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  1. I'm not sure Kelsey Grammer is the type of "liberal intellectual" I need advising me on my mental health and/or making me laugh at these trying times. I love Frasier to bits, but just like how I can't enjoy the Lethal Weapon movies now I know Riggs is a bit racist, I don't think I'm going to be as sympathetically inclined to invite Frasier into my home. Booooo people and my own stupid lack of suspension of disbelief.
  2. Grosse Pointe Blank. I don't think this film puts a foot wrong. Cusack is charming, rambling, deadly, recovering and ultimately hopeful. My 20s something me constantly falls in love with Minnie Driver who is consistently spiky and funny and vulnerable in all the right places. As a film it's equally comfortable laced with action and comedy. The soundtrack's cracking, they invented a Doom 2 arcade machine just for the movie, it has an adorable baby scene, the fight scene near the lockers, the excruciating reunion talk. As I say, pitch perfect. T
  3. ^ these are good points. At one point I thought it was a pretty interesting treatment of grief and trauma, if so the resolution of this will be interesting. Maybe I'm just a man who needs more "lasers out of faces" man these days.
  4. It's an interesting show, but it is dragging whatever plot it has out for as long as it can. I feel like Lost, that even if they climbed out of Zeus' butthole at the end, the payoff wouldn't have been worth the journey. Agree with all the comments r.e. the performances, they're all great.
  5. It's on Netflix now. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  6. This was a rabbit hole I could have avoided.
  7. Day 1 of usage, so hard to tell. I've been looking at warm toned, contemporary desk lamps but I don't have enough room really. I saw these on Amazon (they're Philips ones) and thought I'd take a punt. They make the screen less harsh I'd say, but those seeking HDR contrast may be less keen on that effect. And because the wall is white, they reflect light back onto the table quite nicely. They make the bottom/under the desk softly illuminated which makes it look more approachable.
  8. @womble9, ah thanks. It's been an evolving project. We only picked the legs so we could put the fucking printer somewhere (I hate owning one, they're a nightmare). Earlier this week I added the Audio Engine speakers (they're ace) and I added the lighting today (it's a bit bright in this photo, I've lowered the brightness now). I wanted the warm hue rather than the cooler blue lots of people go for. I've managed to get external hard drives secured on the bottom of the desk and have applied cable management and cable ties with extreme prejudice.
  9. PS5 and Xbox One S. Backlighting added because I fell down the "Battle Stations" rabbit hole on Reddit.
  10. Kinda reposted from the Lego Thread. My brother is tattoo artist from the Midlands (which is a rough gig at the moment) and illustrator. He just sent me these drawings he's done and asked me what I think. I think they're ace (but then I would). He said he can do custom minifigs on request (even personalised ones) and will give you full rights to the digital image and configure any printing options you like. Costs from £50. If you want to hit him up his Insta is below. Yours, SPACESHIPSPACESHIPSPASHIPLY, Bucky. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKn657vj9LN/
  11. I admire the talent on display here and I'm prepared to go with it for maybe one episode more but in and of itself, it's dull as dishwater. There's no lazers coming out of his face, no sinister overtones. The payoff won't be worth it and I think many of the references on me are a bit lost (despite buying comics that I actually bag and board some times). Needs more face lazers out of 10.
  12. Fucking hell. That took its time...just when you thought it was going to run out of steam, it ran out of more steam. Really disappointing.
  13. When that advert comes on my wife and I do an impression that does a bit like this: "If you're a mug and a schlag, and you wanna give me your schlag mug money, then be an idiot an bet on me betting on rubbish. The house always wins you muppet, but it doesn't matter as long as I have you mug money you mug.". And so forth. It was one of my proudest parenting moments when I heard my kids imitating us.
  14. It's a testament to the quality of our season that I felt before the game, we were slight favourites for that game. Night and day Vs. last season.
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