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  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying this game through this thread in a Tokimeki Memorial Action Button review meta kind of way, with the stellar cast of the likes of Fallows, Stock, K, Flosh, Stadia Zok et al.

    I’ve not actually played it and have avoided videos so I’ve little idea of what’s it’s actually like but from my perspective now it seems both incredibly intriguing and dauntingly laborious and broken.


    I’m torn as to get it now or wait for the inevitable super-patched special edition with a 4080ti and continue enjoying the mythos here.

  2. 1 hour ago, SuperCapes said:

    Having played Ratchet and Clank I couldn't disagree more with the underpowered statement. 


    1 hour ago, deerokus said:

    How on earth can anyone say the consoles are underpowered. It's a testament to how comically powerful they are for the price that these things can do ray tracing at all.

    Agree that they’re very powerful and thoroughly enjoying them, I mean underpowered relative to some of the games - one of the first games released this gen suffers jarring stuttering when you turn RT on.

  3. Thank you beautiful people, went in with more tempered expectations, enjoying the shit out of it 🤩


    I do wonder what a cubensis escalation might do to the experience but that could be for another time.


    I know nothing about Psychonauts but now also very intrigued @JPL

  4. That women’s football isn’t producing the same quality and tighter scores seen in the men’s game is just a reflection of the legacy of sexist disparity in opportunity, attention and therefore interest, revenue, skill etc, with countries lagging at different rates. We need to be careful with perpetuating terminology and attitudes towards it, and I catch myself having these thoughts too, that it’s lower, amateurish, boring, meaningless etc. Of course there are biological differences that will produce differing appearances (just like there are in different leagues/eras), but if we just persist with our emergence from the dark ages we’ll continue to see the rises in quality which make for closer and more compelling competition.

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