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  1. Kind of disappointed that it's not going to be Greg berating a bunch of kids and making them cry.
  2. That's the one where he turned into a robot by accident. It's already been on.
  3. Presumably... Didn't the early reviews say it starts getting good around ep 5/6? That's something to look forward to I suppose.
  4. Against my better judgement I have been roped into watching this. As has already been said, Shaw is the only one making this watchable at the moment. It's nice to have Frakes and Dorn along but they're fighting an uphill battle against their dialogue. It continues to be the Mitchell & Webb lazy writers sketch stretched out to 10 hours.
  5. The "Shudder GB" option worked fine through letterboxd a couple of years ago when I had a sub. Didn't Shudder's parent company shed a ton of people just recently? It's probably down to them axing the person who knew how to list their stuff regionally for third party aggregators.
  6. Her social media is pretty vocally anti-vax, pro-MAGA. She may be playing an exaggerated version in the film but it's not a million miles from how she actually thinks. Either way, it made me question exactly what Rob Savage was trying to achieve by choosing that particular character as the protagonist.
  7. Knowing that it wasn't so much a performance as just what the actor is like doesn't help.
  8. I was a bit confused by the love for it. I thought it was ok except for basically the bit that gave it the title, which fell completely flat. Worth persevering for Larry Fessenden though imho.
  9. Because the tools running the franchise at the moment are physically incapable of imagining a utopia where people rise through the ranks on ability, and instead just do modern day "officer class" characters with a lick of space paint.
  10. Not to stray off topic but I'm on team chess queen. "Texture" is a word that already exists and "mouth feel" is the sort of thing Boyle off Brooklyn 99 says.
  11. Eyes Wide Shut - 4/5 First watch. It's supposed to be a comedy, right? Tom gets the hump after his wife tells him she once quite fancied some guy she saw in a hotel so he immediately rushes out to revenge fuck a stranger but is so shit at it that he ends up in a conspiracy thriller by mistake? It's an Albert Brooks film with a lick of paint.
  12. They should make season 2 VR Murder She Wrote with Billings solving a different space crime each week and shitting everyone up just walking in the room. Different mad tweed outfit every episode. That'll do me.
  13. The show definitely needs to focus more on Raffi. It's what we've all been crying out for.
  14. I can see that last line coming back to bite them.
  15. Davies, somewhat worryingly, points to the state of modern Star Trek as something to aspire to.
  16. Exactly that. It was just the same story repeating itself over and over because space is an awful place full of unknowable horrors for anyone foolish enough to venture out into it. Not that some daft bullshit happened on the next planet over and by the way the space jockey guy was actually just a big bald fella who also coincidentally created all life on earth.
  17. You can watch it that way if it makes you feel better about your choices but I think you're giving Ridley a lot more credit than he deserves there. Nothing in any of the interviews I've seen about Prometheus has suggested that he cared about anything apart from the weird parent hangup thing.
  18. Inseminoid's a better Alien film than Covenant or Prometheus. I'll grudgingly acknowledge that Covenant is the best Space Pinocchio film of the two.
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