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  1. Ok, it’s been 5 days now and the novelty’s starting to wear off. Is there anyone around on PS who can help with Radge/EB? I’ve had no luck with summoning randoms. Edit: Fantastic. Wait 15 minutes for a summon that actually works and he spends 30 seconds fumbling his comet azur on a fast moving target and then dies. I hate my life.
  2. I just said "fucking what" out loud and then had to explain "it's an Elden Ring thing" to my missus. @Alask I'm not getting instakilled by the chariots themselves when they hit me but they've pushed me off walkways and stunlocked me while turning, so I still count them as having the potential to ruin my day.
  3. @robdood If you accidentally fall down one of the floor gaps and get lucky then you land on a ledge that eventually takes you up above where it turns. I figured that bit out for myself, it was the "just drop on the thing that always kills you" that I needed help with.
  4. Is it the one that's up a wee tower? I've been stuck on the last boss(es) for a couple of days and it's starting to get frustrating so last night I thought I'd chill out a bit by mopping up some of the hero's graves. As much as I love this game, they are probably Miyazaki's biggest asshole move. Instakill memory tests with bullshit that you can't even anticipate until you've committed to an action. Watch the chariot, see where it turns, plan your run, get past the turning point, stop for a breather, oh no now it doesn't stop there anymore lol, it just carries on. My favourite bit was getting to a complete dead end in one of them where there was no way to outrun the chariot through waist-deep lava and after a few failed attempts I checked a walkthrough and it turns out you have to ride the bloody thing. When experience has taught me repeatedly that touching any part of it even when it's stationary or moving away from me is certain death. Twat. Anyway, it turned out not to be as relaxing as I'd thought.
  5. That's not really what I took away from it. I had...
  6. I'm hoping it's like Jason X and they're all in space and there's an unstoppable robot Dom. The hook is that it's the future and he has to find a way to travel back to the present day because FAMLY.
  7. That's just "mp group slot 1" - could be anyone using rllmuk.
  8. To be fair, there's a battle mage right near it and in my playthrough one of us revealed it by accident while duking it out, which I thought was pretty cool. Then I got killed by the bosses.
  9. Whereas this week it was: Writer A: What does the spreadsheet say? Writer B: "Give characters depth by expanding on their emotional state." Writer A: Cool, what does it suggest? Writer B: It says "Imply that their actions and emotional distance are driven by loneliness and childhood trauma." Writer A (writing): "... and emotional trauma." Got it. Who hasn't had a go yet this week? The elf can do that bit. No wait, he's not in it anymore. I'll do it as a flashback. OK, what next? Writer B: It just says "Give characters depth by expanding on their emotional state." again. Writer A: Are you sure it's working right? Writer B: I don't know. It's suggesting the loneliness thing again. Patrick Stewart: Oh hey guys, I was trying to add an option to the spreadsheet about their clothes falling off and I think I deleted all the stuff about plot and logic by mistake. Writer A (writing): OK, and Picard spends the episode sitting in a dusty basement room full of filing cabinets.
  10. Please tell me you're not talking about the Raffi/Seven relationship chat.
  11. I was having a proper miserable time with him last night. He's an absolute bastard for magic users. Sometimes I'd get him down to 25% health before getting unlucky with one of his bullshit lightning stomps or something. Other times I'd run in and get ganked right away by one of the knights in three swipes. Went to bed convinced that I was burning out on the game and needed a break. So obviously I switched it on for a quick half hour before work this morning and got him first (third) time. The key was probably swapping my mimic for Tiche. Her bleed stuff did a lot of the heavy lifting and then there was a very tense dance at the end after she died and I had to whittle down the last third of his health with my pew pew pebbles.
  12. I'd forgotten about this. It's 100% going to be... Even though that would make no logical sense at all.
  13. If the centenary special is anywhere near the quality of this one then... (guest spoilers) Was it a covid thing that they shot all the action scenes with only one person on set at a time?
  14. I got lucky with them on my go. Misjudged a roll dodging the first one and almost went over the waterfall, had a panic, rolled back, looked to see where he was and he was Wile E Coyoteing in thin air just beyond where I just was, before dropping like a stone. Gave me a few seconds to heal up before the second one spawned.
  15. This season is actually going to end with everyone's clothes falling off isn't it?
  16. The Devil's Candy by Julie Salamon. Absolute classic about the making of Bonfire of the Vanities. Whether you know the film or haven't even seen it or heard of it, the book is a great read. John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood by Michael D Sellers. Basically all about how studio politics and clueless marketing can turn a talented director's passion project into a huge train wreck.
  17. Also there's the general rule about beasts being weak to fire, undead things to holy, fleshy guys weak to bleed and poison, rocky guys to smashing weapons, etc.
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