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  1. I hated Sony for that reason too, until I joined the dark side. Perhaps it wasn’t hate but fear. Fear that I erred and this electronics behemoth was going to render my wager and me obsolete. Is there really much of a difference? Also I consider Sony an underdog relative to MS. Maybe there’s something in that as well.
  2. If I’m being honest with myself I’m more emotionally invested than it deserves (zero) and I’m not wholly sure why. It’s shameful and degrading. I feel positive when Sony/Nintendo outdo MS, their marketing seemingly doing a number on my brain. I wonder if I can consciously undo it. Acknowledging it probably helps.
  3. Isn’t the PS5’s SSD speed double the Xbox’s? Along with the PS5’s other I/O optimisations, I wonder if we’ll ever see that borne out in real world performance. Hopefully not bloodily. I’m also in the DualShock preference camp. With the unique pad, exclusives and VR likely on the horizon, as well as the other reasons I already mentioned I’ll be going with PS5. I’ll get an NVIDIA card if something really compelling comes out for the Xbox. Ultimately of course I hope they both sell equally well. Can’t trust any corporation on earth with anything approaching a monopoly.
  4. Another consideration is whether the console offers a unique experience not found better elsewhere (PC). MS seem to be going for the SX as an extension of Gamepass model whereas I think Sony have made getting a PS5 more compelling with emphasis on exclusive games, the unique pad and storage I/O. PSVR2 potentially adds to that sense. if there’s a Series X game I really really want, I’ll get the 3080(ti).
  5. And a muddy video on the net yaroze mini.
  6. Yes, the bias cultivated isn’t the cartoonishly brazen variety (usually). Make no mistake it’s an apparatus that empirically works. As Mike said, these budgets set aside aren’t an act of charity. As implied by Alex and Darren there are practical difficulties to impartiality (due to the current socioeconomic setup) with potential consequences to access etc. It’s particularly striking with companies like Apple. DF to me seem more impartial than most, there’s a sense they genuinely strive for it and I love their output. We just can’t ignore the fact that no one is impervio
  7. That’s not the expectation. Yes I am intimately involved in this kind of thing professionally. Not that it matters.
  8. Yes. Sure partial ethics has its advantages but it’s not a particularly lofty goal.
  9. Unfortunately true. I did say “in many places”. And even in hospitals/wards where they still allow this practice it’s been massively scaled back, limits etc. Of course there should be none at all.
  10. I generally like DF’s output. Let’s not be naive though, both MS and Sony will be looking to inject bias at every single turn, especially in popular/influential outlets like DF. Corporate lobbying isn’t always ham-fisted bags of cash. In this case simply having their travel and accommodation paid for by MS is a competing interest. There’s a reason this kind of practice was eradicated in many places in eg the medical/pharma industry, where factual veracity matters a bit more.
  11. Fuck that. Tempted by the hardware but no chance in hell. I hope someone else takes the lead in investing in VR.
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