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  1. Very interesting, falls in line with some recent rumours. Please be £600+
  2. True, hadn’t considered that. Even more reason not to skimp on the cpu. VR’s another. You’d think a 25% power difference would really matter there. As I keep saying, I hope the PS5 is $800/£750, commercially does really rather poorly but has spectacularly beefy hardware. I essentially want the Neo Geo I couldn’t have as a child. I spend more on my semi-annual phone and an accumulation of essentially shit.
  3. Some of the regular PS5 youtubers put up a vid yesterday, I’m sure they mention source.
  4. Rumours saying the PS5 SSD is twice as fast as next gen Xbox’s. If true, probably the tradeoff for the rumoured 2-3TF difference. Wonder if it’ll pay off.
  5. And you’ll ne-e-ever walk, ELONE
  6. Given the sparsity of Kim’s replies I always wonder whether to address her in the 2nd or 3rd person here but come on Kim don’t pretend you don’t visit often, I mean how many other threads on just you could there be on the internet? Anyway you’re fucking wonderful and basically the voice and zeitgeist of my childhood. I particularly enjoy watching you at Christmas, when you’re now a regular fixture. It’s difficult to overstate the warmth in my chest I’d feel. I always find the shared sentiments interesting given you were a mega drive kid. I so would have had you as a SNES kid, you’ve a SNES kid demeanour for one.
  7. There’s another one, it’s about a retro festival, and it’s great.
  8. It’s all about the innards for me. As long as they’re good they could put them in medusa’s head and I’ll still get it.
  9. I hope it’s extremely expensive because of it being extremely powerful. 2080 style. TI? Why not. I spend more on phones and essentially shit. Mentally I’m ready, my pocket will be ready and most importantly my body is ready.
  10. Presumably the dev kits have long been out so developers already know which is more powerful, or is it not as straightforward as that?
  11. No, my own guess was always that MS would bring out the more powerful device, especially after the hiding they took last time.
  12. The most powerful next-gen console stock has swung the other way, in his latest Giantbomb interview Phil Spencer says the Xbox team “is not aiming for second place”. Make of that what you will...
  13. Scarlett was going to be the most powerful next gen machine, now on the back of E3 rumours are mounting on reddit and elsewhere that PS5 is. Still no details but Digital Foundry posted a recent vid mentioning that devs apparently didn’t like MS’s 2-tiered entry-level Scarlett/supercharged Scarlett approach so MS ditched that idea to focus on one console.
  14. The Snes and Megadrive were 16 bit, then came the ps1 at 32 bit but in the same gen the N64 was pumping out 64 bits of raw power so the PS2 had to go 128-bit and continuing this convention the PS5 and Xbox Two will be 1024-bit machines with Mode 7 capability.
  15. This is how I felt with the PS4, arriving as the power king, a demon made out of ram, GDDR5. One of the main reasons I chose PS4 this gen is the 50% greater peak shader throughput vs Xbone. Then the One X arrived, 6TF, and I became a jealous monster (green, greed). My irrational Sony allegiance and xbox’s less impressive catalogue managed to hold me back. But I want revenge. The diseased, indoctrinated part of me that is. I want the PS5 to be the most powerful one. That way, the thought of it sitting on my table idle, but most powerful, as I’m at work will bring me real joy and that’s where a lot of my positive feelings in a console ultimately lie if I’m being honest.
  16. In the eve’s gloaming we’ll hear of fabulous feats of silicon from MS. How important is power in deciding your next gen console? I must admit it’s probably the main factor for me. I’m keeping a close eye on E3 tonight. If some of the latest rumours on the next xbox are true I may indeed be compelled to switch allegiance, and believe me it’s an allegiance.
  17. Is it now seen as a given that the next Xbox will be more powerful than the PS5?
  18. For me it’s the fact that he looks like a whore.
  19. As a fucking lowlife piece of shit it’s day one for me.
  20. Ahh that must be what he says at the end, thanks for the translation
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