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  1. Yep, that would be the green mum that I run past every morning on my way to the flower beds to see if I've got any green mums yet.
  2. I'm not going to be around but Summerisle's open for a bit because Redd's making his biannual visit. 3 fakes for the taking - Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa and Birth of Venus. Please water my crap flowers in the hedged off section to the left of the island. I will have green bastard mums if it kills me.
  3. I'm guessing you stopped there then because I can comfortably name 5 worse Kevin Smith films.
  4. I don't know what's going on with the spawns in this contest. All the big flower fields that are normally humming with butterflies are empty, and it seems like the ones that do appear aren't respawning fast enough between rounds - just had three goes back to back and I only caught 3 on my last go. Also fuck dragonflies.
  5. I've got some bad news for you then - the regular lucky cat is a Gulliver gift that you get at random for digging up his crap.
  6. Summerisle's gates are open for a bit but I'll be afk. Not much exciting going on but there's some free recipes round the fountain. As always, visitors with watering cans are extra welcome
  7. Just popped on to close my gates and found Celeste wandering around the SE beach. No sign of any stars though. I'll leave it open a bit longer in case anyone wants to drop in for the recipe.
  8. Come on over, I've just opened the gates. I'm afk but I've sent you a friend request so you should be able to get in.
  9. Thanks, and thanks to anyone else who visited. Gates are closed now.
  10. Anyone living life on the edge today can roll along to Summerisle and sell for 542 this morning. Please water my stupid flowers so I can dig them up and replace them with something more interesting. https://turnip.exchange/island/bccd5109
  11. I just went back and found a couple of screenshots I took of me wishing on stars 5 minutes apart back in April and that was enough to pin the seed down. FWIW, if you press A on a pic to go into editing and posting, it tells you the exact time and date you took it. Now I just need to wait until July 3 to see if I get the predicted heavy stars.
  12. Thanks much to everyone who came to water stuff last night. I've only just finished sorting out all the new flowers that sprouted overnight. Still no green mums or blue roses but it's getting closer.
  13. We're already friends. I've been round yours taking notes a few times. Chris at Summerisle.
  14. Busy night for Celeste - she's here in Summerisle too. If anyone's got a spare five minutes to come and water my flowers it would be much appreciated. Leif's here as well if you're running low on shrubbery.
  15. lol I dropped that off in Able's last time I was over Inspired by @CheekyLee leaving a bloody Liverpool shirt in mine and every single villager picking one up to taunt me with
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