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  1. One of the Newcastle ones is in a street called Chevy Chase.
  2. Exidor


    I think so, although I believe it's a Scottish name, so should probably be "due-ccchhhhharrrrrs"
  3. Exidor


    Deuchars is lovely, especially on tap. Badgers Golden Glory (I think) is a really nice summer evening ale. It smells really fruity - like peaches.
  4. Sounds like another trip to the back of our garage is called for. There's plenty of WTF back there.
  5. Another bump for this thread. If more people don't join in, I won't get my monthly helping of new music.
  6. Another vote for Playdoh, for pretty much the same reasons as Paradigm.
  7. B) Thing is, see, it's like a power socket, but it also shows the power of nature to reclaim mankind's discarded... power sockets... and stuff.
  8. Exidor

    June CD Mix Club

    Tracklist for orooth, who hasn't actually asked for one but I'm going to forget if I leave it any longer...
  9. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=130567
  10. Try it in Comic Sans. Very nice photo though - if I have enough black ink in the printer, this will be my choice.
  11. The missus bought some Magners after seeing the ads. It tasted a bit like an alcopop version of cider to me - a bit to sweet and no real bite. She seemed to like it though. Think I'll stick with the beer for now.
  12. Exidor


    Conversely, two different Camera Obscuras have their albums listed together.
  13. Exidor

    June CD Mix Club

    Did you work out the theme? It's quite subtle. The cover, for those playing along at home: Front / Back
  14. You could try checking out some real ultimate power for inspiration.
  15. The Pod Well, it looks like a Leonard Cohen album.
  16. Exidor

    June CD Mix Club

    Right, I've had a good old listen to my CD now. 1. I Want Candy. I've only ever heard the Bow Wow Wow version of this and I don't remember it sounding like this. Is this someone else or is my memory playing tricks? It was a very long time ago that I last heard it. Good start to the CD anyway. 2. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine. Class. This takes me back to my days as a sad goth. It's aged a lot better than some of the other stuff from that time/genre - I tried listening to early Sisters of Mercy recently and had to give up after a few tracks. 3. Fun Boy Three/Bananarama - Our Lips Are Sealed. Just plain brilliant. I haven't heard this since the '80s and recognised it straight away. Makes me want to look up Terry Hall's back catalogue - probably not wise considering he hooked up with Dave Stewart for a bit. 4. No idea. Odd Japanese(?) thing with a great shoutalong chorus. I want to say the Frank Chickens, but I don't think it's them. Good fun to listen to in a traffic jam on the way in to work. 5. No idea again, but the drums made me laugh. I can't tell whether this is genuine '80s stuff or someone modern doing retro. It doesn't really grab me though, I'm afraid. 6. Unmistakeably Camera Obscura, one of my new favourite bands, although I don't recognise the track. Is it off the new album? She seems to be mumbling a bit less. 7. Punky indie girl thing about crushes. Nice and poppy. 8. The Russian Futurists - Hurtin' 4 Certain. I cheated and looked this one up on google. I didn't like it to begin with but it seems to be growing on me. Another nice poppy indie-ish tune. 9. Buddy Holly - Everyday. Genius. My second favourite BH song after True Love Ways. 10. Nouvelle Vague. The novelty is wearing off a bit for me now. I don't think they're ever going to top Friday Night, Saturday Morning off the first album. This track works in context though, especially alongside... 11. The Lovecats. Is this Paul Anka? More easy listening tomfoolery. Again, it works here but it's not necessarily something I'd go out of my way to listen to on its own. 12. More Camera Obscura. I'm definitely going to have to get that new CD. 13. No idea. I find this one quite hard to listen to because the bass is distorting like crazy. Not sure if it's meant to sound like that. Aside from the crackly bass, this sounds quite nice and mellow. Overall, I really enjoyed this one - it's got a nice summery vibe without being full of songs about beaches and surfing. It's also rekindled an interest in a lot of stuff I used to listen to as a teenager. This is going to cost me a fortune in new CDs.
  17. Exidor

    June CD Mix Club

    Mine arrived today. I haven't had a chance to listen properly yet, but whoever sent it deserves mighty props for putting "Our Lips Are Sealed" on there. I'll be posting yours tomorrow morning, orooth. Assume the position.
  18. Exidor

    Put Here

    Is he going to do it by overloading the power sockets of earth?
  19. Exidor

    Illustration Club

    That's a lovely pic, shakino.
  20. You see the sort of tan coloured bits in the background on the wall? Spider parts. Lots of them. God only knows what's been going on in there over winter.
  21. Exidor

    May CD Mix Club

    That actually sounds like a rocking good compilation. I might try and track down some of those songs and do myself a copy.
  22. I'm going to get in early with a photo I shot yesterday. This little beauty was lurking at the back of my garage under some stuff. It's like Silent Hill back there.
  23. Has anyone mentioned Kristen Hersh yet?
  24. You people with your facts and your evidence. Tch.
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