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  1. I played Arkham Asylum for the first time a couple of years ago - not really expecting much because licensed games are hardly ever up to much. Like many many people (although no doubt much later that most) I was very pleasantly surprised. So I did more reading on Rocksteady - I was curious as they were based in 'North London'. Well it turns out they are about 3 minutes away from my house which I was pretty astonished by (especially as where they are used, in my childhood, to be a semi abandoned warehouse) - so I've since been happy to know that I wait for the bus/ get a burger etc right whe
  2. Thanks that's actually convinced me, I think part of the issue with 2 may have been with not playing the first game and it all feeling a bit too much like hard work.. - now onto the perennial problem of working out where to fit this in with my backlog..
  3. So I love RPGS generally, and for some reason that I've never been able to put my finger on hated The Witcher 2, which really surprised me because based on the reviews etc I was expecting to love it. Now this is being hailed as the next greatest thing ever, looks beautiful and is open world. While I would never normally get a sequel to a game I didn't enjoy I am very tempted by this one but I wonder how different is it from 2?
  4. I have this on pre order from Amazon (can't remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a PC game) for 34.99 (got in before the price rise). I would order from Nuuvem for the 45 percent discount but the VPN thing does make me nervous... I understand it's pre loading fine for people but would still be concerned that Rockstar might somehow lock out non Brazilians - is this a possibility? They must know the key came from Nuuvem so I assume they could do this if they were so minded..
  5. Another long live the queen steam key, hope someone enjoys it. 57PWE-KXTFB-8PKWV
  6. Watch Dogs has finally dropped to under £10 on CD Keys (which was the maximum I was prepared to pay for it) mentioning it here in case anyone else had the same intentions.
  7. Well I've just pre ordered this at full price for the PC - first time I've pre ordered anything in a good few years. Held off getting it on PS3 because I was sure it would come out on next gen - then next gen became a PC for me so I've had an even longer wait.. Can't wait any longer though - especially as I was in LA a couple of months ago (and recognising things from San Andreas!).
  8. Game including season pass is approx £19(if you have a no forex fee credit card) at nuuvem. I just registered there for the first time and bought it earlier. Extremely easy and you can put it straight onto steam.
  9. Far Cry 4 is actually £24 at Amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubisoft-Far-Cry-4-Download/dp/B00KXA24NS/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1419476671&sr=8-6&keywords=far+cry+4. Very tempted to get it but then I remind myself of my massive to play pile which still includes most of Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon and I can't possibly justify it.... I wonder if I'll pay more than £20 (inflation adjusted I suppose) for a game again especially as the to play pile gets ever bigger...
  10. This actually seems very simple istanbul - you're a crime victim I know you've had advice not to go the police before but that seems like nonsense to me. You have been the victim of fraud or in the alternative theft as your property (PSN funds) was dishonestly appropriated by another. Go to the police, get them to investigate, get a crime reference number and go to Sony and inform them that your funds have been stolen. This is not a civil matter.
  11. Wonderful game, although there are some dissapointments - I really wish the diving sections were better (and more real rather than all infested with sharks) - the pristine reefs at the start of the 18th century must have been a wonder to behold. One of the shanties "Away Rio" has been completely wedged in my mind these last few days, has to be right up there with one step forward two steps back from San Andreas as the best songs i've come across for the first time in a game....
  12. Is there a career mode of some sort planned for this? I know they don't tend to be great but I'm still not sure that I'd get a golf game without one..
  13. The Witcher 2... which surprised me because I was expecting to love it - something about it really irritated me though and I quit halfway through- probably didn't help that I hadn't played the first. Still I probably will end up playing the sequel at some point but definitely not at launch!
  14. Interesting, that's what I thought when I saw this in the EA conference... a mix of pilotwings and wave race which, at least as a concept, sounds amazing.
  15. I was fairly sure a next gen/pc version would come out eventually so I waited. I'm really not bothered about playing games at launch anymore ( although in other circumstances a game like GTA 5 would probably have been an exception) because I have such a huge backlog that what's the point? Games are generally cheaper and better ( more patched inc dlc etc) if you buy them a year later anyway. I'm still playing through loads of 2010/11 games at the moment....
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