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  1. Yep, I though the same. Very different and a lovely surprise. Kidman was stunning.
  2. Was very underwhelmed. I was looking forward to another good movie with Johannsen after Translation but I feel this was nowhere near filling its potential.
  3. Was about to write pretty much the same thing.
  4. That is true, and what I am saying is that some of the interpretations that explain the link between the scenes are so plausible that they are very likely to have been intended by the director and unlikely to be due to chance.
  5. But actually there is usually a very plausible explanation for each of his scenes. I don't think he has ever revealed his own interpretations to leave it open for his audience and so to those that don't bother, his films seem like a random assortment of confusing scenes. There are loads of sites on the internet with explanations such as this one on Mulholland Drive.
  6. I personally loved this film. I thought it was very Lynch-esque (Kubrick's favourite film is apparently David Lynch's Eraserhead). And Cthulhu you might enjoy Mulholland Drive (another Lynch film) more if you look into its explanations or interpretations. Lynch himself says that he sees his films as works of art that you have to uncover. When you do, you will see why he is in a different class to other directors and really enjoy the film. On idle viewing and to the untrained eye, Picasso's work might just seem like some shit drawings of faces. Compared with the typical what-you-see-is-what-you-get Hollywood flick, you have to have to prepare a different mindset when watching a Lynch film to reveal its true beauty. Anyway: -League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen (just dire - but in its defence probably aimed at children more than i thought) -The Core -The Hunted (hilariously bad) Edit - Oh and I had to stop 12 Monkeys on 3 occasions because it put me to sleep. I did get through it on the 4th go and it was worth it.
  7. I know this is an older movie topic but I have to plug the following directors in this, a film thread: 1) David Lynch 2) Ingmar Bergman And yes I am not 100% sure what plug means, I'm using a vague estimate.
  8. No I agree Kamrantaz, I have very high hopes for this one. Forget the name guys, this IS going to be Vagrant Story 2. The team is one of Square's best imo. And lol @ Pickford
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