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  1. Super Eyepatch Wolf is the guy behind the Garfield meme deep dive What The Internet Did To Garfield and it is a masterpiece (Plus many more). If he brings the same wit, knowledge, and insight to this as that, then I'm sure it'll be good. I like Lucy, Tamoor and Jeff B. Not a fan of anime beyond DBZ and Studio Ghibli (probably simply because I haven't been exposed to any really) but if it's your thing, I don't see why this would be that bad.
  2. Yeah @scottcr That's what I had too. I just bit the bullet, uninstalled and currently re-downloading. 48GB download...50Mbps (On 500Mbps internet ) Might kick the kids off the network to get this downloaded!
  3. How do you get the download on Xbox?! There are no updates and the Campaign tab just says "PREORDER"!
  4. You guys are the exact curmudgeonly bastards that you complain the GB crew are! Let's not change anything ever! Ben and Rorie are shite. Granted. But the only one of the new shows I really don't get is Albummer. I don't think it's even the premise I don't like but the presentation, which includes the presenters. The GOTG quick look? It entirely got the point of the game across to me, which has been confirmed in further chats about it in the bombcast. It is dialogue heavy in parts and gameplay heavy in others, but the gameplay is monotonous and boring. You need to REALLY want to expand the GOTG narrative to want to play the game. I have liked the build up to Reel Layers, the confusion about the premise. Who is Brian Stills? They've played it brilliantly, I haven't watched the episode yet but look forward to it. Yes they are throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. That's how content creation works! That's how Google works! I think they have been more hit than miss, God forbid they want to expand their audience! Just need to pack Ben back off (although keep voicemail dump truck) and keep Rorie away from anything on screen related. Oh and Nextlander is shite.
  5. I really liked the chemistry of Jan, Bakalar, VoidBurger and the returning Abby on the House of Ashes Quick Look. Put Gerstman in there and I think that would be close to my optimum line up. (Sorry fellow Irishman but he could interchange with Abby maybe).
  6. I don't know if it is overuse of motion blur or being really liberal with the use of LOD models but in general play it can be really bad. Needless to say after that last message I came across quite a few of the animation bugs. They seem to be entirely due to the "Physical Defending" and do look quite ridiculous at times.
  7. I am yet to come across any of the big animation bugs, not saying they're not there just I haven't seen them. I really enjoy the pace and general feel of each game. There are things that need addressed mainly around players, especially in defence, just letting balls go past them or overrunning interceptions. Defence is massively different and it takes a bit of getting used to but it's starting to click with me. I don't understand why you can pick from over 100 teams in online multiplayer but restricted to 9 for local! Madness! But these things will come. It's nowhere near perfect, but it is far from the worst football game I've ever played. I'd argue it's not the worst football game this year! I played the 10 hour trial of FIFA and I am at a loss as to why people enjoy that game. For those that are giving off about the graphics in PES (refuse to use the other name) open your eyes and look at the blurry mess that EA have produced! It has a way to go, but I'm happy to let it get there.
  8. I get why they wanted to leave and do their own thing, but I would have thought they would have had a plan to do something cool and different, but it's the just the same stuff. I hope they do find a voice, but for me at the minute they are falling flat. Don't get me wrong, some of the segments that GB have introduced don't work for me either, but at least they are trying stuff to see what sticks.
  9. I'm sure this was covered at the time, but what is the point in Nextlander? They left GB to do the exact same thing with a slightly different monetisation method? The way they were talking on the "leaving" episode I was expecting them to come back with some brand new format that would rock GB but it is essentially the same thing. Not to mention that Vinny is the only slightly palatable voice for me on the show, I just don't see the point.
  10. PES as a service (PESAAS) is something I could get aboard.
  11. Ah! Good to know! Really enjoying it, even though I'm just repeating the same section over and over!
  12. I only started this. Probably 3 hours in at this stage but I haven't got to the second lantern in Central Yarnham yet, the one past the big bonfire. I know where it is and have been close a couple of times, but should it be this hard? Am I being extra derpy at this stage?
  13. I would approve. But for that they would need to change the map around or release a new map. There are not many places in Kings Canyon that would suit wall running.
  14. I think it depends on how the season passes work. How are they going to entice people to keep playing? Are they going to change the map up? I don't play Fortnite, played about 3 games, but one of the ideas I really liked was the changes to the map that they introduced each season. Works better than PUBGs method of giving different maps that you have to learn your way around. I certainly think it has the legs, EA and Respawn will continue to support it and it will have player base, whether it will ultimately beat out Fortnite is the only debatable part in this.
  15. I mean, I feel like UT is the definition of gambling (from dictionary.com): From Blackjack and The Law (1998): The UK Gambling Commission have not said that loot boxes are gambling, yet, but any reasonable person can see how it can be construed as such and can understand that if an organisation already has an anti-gambling stance, they would not look fondly upon loot boxes. For clarity, I don't want to include an UT type mode in the game to monetise the game. I would like it in the game because it is the only mode I play in PES and I really enjoy it without ever having spent a penny on it. But if the mode is included, the publisher would want to monetise it, but we'd have to weave around the potential gambling implications. There are some interesting ideas in here that I will investigate further, but more ideas would be great.
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