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  1. FTFY. I haven't played for a while but I was watching one of the Hobbit films last night where Gandalf goes to some old ruined jail for extremely bad bastards and comes to a "stairwell" that's just a massive drop with rough steps around the edge of the walls and it gave me such powerful flashbacks to this bloody game that I felt an incredibly strong urge to jump back in again. So that's me sorted for something to fill every spare moment over the next few months.
  2. Two episodes in and I know it's a different thing and all that but it feels like it's missing a Baggins. An emotional through line to hook me into the story instead of constantly hopping between fifteen different people in fifteen different places all doing their own stuff. Also The Stranger is clearly
  3. Has anyone tried Dug potato milk yet? I saw some people on facebook raving about it so I gave it a go and it was an absolute revelation. If you've ever tried a plant based milk substitute and thought "yeah, this is ok but it's missing that all important flavour of sugary potatoes", give this a go. You won't be disappointed.
  4. This thread's been quite the rollercoaster just lately hasn't it? Anyway, this came up on the front page for some reason and I just thought "if only" The fact it's gone to a second season tells me it's not going to deliver on the promise of the title.
  5. "I think you have that wrong" not "you're not allowed to have the opinion that festivals aren't for young people anymore"
  6. I had the opposite problem in that I was watching S4 alongside Larry Obi Wan and, again, just a massive gulf in quality. Just in Stranger Things' favour.
  7. Samurai Cop was my first thought too. This was my second. Then there's Deadly Eyes, which is only really great for one thing...
  8. I don't know. Come True got the same reaction out of me and it definitely wasn't because it did something right.
  9. I went to a screening of Withnail in Birmingham a few years ago and it was a hateful experience. Bunch of twats treating it like Rocky Horror and shouting all the catchphrases. For me, the beauty of it is the oppressive melancholy and the way it captures the spent potential of the 60s as they rolled round into the 70s, rather than "finest wines lol get in the back of the van". More controversially, Get Out...
  10. You know yours is worse though, right? Not just because it's a fast sketch - the composition doesn't read right. I think you might be confusing "a style I don't like" with "bad art".
  11. Nailed it by the looks of things. I'm tentatively on board.
  12. "I have to light the movie so it looks like actors milling around by the lunch truck" does sound about right. Kudos to him for following his vision.
  13. Exidor

    Edge issue 374

    "The game can be played for free, in the same way it's possible to dig through a brick wall with a spoon" is the pull quote.
  14. The sequel has its moments but it's best watched as a completely separate thing. It's basically Escape From New York with zombies and without Carpenter/Russell and is much more of a brain in neutral affair.
  15. I wonder how much they pay the certified brain genius at the BBC who decided that organising the iPlayer stuff by stage/time wasn't "curated" enough and gave us this constantly shifting nonsense layout instead.
  16. I haven't thought about Caribou for about 15 years but I really enjoyed his set just now. Might be time to catch up on all the stuff I've missed.
  17. I quite liked what I'd heard of them but they're giving off proper young conservatives at the rugger club disco vibes here. Are they always like this live?
  18. Don't they cancel each other out?
  19. Exidor

    Great CD Revival

    Yep, it was about then. I went back and dug up all the old threads to find out what was on them
  20. How are you watching it? I quite often get that using the xbox app but not on pc. Could be patchy wifi or could just be that some apps are a bit flaky.
  21. I know it's pissing in the wind trying to apply logic to this thing, and I am broadly enjoying it, but...
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