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  1. They have just posted on Twitter that the Pocket is delayed to October 2021 (from May). Sadly it was posted a little too early to be an April Fool joke.
  2. If it helps for working out how long to expect to wait, here's my tracking: Ordered: Tuesday 24th November (as soon as sale prices went live) Sent: 26th Left Ukraine: 28th Arrived in UK: 9th Delivered: 14th December
  3. This is the same tariff, right? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55242859 That's a BBC article (today) on the UK dropping the tariff from January 1st, so it doesn't look like the Pocket will be affected at least.
  4. £11.49. Launch week 10% off. Further 33% off on Steam if you own Edith Finch. You must have Edith Finch in your library. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-11-edith-finch-devs-formerly-playstation-exclusive-the-unfinished-swan-now-available-on-pc-and-ios
  5. Yeah, very quiet. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it open until 10.
  6. Thanks everyone. Sorry if i was unresponsive, I had to go out.
  7. Woo, my first visitor! Thanks.
  8. In case anyone is interested (546 bells): https://turnip.exchange/island/006e7d59
  9. I'm on 546 this afternoon. Does anyone want me to set up a dodo code?
  10. Could I visit to sell my turnips, please?
  11. If you can get a dodo code I'd appreciate it. Edit: don't need one, sold elsewhere, thanks.
  12. I'd be very grateful if I could sell my turnips at your island.
  13. Rather than risk getting cut off by maintenance I thought I’d thank you for letting me sell my turnips here. Also, I wasn’t sure where you were so I left a tip by the left hand side of the only player house I could see.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is up for pre-order at store.nintendo.co.uk. Collector's Set £89.99 EDIT: £79.85 at Shopto
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