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    Great CD Revival

    It certainly is. It's a great mix - halloween themed but not all doomy goth stuff.
  2. These all pass the mum test and the Sunday afternoon channel surfing test. My work colleagues are a bunch of damn nerds so probably just the three good Star Wars films would do it for them. I Know Where I'm Going Some Like It Hot Galaxy Quest (I think she was mostly humouring me for this one) My mum's actual favourite movies were: Dirty Dancing Amelie Mamma Mia
  3. That one's really popular with the youngsters.
  4. Band looks like they'd be hiding round the corner in Raya Lucaria Academy ready to hit you with some glintstone bullshit? Check. Mad jazz sax freakout in the middle? Check. Featuring Kenny G? Check.
  5. I think the forum's playing up again. I can't see any of the posts voting for Speed Racer.
  6. Not really answering your question, but regarding magazines, I read The Wire for a bit in the 90s but gave up after getting burned too many times shelling out for CDs of sub par avant garde free jazz improv and whatnot. I've just started reading it again the last few months and it's great now that we've got the internet. Everyone's on bandcamp so you can listen to it all and pick the stuff that matches your taste, or go on youtube and wallow in minimalist noodling from the 60s. The youtube algorithm actually works pretty well if you steer clear of the nazis and just use it for listening to obscure music. I'm getting some good shit in my recommendations now.
  7. There's not working flawlessly like a Vulcan and there's working like someone who knows they can't die because it's only episode 4 and the show's named after them. Surely they should have had a more solid exit strategy than Jake The Peg cosplay when infiltrating the Empire's biggest and most intimidating base? If you have to book your space uber to pick you up from the front door where all the guys with guns are, wouldn't you maybe work out a contingency plan or two just in case? They must have had time on the flight in.
  8. Julee Cruise Everyone knows Falling but I always liked her resigned delivery on this.
  9. Cool, I always wondered what a film of the first couple of chapters of Harry Potter would look like.
  10. This is the only John Holt song I have on my phone and it comes up on shuffle maybe once a year and each time I think I need to get some more of his stuff. Maybe this time I'll remember.
  11. Exidor

    Great CD Revival

    We were having a bit of a jubilee loft clear out yesterday and I found these from back in the cave man times before there was music on the internet. Part of the fun of the great cd exchange at the time was the mystery of not having a tracklist and just listening to the music with no preconceptions. Of course, now, 15 years on, it's a pain in the arse because there's some good tunes on these and I'm going to have to shazam them all to work them out now.
  12. I don't know, the peekaboo armpits are quite upsetting.
  13. Have we had Nobro yet? I've had this rattling round my head for a few days now.
  14. Very much depends on your definition of good. If you like the idea of a monumentally over-the-top reimagining of the lives of two real anti-colonial revolutionaries as a kind of Bollywood superhero bromance and you can stick the 3+ hour runtime then you might enjoy it.
  15. Just got notification that RRR is up now. Run don't walk.
  16. There's one in Bloodborne that does that. There's a couple of bastard shark men in there that wreck you up.
  17. 4. Elden Ring (PS5) In February I told a mate I might not get it right away because I wasn't going to have much free time to play games this year. Two months and 183 hours of obsessive traipsing round the Lands Between in every spare moment and it's all over. What a ride. Now I'm going to catch up on all the sleep I've missed, say a quick hello to the missus and then dive back in for NG+.
  18. Endgame trophy savescumming question
  19. I think my favourite bit of the last episode was
  20. I get the FOMO side of it with missed quests and such but that feeling of bumbling round a mad decaying world trying to remember what it was you were put there to do and occasionally bumping into someone you spoke to briefly a week ago is something I really enjoyed. Every time I came across Alexander in some weird out of the way spot, there was a great "hey, it's pot guy!" moment that you wouldn't get if you were following an arrow to continue his quest.
  21. So there's actually a potentially really good proper TNG story at the bottom of all this then? And we got ten episodes of "Jean-Luc?" "Maman?" "Nicole?" "Papa?" instead.
  22. Ok, it’s been 5 days now and the novelty’s starting to wear off. Is there anyone around on PS who can help with Radge/EB? I’ve had no luck with summoning randoms. Edit: Fantastic. Wait 15 minutes for a summon that actually works and he spends 30 seconds fumbling his comet azur on a fast moving target and then dies. I hate my life.
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