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  1. It was on Shudder last I looked. I think they do a month's free trial.
  2. Episode 1 script already leaked.
  3. It's about a restless retired woman teaming up with her neighbour's maid to seek out a man who has a secret connection to the neighbour's past life as a farm owner in the foothills of Mount Tabu in Africa. It's no Team America but if you want a film you can lose yourself in, it's worth a look.
  4. I'll see your second seasons and no plans and raise you three seasons.
  5. Imagine being an animator working on this and then, like half way through, Spider-Verse comes out.
  6. Good to see Bebop's still getting work.
  7. Exidor


    I can sort it by your rating so as long as you've rated everything you've watched, I can kind of figure it out.
  8. Exidor


    Anyone who schedules a server move over the Christmas break gets everything they deserve. I'm pretty sure they did the same thing last year as well. It is a great site though.
  9. So do they not have scrunchies in London or what? Brexit Britain smh.
  10. Exidor

    NieR: Automata

    60+ hours and umpteen endings in and I find out that you can Loving this ridiculous game.
  11. Sounds like someone needs to watch Genesis of the Daleks again maybe.
  12. You're going to love this week's one.
  13. Not being funny but are you catching stuff? I haven't been deliberately grinding but I've been catching bits and bobs as I go along and I'm usually a few levels higher than the trainers I meet. And you can bang them in the daycare centre north of Vermillion if you need to boost something in particular.
  14. Saw it at the weekend and was blown away by the animation but a bit confused about the story. Then someone pointed me at the story of Colonia Dignidad which apparently inspired it and now it makes a lot more sense and is significantly more creepy.
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