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  1. I would approve. But for that they would need to change the map around or release a new map. There are not many places in Kings Canyon that would suit wall running.
  2. I think it depends on how the season passes work. How are they going to entice people to keep playing? Are they going to change the map up? I don't play Fortnite, played about 3 games, but one of the ideas I really liked was the changes to the map that they introduced each season. Works better than PUBGs method of giving different maps that you have to learn your way around. I certainly think it has the legs, EA and Respawn will continue to support it and it will have player base, whether it will ultimately beat out Fortnite is the only debatable part in this.
  3. I mean, I feel like UT is the definition of gambling (from dictionary.com): From Blackjack and The Law (1998): The UK Gambling Commission have not said that loot boxes are gambling, yet, but any reasonable person can see how it can be construed as such and can understand that if an organisation already has an anti-gambling stance, they would not look fondly upon loot boxes. For clarity, I don't want to include an UT type mode in the game to monetise the game. I would like it in the game because it is the only mode I play in PES and I really enjoy it without ever having spent a penny on it. But if the mode is included, the publisher would want to monetise it, but we'd have to weave around the potential gambling implications. There are some interesting ideas in here that I will investigate further, but more ideas would be great.
  4. It is now me that wants the mode in as it is the only mode I play in PES. (I don't actually play FIFA) But the publisher would like it in for monetisation.
  5. For a bit of context, I am in talks with a sports association about making a game. An Ultimate Team style mode would be really good to include but they are very anti-gambling. Just trying to work out what would be a good way to make the mode work without the gambling aspect.
  6. With a lot of focus on gambling in games, in a lot of different countries, how do you think this will affect FIFA and Ultimate Team? Obviously EA will want to keep something in there, it is a money making machine, but if they were forced to remove the randomness in the packs, how could it work? Is it still possible to monetise the mode? The only thing I can think of is to allow people to buy in game currency, which you can use to buy or bid on the specific player. But does this lose the fun part of ultimate team? For me, the randomness is the basics of the enjoyment, if you could just flat out buy the best players every team would be the same. What would you do? EDIT: For a bit of context, I am in talks with a sports association about making a game. An Ultimate Team style mode would be really good to include but they are very anti-gambling. Just trying to work out what would be a good way to make the mode work without the gambling aspect.
  7. And the game...I'd assume that replacement cardboard would be pretty cheap.
  8. *chin*

    Nintendo Switch

    Absolutely batshit crazy. I love it!
  9. I don't have DR2 or RE5 and still think it's terrible. Of course it matters how old a game is, but it is more the Bethesda F2P bullshit that has really annoyed me this month. I would rather they focussed on promoting cool indie games than F2P crap or old AAA titles.
  10. You realise the 5% Facebook code works regardless of whether you are a new customer or not? Have people been doing cdkeys wrong?
  11. There is no way that the last bundle was IGN's fault, I'm sure these bundles are planned months in advance. But yes it was a shitfest of a bundle. A load of Bethesda bullshit and 2 games that are 7 and 8 years old respectively. Already have Shadow Tactics, so Silence, Emily Is Away Too and World to the West at least look interesting. If it wasn't $12 a month I would have stopped subbing ages ago. H1Z1 does not inspire me for next months one, especially seeing as I (and the rest of the world) already have PUBG. They have until the new year to get me back on side.
  12. My disc drive has been knackered for a couple of weeks too. I've been reading more reports of the same coming about recently. Coincidence? Maybe. But I'm not so sure. I feel like something in the recent update caused it and could possibly be fixed. I'm all in on digital though going forward, but I've still got Rock Back and a couple of other older ones that I'd like to play again.
  13. *chin*

    Nintendo Switch

    Will the Mario pre-load become active at midnight or will I have to wait to some ridiculous arbitrary hour? I just can't wait, have been planning a sleepless night all day!
  14. *chin*

    Nintendo Switch

    I am not a fan of retro pixel art in games. That Moonlighter though is pixel art done right. Looks great.
  15. I've a handful of keys to give away, usual deal, PM for the key. Shadow of Mordor GOTY Neon Chrome Oxenfree RIVE Flame and the Flood Warhammer: Vermintide (DLC & Item) Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition Stories Untold
  16. He scored 1 in a 2-0 win, 1 in a 3-0 win and 2 in a 4-0 win. Hardly invaluable.
  17. No, played many before, have the Blu-Ray app and all. (It was that app that was throwing the unreadable error) Just doesn't seem to be reading anything.
  18. Eventually got my Oculus set up last night, after fighting with a new PC build for the past month, and I have to say the opening tutorial, with the flying robot, is an utter, utter delight. I had a big smile on my face the whole time. Only other thing I had a go at was The Lab. Longbow was a standout there. What are essential to have a look at? Got Google Earth downloaded as well as Rec Room and Keep Talking and nobody explodes. Probably going to get Superhot VR. Haven't installed the free games from the Rift purchase, Robo Recall, etc, because I can't find where they are. Read that they are meant to just appear in your library? Can't see them. What else should I get? (Preferably free for the minute!)
  19. Has anyone ever had an issue with the disc drive? Went to stick a DVD on for the kids yesterday and it wouldn't read. Took it out, gave it a wipe and tried again. Still nothing. Different DVD. Nothing. Game disc? I assume nothing was read because I couldn't find the tile for the game anywhere. Is it borked? Is there anything to try beyond a hard reset? Is it easy to crack it open and replace the drive?
  20. *chin*

    SNES Mini

    Yup, got my shipping text too. Good ol' Argos.
  21. But what makes Picross better than the "Picture Cross" game I have on iPhone?
  22. I have been playing an iPhone "picture cross" game for a while now, with many more puzzles than this will have. It is free. I have never played a Picross game, what excuse can I give myself that I have to spend £7 on this? Really wanted Picross 3D.
  23. That wouldn't have helped in this case, if it was a cloud save or saved to SD, it would get overwritten just as in this current way of working. And how many people backup saves to SD just in case someone overwrites their current save? No one. I get it, but it is like literally every other similar game in this respect. You have Continue Game and New Game. Yes, it breaks from the Zelda tradition of the multiple save slots, but that's what the switching profile is for.
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