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  1. What exercise has been shown to improve intelligence in terminators? Crunches, or any that tenses their cores (tensor cores). I also do jokes on ray tracing and DLSS 2.0
  2. PS5. Embedded in Sony’s ecosystem, probably have a subconscious bias (as we all do), prefer their controllers, their UI and frankly, while it’s folly to trust any corporation, I prefer Sony’s approach to gaming. I fully expected to go MS this new gen, was waiting for Sony to fall prey to sheer hubris (like any good corporation) after their success last gen but they surprisingly haven’t capitulated in it yet.
  3. Just buy more games man. Researching, purchasing and periodically surveying your hoard of hubris will be more entertaining, and realistic, at this stage. Don’t resist the introspection and scrutiny of your life and costly impulsivity, the best game of all.
  4. While that is impressive we have to balance it with the fact the PS1 is rendering significantly more black. I’d also love to see the antimatter benchmarks, in case of any corner-cutting.
  5. Ok there isn’t actually a One. Point made.
  6. Agreed. Series One S, Series One X? Really? Maybe the worst console names of all time.
  7. May join the elite genus with a pristine genome, waiting to see what Nvidia produce in their next gen-killing 3000 series cards this year, that will probably release before the next gen consoles. Imagine the code crunching on an RTX3090. God tier mathematics.
  8. Stealth, jumping sections, any modicum of tedium or resistance and I’m prone to switch the game off and never play it again. In fact I usually set the difficulty before I even begin to easiest. Something might be looming and it ain’t life.
  9. Yes but PS5’s high CPU clock will make rasterisation that much faster, as Cerny himself mentioned, which given back compat games’ sensitivity to changes in rasterisation, bodes well.
  10. I hope they guarantee at least backwards compatibility with PS5 before I get one.
  11. As it should be. They’re no less deserving of that right (to get a beating).
  12. I think you must be arrested, I imagine, in your emotional development if you think this kind of exposure doesn’t have potential lasting effects.
  13. N64 had 64 of them and that was circa PS2 era, which puts the PS3 at 128-bit. The PS4 skipped the 256-bit standard as that was taken by encryption so it went to 512. The PS5 is a 1024-bit system.
  14. Why the heck have you scheduled it that far away?
  15. Of note too is that its narrative is female led in Zoe Quinn. Interested in Goodbye Volcano High too for that reason alone (with a trailer that no man would’ve written).
  16. Looking forward to this one, recently shown in Sony’s event. Watch this trailer It seems to speak on a different level. The psychedelic existential surfing, the perplexed music, a towering oestrogenic mater, then a glimpse of her omnipotent threat coiled in our infant minds, or les minds d’enfants if you will.
  17. Shamefully if the difficulty gives me any resistance at all. It didn’t used to be like this.
  18. If I was aware that a game or film was peddling right/centrist ideology, or was trying to undermine progressive movements, it’s straight in the bin.
  19. Not familiar with these games but you might be missing one in the poll, the oft-mentioned ‘Bloodbourne’.
  20. I think here he is talking about metacritic nines as opposed to games that matter individually.
  21. Sadly Sony seem to have retained the shoulder buttons’ capacity to devastate media playback if the controller’s moved.
  22. Any idea if a high spec wireless VR set is coming? A Quest with much beefier innards would be perfect.
  23. So odd I’m convinced there’s some psychological intent. Like it’s juxtaposing the ‘best’ (mainstream) of this gen against the far superior first offerings of next’s.
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