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  1. I just got the first ending recently too. Spent a chunk of the second half of the game sighing and moaning about having to do the same handful of locations over again, especially that shithouse quest where you have to go to Seafront after the twat with the red bag, then back to your village, then back to Seafront again. But then it all ramps up and there's the mad old ending and I somehow found myself jumping back in again for another go. Gotta catch them fish.
  2. Black and white world is less a hub and more a kind of power up menu and area select screen. The Lost Cemetery is the real hub in the Firelink Shrine sense - there are paths from there that can take you anywhere you need to go but some require more skills than others. Access to each boss requires you to have mastered a special power. The routine goes: find a way to the dungeon where you get the special power while getting a preview of the special power, find 4 souls of old crows in the dungeon in order to get the special power, use the special power on a door somewhere in the dungeon to access another level of dungeon, find boss room while getting the hang of the special power, beat boss, back to the hub. I think it's slightly different for the last boss in that you don't get a preview of the skill but that's more or less the pattern.
  3. It's apparently already on Argetinian netflix with subs if you've got a vpn
  4. I picked this up over Christmas and just finished it last night. "Finished". Beat the boss and decided to have a quick run around before bed to see if there were any last bits of business to mop up. Brilliant game.
  5. Can't go far wrong with their own picks - https://mubi.com/specials/best-2021
  6. Exidor

    Pokemon Go

    Comes up as invalid for me.
  7. If you lose Maxwell you lose that shot of Mal sitting there tapping the anvil and looking like he's just won the lottery.
  8. It's popping up on the streaming horror fests as well if you keep an eye one them.
  9. Kind of in keeping with the themes of the film that one of your options is to play it on a console that doesn't exist.
  10. Timey wimey innit. Proper answer:
  11. It was the full universe destroying force until she asked the Ood who now runs Division to temper it a bit. Then it became the thing that would fit inside a passenger. Fair enough, the whole thing was a massive mess but Chibs did try to make bits of it hang together.
  12. I've only done ep 1 but my favourite bit so far was George's "I watched this programme that had people dancing on it last night so I wrote this new song in waltz time. It's called 'Everyone Around Me Is A Self-Important Shithead'. Oh hi Paul, do you want a listen?"
  13. The thing is, as much as I can see the flaws in the execution, I'm finding this a lot more fun to watch than the previous showrunners' attempts at arc stories. RTD made up bad wolf as a tease without having an end goal in mind, so when it came time to resolve it it was a cobbled together load of nonsense, and Moffatt's crack in time or eyepatch woman or pandorica or whatever all seem to have a Silence-like ability to slide out of my brain even while I'm watching them. Maybe I just like having cliffhangers back.
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