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  1. I wonder if any of these sentiments are us just ageing out of games. I know I’ve internal strife (not cloud lol) about whether I’m allowed to continue to enjoy games as I get older, and take solace from people like Mark Kermode’s continued enthusiasm (albeit worn) in the allied arts. A 3080/90 sitting under the xmas tree might just be the thing to reignite long lost xmas excitement. It’s certainly going to take at least a £650 purchase for a single component. Are we just perpetually chasing something that will never return, unscrambling the egg of youth?
  2. Between the RTX 3080, Oculus Quest 2, PS5, XSX, their multiple keynotes, as well as a 4K TV upgrade to get the most out them, I was facing a concussive impact in the old pocket-region. Was even contemplating an iPad upgrade. Thankfully there’s nothing I need right now with the consoles beyond day 1 excitement, the 3080 isn’t as spectacular as I’d primed, I’ve rigorously visualised PC faffing and driver errors and Oculus have facebooked me out of the Quest 2. Apple have also delayed the next iPad Pro. So while there is an undeniable fomo tension, my bank account is intac
  3. So is there no way at all to use this without linking a real Facebook profile?
  4. And yet again I’m reminded never to entertain the tyranny of marriage. Narrator: He will.
  5. I wish I could DLSS my impending jog. Organic DLSS, run 5 minutes, body behaves like you’ve run 30, same or better results. Or on our calls to the in-laws instead of having to visit them today. Suppose all I could do is ask.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54032101 (Messi’s staying at Barca) Thank fuck for that
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