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  1. And yet again I’m reminded never to entertain the tyranny of marriage. Narrator: He will.
  2. The Nokia 3310 will do 8k when DLSS 3.0 comes out.
  3. I wish I could DLSS my impending jog. Organic DLSS, run 5 minutes, body behaves like you’ve run 30, same or better results. Or on our calls to the in-laws instead of having to visit them today. Suppose all I could do is ask.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54032101 (Messi’s staying at Barca) Thank fuck for that
  5. I wonder if the 3080/90 will hit 60fps+ on flight sim at 4K Ultra. I’ve seen the 2080ti get just over 30fps.
  6. Scariest moment for me is when Huang raised the stakes in the Skynet race when they simulated 100ms of a virus’s life with 2.8 exaflops. An extrapolation of that shit will be going straight into CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS MODEL 101.
  7. So if I understand it right the 3090 will be the most powerful card for the foreseeable future. But if you don’t need 24gb of memory you can save quite a bit and wait for the 3080ti. Would having all that extra memory make a significant difference for just a gamer?
  8. Was just about to ask that. Want to know which one particularly to look out for. Apparently they’ll be available at the same time as the Founder’s cards. If anyone’s wondering like I was recently, ‘FE’ in Jonamok’s post refers to ‘Founder’s Edition’ ie cards made by Nvidia themselves who despite keeping the best binned ones can be and are outperformed by ‘AIB’ (all in board) cards made by 3rd party manufacturers who can push the card harder. I’m just learning this too so keep me right.
  9. I wonder if there’ll be a Titan version a couple of months later like the last time. Haven’t seen any rumours to suggest it.
  10. Yes apparently it’ll be megabucks for the enthusiast cards. Seems like they may change the naming for the top end card to 3090 (instead of 3080 Ti).
  11. Nvidia released the 20 series cards in 2018 and even they will outperform the PS5/Series X, imagine what these new cards will do. Apparently they’ll be primarily using Cyberpunk to showcase these so should be interesting. Looks like it starts 5pm UK time. I’ll add a YouTube link if I can find it. https://twitch.tv/nvidia?desktop-redirect=true
  12. I’d no issue aligning the analogy how it was likely intended. Certainly a lot of intensity about the issue.
  13. I’m with Droo, couldn’t care one iota about bc and I’m guessing Sony’s market research reflects enough of us feel similarly.
  14. I’d like to see 4K 60+fps ray-traced versions of old classics. Imagine ray-traced Final Fight or Streets of Rage.
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