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  1. Mine appeared overnight after my first 5* rating, then new ones weekly after that.
  2. I've got the Jesus toga and Elvis hair in Able's today. Gates are open for a bit but I'm afk. Some spare bits and bobs by the fountain too.
  3. I've opened my gates for a while. Able's have the hot dog suit and deerstalker hats and Saharah's doing the rounds. As always, a bit of water in the flower beds on the left is much appreciated.
  4. Ah, that's a huge help. It's the house one that's done me in - I'm one row short. Looks like someone's going to be relocating tomorrow.
  5. What. That explains why I'm stuck on four as well, I suppose. I don't have anywhere I can move them to though, unfortunately, and I'm really tired of bumping into mannequins so I might just have to give up.
  6. Mummy suit and viking helmet in Able's today if anyone's after them. And there's a space helmet and some other bits on the ground that are free to a good home.
  7. Oops, missed this earlier. That would be great, thanks. How much?
  8. Summerisle’s open again for the space helmet crew. Also any waterers with a spare five minutes.
  9. I've had to close for a bit while my mrs does her business in Pokemon Go but I'll be back on later.
  10. Cheers Summerisle is open for a bit if anyone wants to come along and water the flowers. Not much in the shops apart from the space helmet in Ables but Dom's still wandering around in the ridiculous muscle suit I gave him this morning and that's good for a laugh.
  11. It is and I can. I've just sent spanx the one I had in storage but you can have the next one.
  12. It's 66k but I'll take surfboards, train sets or non-vanilla ice cream lamps.
  13. There’s a keyboard for sure. Not sure about brass. I can order one in if you want
  14. Open for watering visitors here ( just the beds to the west ta) Some crafted freebies available by Nooks as thanks.
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