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  1. Just played a bit where I died a few times and thought “Man, it would have been so much more fun if after that third time I died I had been sent back a bit further in the level and had to work my way back to the bit where I died. That must be why it’s only at 97 on Metacritic and not 98 like Tony Hawk’s 2”
  2. Just bumping this thread to check that the people who like lives are okay with them not being in Super Mario Odyssey. Hope it doesn’t spoil the game too much for you, guys!
  3. I think I actually started with your one. I've tweaked it a little bit to use gyro and a few others things though. I should probably make it public, I think it's pretty good.
  4. This is where things are a bit messy at the moment. Where games support a controller, the ideal would be using as much of the controller mapping as possible to keep analogue movement and button prompts which match the controller, but replace the right stick with mouse control mapped to the touchpad. This is one of the default settings when you pick profiles ("Gamepad with high precision aiming" I think it's called). At the moment, that doesn't work very well with a lot of games because they want you to use one or the other, and when you start aiming they freak out in different ways, like the framerate dropping to single digits in Lost Planet 3 when you start aiming. So for those games you have to decide whether you make the right pad mimic an analogue stick, which works absolutely terribly, or you fully map the keyboard and mouse controls to the controller. The latter is by far the better option, but you lose buttons prompts matching the controller and being able to map analogue movement to the stick. That's not such a big deal in most things I've tried, you can make it so a modifier is applied when you push the stick all the way, so if there's a run toggle you can have that active when you fully tilt the stick. If there's a walk button, you can invert it so it's on until you fully tilt. Hopefully developers will either start making native Steam controller mappings or at the very least allowing mouse input at the same time as controller input. Even without that, I'm finding that for anything involving aiming you can make a setup which works far better than dual analogues.
  5. I don't think you'd need to even do all of that, surely movement and aiming are completely separated in the PC version since it uses the mouse to aim? Movement will be WASD on the left stick, mouse aim on the touch pad. Either use the left trigger to aim and the right to shoot, or have a soft pull on the right trigger to aim and the click to shoot.
  6. Try using the gyro as mouse aiming activated when you're touching the right pad. It works really well in RE Revelations.
  7. Yeah, they're really not rare by the time you get to the third boss. I've got about 50 blood shards and have the starting weapons up to at least +3.
  8. Isn't that exactly how a load of Smash Bros characters leaked? Something about them coming from a copy given to a ratings board.
  9. Does this mean we're finally going to get a good iPhone Picross game? I'm in.
  10. Here's a photo of a pickup artist I saw at work outside LSE a few weeks ago, perfectly fulfilling all stereotypes about pickup artists. He was exclusively targeting Asian girls, obviously.
  11. I'm finding it more comfortable as well. Less heavy than the XL, which also helps.
  12. What didn't you like about the Fulton air recovery?
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