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  1. SegaMark

    Football Kits 12/13

    Best Hibs kit in years. Love it.
  2. http://www.redcafe.net/f6/top-group-without-breaking-sweat-cl-group-stage-dead-me-342895/
  3. I went wild, but in a totally opposite way - I was fucking raging, if Blackburn had won my accumulator would of come in. £4 returning £471.
  4. Noooo, I only wanted her to stay in because she was a bit fit. Stuart should of been sacked anyway, winner or not. Bellend.
  5. http://www.dimenoc.com/ I'm tempted to drop a mail to abuseteam(at)dimenoc.com reporting a possible scam or e-mail address harvesting site to see what happens... Unless these guys are the one running this scam? Imagine the e-mail address database they could build to sell...
  6. But it's on servers on some shared shitty host, whilst Sega US and JP sites are all hosted in the same cities as their headquarters, dedicated servers at that.
  7. Aladdin Rocket Knight Adventures Shinobi III
  8. Trufax. Mines sitting in a box unused for years, it's a bit shit. When you get that badboy get switches fitted! Then get yourself the Japanese imports.
  9. The machine should of launched a year later than it did, with DVD support. The year wait could of gave them loads of time to get more games sorted, such as a launch online game, and more time to try and get EA and other big third partys with big titles on board. SEGA should of also employed advertisers worth their salt. Fuck it, they should of brought Segata Sanshiro to the West! The 32X killed the Dreamcast though. Oh, EA did actually say to SEGA they'd give the DC support if SEGA sold 1,000,000 consoles. SEGA did that in record time and what did EA do... Jack shit.
  10. Nope, we're selling the games in them. It's a much nicer looking case too.
  11. Christmas 1991, my first ever console. Mummy and Daddy got me a Mega Drive with Sonic The Hedgehog and Streets of Rage. Possibly the best Christmas ever. Me and my dad must of sat in front of the thing for at least 12 hours that day! It was the only console me and my dad ever played on too, after the PlayStation onwards, he never played games.
  12. Dreamcast port... Please? Surely it would be piss easy.
  13. I notice a lot of people have IKEA Oppli tv benches... I have one too, but I can't fit it in my room without moving my bed to a stupid place... Has anyone ever narrowed one down? I'm worried if I tried it, I'll royaly fuck it up.
  14. MAIN PC AMD Athlon64 3200+ 1.5GB Kingston DDR400 (3x512MB) 36.7GB WD Raptor 10,000RPM 200GB WD Caviar 7,200RPM ATI 9250SE AGP Videocard NEC DVD-+R/W 16x RadioSEGA PC Intel P3 1GHz 256MB PC133 10GB WD Caviar (SFF Compaq PC) NEW PC ON ORDER Shuttle XPC SN27P2 SFF PC AMD X2 4600+ (AM2) 2GB Corsair DDR2 (2x1GB) 36.7GB WD Raptor 10,000 500GB WD Caviar GF7600 256MB PCI-E
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