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  1. I’ve been reading this thread trying to understand the disparity between the game’s description and the sheer interest in it and I just can’t.
  2. Guys....LIVE DAILY JUSTICE She’s streaming a playthrough of Super Metroid.
  3. Meat

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Half Life Alyx W
  4. He could produce HRTF maps for much more than my ears, I’ll tell you that.
  5. I liked Cerny’s presentation, but then I’m a rollmuker and not the average gamer. I don’t give a shit what they think. Was the message mis-pitched to the general public? Was the pitch of the message let’s say awry? It seems like it but that doesn’t detract from my impression of the PS5. I can’t wait to see what experiences we get from this SSD and audio chip.
  6. I thought it was fine. And after watching the DF video I’m now more excited by PS5 because of the blazing SSD and its potential novel uses and their 3d audio. Looking forward to what a 12tf GPU can do too.
  7. I just want pristine remakes of 16-bit games.
  8. I found out that we’re matched with GMT so Cerny’s reveal will be terribly timed for those of a working disposition.
  9. “Instead of silicon and aluminium alloy we went with RNA. Ladies and gentlemen the PlayStation 5 has already been released.”
  10. Oh boy What time for uk? I can never remember when gmt is an hour off.
  11. Juicy specs, delicious. An excellent effort. This surely beats PS5 in performance.
  12. Trying what Bill? Trying what? TRYING TO UNDERMINE SONY AGAIN IS IT? I’m on to you Boozeman.
  13. A tad peculiar that we make Sony/MS grovel for every £ when they’re quite entitled to say “fuck you, you’re paying a grand. We need to pack girth in these, we’re going against the fucking 2080TI. Suffocating us with talk of £600 or £500. Or £399, especially you, you fucking dickheads”.
  14. Zenji Nishikawa. Who is said to be quite reputable, even has a credit in the Last Guardian. As good as guaranteed.
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