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  1. Depends how far through you are between the 3rd and 4th dungeons...
  2. I tried to snap my first copy and nearly give myself a hernia ffs.
  3. I cancelled my last account only made a lvl 21 war, anyway i spend part of my life on the lengthy install yet again and when i go to log in it throws this at me i quote ( Because the gamer profile you are signed to on xbox live with is linked to another playonline id ( my old account i take it) you will not be able to perform id linking, please sign in with a different gamer profile end quote. When i deleted ff11 everything was removed. Ok so i use a 2nd jpn account seems a lot of people have 2nd accounts so i thought why not, this go's through without a hitch and before i know it them pesky rabbits are feeling the force of my onion sword, now ive just heard from a friend that Ms could be clamping down on 2nd accounts oh god no i only bought the friken game last night for the 2nd time, anyone have any ideas? im going to ring the help desk at 9am but i hope i dont get stuffed with a rusty sword eek Lvl 5 war Oh and i love ff 11 Link to 2nd account troubles. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=70479
  4. Wtf are you on about points cost Credit cards money ffs.
  5. Hi my name is otaku, im a bit of a night owl so will be back on tomorrow night
  6. Guys i tried to join the rllmuk chat tonight but alas found no one, i still want to join your guild if possible please.
  7. I know im a bit late, but would love to join the guild if possible, i dont know how it works yet as ive just grinded my mage to lvl 21, so if im usefull to anyone please let me know guys
  8. Why dont you get a fucking grip, you and them are babbling like fucking kiddies, fuktards.
  9. Just wanted to update this thread with the good news that i did at last make it onto wow after a bit of fiddling , im on the server the first guy recommended raven, my name is Goemon , sooo if your passing say hi lol.
  10. Thanks for the help guy's will try the memory thing laters when i get back in
  11. My problem is i cant even install it, im not sure what the problem is as i have it copied over to a folder right now and it copys all files over ok, so i guess that put's the disk error theory out the window, but everytime it try to unpack the game the same msg pops up the 1.12 patch i have is a full exe at over 400 meg but that hasnt even had the chance to be installed yet.
  12. If anyone wants a cheap brand new wow, pm me ive had enough
  13. Yer i have the full 1.12 patch ready to go, but this error msg pops up at random when im trying to get game installed. By the way the game was spanking new sealed.
  14. Well as i said last night my wow was on route and indeed today it turned up, but i have had a day of nothing but errors trying to install the game, i get this same patch error which is driving me nuts, see picture below. The things ive tried to do to fix this problem are... 1/ tried 3 different dvd/cd readers 2/ dragged all files to a folder then tried to install 3/ contacted blizzard help via phone, guy told me to defrag my drive, right oh doh. 4/ tried in safe mode. 5/ full memory scan 6/ deleted all temp files 7/ defragged drive. Ive spent nigh on all day trying to install without any luck, think my wow is over before i even start http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i195/Lok_photo/bast.gif
  15. Thanks for the help guy's hope to see you in there maybe
  16. Ok then, i take it them options will pop up on installing the game, so thanks
  17. best server for me on wow uk please, or even better the server where all you guys play sorry im so new to this game i havent even got it yet but it's on route.
  18. eek scared to turn my back on now
  19. Aww jumping flash i still have all 3 parts love it, happy days.
  20. My orange psv m2000 pda done snes stuff really well also
  21. Lok

    Mario Bros

    I think these are a great slant on the normal mario art we see
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