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  1. I like some of the games but feel a malaise that’s probably mortality. I think I wanted the ps5 to fix that and that’s not fair.
  2. Give me a pristine UN Squadron and I’m golden.
  3. And with the asset streaming in this SSD, speeds approaching c.
  4. Pump them in the air or just held aloft, triumphantly?
  5. Given the same frequency the volume will increase with more fans, eg the output from six 40dB fans all on at once won’t be 40dB (some logarithmic equation). But will incorporating an algorithm for asynchronous fans reduce the superimposition of amplitudes? Lord knows.
  6. You didn’t deserve any of the vitriol.
  7. Good move by Sony. The only move really. It’s not just the memorial date, it’s any date while this is going on. Glad to see they’re not stupid fucking morons.
  8. Meat

    Comfort Gaming

    Interesting list. Can imagine Pilot Wings 64 being incredibly relaxing.
  9. Meat

    Comfort Gaming

    “Relaxing”, “comfort” gaming The best thing for such games is good breathing technique, making sure to inhale and exhale deeply. Great thread.
  10. Thanks, Dokkan is a little outside my familiar genres but this is exactly what I’m referring to.
  11. Is it really grinding then? No, I guess I just want to be powerful. Gonna download the govt demo and give it whirl.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I basically want to grind but without the time investment.
  13. What games give you the biggest advantage if you put money into them? From my experience it’s Plants Vs Zombies, basically lets you be invincible. And gets you the rare plants quicker. Wonder what game lets you be the most overpowered at a cost?
  14. Reading the last couple of pages, it’s tough to stomach Haribo’s ban.
  15. The main thing I want from DualSense is for the shoulder buttons not to fuck everything up on screen when you drop it or dare move it.
  16. Interesting discussion. Perhaps too much emphasis on comparing it with reality. Its essence is to remove us from it. Vg characters are almost always odd and wooden, in fact I never think of them as human, even if intended to be, rather quasi human. There’s all manner of anthropomorphed creatures in your team and my emotional reaction to them is indistinct from the ‘human’ characters.
  17. I’ve been reading this thread trying to understand the disparity between the game’s description and the sheer interest in it and I just can’t.
  18. Guys....LIVE DAILY JUSTICE She’s streaming a playthrough of Super Metroid.
  19. He could produce HRTF maps for much more than my ears, I’ll tell you that.
  20. I liked Cerny’s presentation, but then I’m a rollmuker and not the average gamer. I don’t give a shit what they think. Was the message mis-pitched to the general public? Was the pitch of the message let’s say awry? It seems like it but that doesn’t detract from my impression of the PS5. I can’t wait to see what experiences we get from this SSD and audio chip.
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