it so much. https://imgur.com/a/In2OS22
  15. Checkout Godless on Netflix. It was fucking ace from beginning to end. The premise is that there is a Western mining town where disaster strikes, killing nearly all the men. Cowlady action ensues. Great characters, proper cowboy shit, shootings, grimness. I give it at least 4 San Francisco cock suckers out of 5. EDIT: the fucking bastards have only gone and made a new series of it coming out later this year. The fuckers.
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