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  1. I'll give you the Bunuel and Walkabout, and maybe Rushmore counts as dull if you don't like Wes Anderson, but the rest are far from worthy. Spinal Tap and the Monkees movie?
  2. And it's in his list of 1000 favourites. If you're asked to pick a top ten and you've spent your whole life inhaling films like air, there's not going to be room for everything.
  3. Overall I've enjoyed this but that last episode... Agreed on Zubov, and also loved everything about the inspector.
  4. Some classics on there too: Lady Vengeance Assault on Precinct 13 The Crazies (the Romero one - they've got the remake on there as well) El Topo (Jodorowsky's mad western) The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky's mad fuck knows what) Battle Royale And newer stuff: Mad God - Phil Tippett's new stop motion thing Goodnight Mommy The Stylist Evolution (not the Duchovny one) Edit: never mind all that, I've just seen that they've got XTRO. Watch that first.
  5. DVD Compare says they're all the same.
  6. Fright Night (the original one obviously, but the remake is probably ok too) The 'Burbs The People Under The Stairs The Craft The Faculty (don't remember if this has sex/nudity - probably not)
  7. Someone has pointed out that she wasn’t born when Billie Piper was announced as Rose. You know, in case you fancied sitting in a darkened room and contemplating your mortality.
  8. We've just finished Devil's Hour. Trevor off Eastenders is having a good year isn't he?
  9. What kind of cereal is it? Most pretend milk has a residual taste of what it's made from, so almond ones are ok on nutty cereals and granola, oat ones on muesli, etc. The closest I ever found to whole milk was one of the Oatly ones, maybe the blue-grey carton I think? You're looking for something with a bit of oil in to get that creamy texture.
  10. lol you'll be wanting Malcolm Tucker or someone next
  11. Should save a bit of money on minibus trips out to the quarry if Mando/Bobo/Obi are anything to go by.
  12. FYI pot noodles definitely go off. I tried one that was about 6 months out of date and it tasted weird and musty. I suspect you don't always get a perfect seal between pot and lid.
  13. Never mind mixing formats - Alfred Hitchcock, Alien, Alfred Hitchcock, American Animals. You're going to hell son.
  14. The Rasputin bit should have been a story on its own. What a waste of a class idea.
  15. https://www.tptvencore.co.uk/Home/Saturday-Morning-Pictures-on-TPTV-Encore
  16. Most ready meals are on a sliding scale of grimness. Those Bol one pot things turn up in the clearance section of our Tesco quite often and they're not bad. Pizza and a tub of salad? As a veggie myself, I can go weeks at a time having houmous, pittas and chopped veg for lunch. Carrots and broccoli are available pre-chopped so you could sling all that together without much prep.
  17. The Vanishing isn't really a horror in that sense though. It's a missing person mystery/procedural with a really bleak ending, like a banality of evil thing. I like it but I can imagine coming away disappointed if I'd gone in expecting some kind of stalk and slash thing.
  18. I kind of felt the same but rationalised it as them replacing John with Johanna rather than just casting Coleman as a gender-swapped John. And the resolution of that bit of the story was done way better in the show than in the comics.
  19. A creepy doll film from James Wan? Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs.
  20. Styles would have made a Harker to rival Keanu. I feel like we've lost out there.
  21. It's a bit of a red flag that pretty much every line in the trailer falls flat. I might still give it a go just to see Janney Bourneing the shit out of a bunch of dudes though.
  22. Alien: Everyone suits up, John Hurt has a space accident, Ripley cites quarantine procedures and the plot only progresses because evil corporations. Prometheus: Hey guys, this alien planet has oxygen in its atmosphere, helmets off!
  23. It really isn't. Stuff like Wilderpeople and Boy are really well judged and full of heart. Ragnarok kind of felt like he'd been offered the gig and thought "cool, I don't really care about any of this but if they're going to pay me then I'll have a bit of fun with it". This one is more like "they want me to do another one? ffs ok I suppose the money won't hurt, let's see how dumb I can make it without getting fired." It's still got a lot of heart, especially in the resolution of it all, it's just really saggy getting there. I'm kind of hoping they get someone else in for the next one and let him go back to making good films about things that matter to him.
  24. FTFY. I haven't played for a while but I was watching one of the Hobbit films last night where Gandalf goes to some old ruined jail for extremely bad bastards and comes to a "stairwell" that's just a massive drop with rough steps around the edge of the walls and it gave me such powerful flashbacks to this bloody game that I felt an incredibly strong urge to jump back in again. So that's me sorted for something to fill every spare moment over the next few months.
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