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  1. I'm watching The Duck Tails Movie. It's utterly gash. Sub straight to DVD bilge.
  2. Warlock came out in 1989. My mate's Dad was be a members of one of those video clubs where you picked a video a month for like 12 months. This gem turned up. It's got Julian Sands, Lori Singer and Richard E. Grant in it and it's like a supernatural Terminator movie. Schlocky as hell. Super fun though.
  3. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    I have a creeping suspicion that Galaxy 1 and 2 are going to get overlooked here. Nothing to substantiate this, it just feels like Nintendo are gonna hit the Wii U port of 3D World, Sunshine and 64 and won't want to saturate that play style. I think it's a travesty (and hopefully won't happen) but maybe they'll think the Galaxy games are a bit too close to Oddessy for comfort and skip those ones. Grargh!
  4. All the Star Wars films are there! Ain't Disney Plus BRILLIANT?!
  5. This last episode was an unassailable level of bullshit.
  6. This is a super unfair criticism of the show. Admittedly, I'd say avoid the droid heavy episodes, but other than that it's super solid.
  7. Last night I forced myself to scroll through every movie and series. I've bookmarked 50 (mostly movies). I was struck going through the movies what utter bilge the Disney Studio has crapped out over the years. Without the sprinkling of acquired IP (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar) most of the content looks like a fire sale at an independently owned video shop from the 80s. I've got Rebels and all but the most recent series of Clone Wars on disc. Ditto for the Marvel stuff. So I can't gripe it doesn't have content I like.
  8. The Adams Family (2019) What a completely flat affair. Joyless. Utterly without spark. Forgettable in the extreme. 1/5
  9. That last episode was a mess of threads and strings that almost entirely added up to a thousand fuck alls. Errrr Errrr Errrr It's turned onto piffle.
  10. I really took against it by the end. It really started to piss me right off by the end of the first episode: "oooh, and he has an secret, and she has a secret about his secret, and her secret is also my secret but we're keeping it secret". Spot on re. the ITV feels by the end of it.
  11. Yeah, the reunion stuff was just excellent. Right in the feels. I love Frakes' voice
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bosch is really magnificently shit but intensely watchable bilge. Great stuff.
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